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Apus Dbq 2008 Vietnam War Essays and Research Papers. nation in such controversial turmoil as the how to, Vietnam War . With an American death toll of almost 60,000 troops, the . Vietnam War has gone down in infamy as one of the most tremendous struggles Americans have faced both overseas and on and research papers the home front. Because of the tumultuous controversies caused by the war , Americans split into how to, two social factions – those against the war and those who supported it. During the years of 1961-1975 - the era in which the practice development in nursing, war had its greatest effect on Americans - the. Cold War , Gerald Ford , John F. Kennedy 884 Words | 3 Pages. Vietnam War DBQ The United States attempted to romance how to write help Ngo Dinh Diem build a new nation in South . Vietnam once France withdrew from Vietnam in dissertation practice development in nursing 1954 by sending military “advisers.” As the United States was helping the romance, south, Ho Chi Minh still had the Vietcong in the south that were getting stronger and more militant. In 1959, the enter math problems, Vietcong guerillas raided throughout the how to, south and controlled most of the area outside of apa format, Saigon. When John F. Kennedy took office, the Diem regime was crumbling, so JFK. Cold War , Ho Chi Minh , John F. Kennedy 1370 Words | 4 Pages. The Vietnam War is truly one of the most unique wars ever fought by the Unites States of by romance how to write any country. Dissertation Practice In Nursing? It was . Romance How To Write? never officially declared a war (Knowll, 3). It had no official beginning nor an official end.

It was fought over 10,000 miles away in essay a virtually unknown country. The enemy and the allies looked exactly the alike, and may by day be a friend but by night become an enemy (Aaseng 113). It matched the tried and true tactics of romance how to, World War Two against a hide, run, and shoot technique known as. Practice Development? Cold War , Hanoi , My Lai Massacre 2774 Words | 7 Pages. The Vietnam war brought many changes to the United States in the 1960’s and write the 1970’s. Some of the changes were for the better . of the between and research, country, take the rediscovered Women’s Rights movements and the ever growing Free Speech movements inspired by New Left, while most of the other changes brought on write tensions between government and their people. The Domino Theory pushed our leaders to the edge. In order to stop the Domino Theory in Vietnam , the U.S. invaded. The war was useless for the American government. Cold War , Federal government of the United States , Great Society 1219 Words | 3 Pages. Research Paper: Vietnam War Thuan Duong HUM410 Professor: Thomas Wilson May 12, 2012 The . Vietnam War greatly changed America forever.

It was the longest war fought in America’s history, lasting from papers research 1955 to write 1973. The Vietnam War tarnished America’s self- image by difference between becoming the first time in romance write history the United States failed to accomplish its stated war aims, to preserve a separate, independent, noncommunist government. The war also had great effects on the American people. John F. Kennedy , Lyndon B. Johnson , Ngo Dinh Diem 1327 Words | 4 Pages. Side of the up for your essay, Vietnam War The Positive Side of the romance, Vietnam War War is a tough gritty . world that describes the destruction of people and countries in the name of nationalism; it is difficult to justify war and give a positive outcome when shown the disaster it causes. The Vietnam War was an extremely difficult war and practice is widely seen as a catastrophe by the world, even with that being the case there is still some positives that have been extracted from the situation. The Vietnam War is a heavily. Cold War , Fall of Saigon , John F. Kennedy 2355 Words | 6 Pages. The Vietnam War Of all of the wars fought by the United States, the how to write, Vietnam War was . by far the most controversial. After the defeat of French forces, Vietnam was divided into two sections: North Vietnam , and South Vietnam . North Vietnam became a Communist government under Ho Chi Minh, and South Vietnam eventually became a Republic under Ngo Dinh Diem.

Under Diem's oppressive rule, the Viet Cong (those against Diem) grew in power, and dissertation development the U.S. reacted to the Communist threat by how to sending in troops. For Essay List? Cold War , Ho Chi Minh , John F. How To? Kennedy 1886 Words | 5 Pages. The Vietnam War throughout history has been debated as whether or not it was a necessary war . Some say the . war is considered necessary because President Truman was simply trying to help stop the increase of papers research, communism in Southeast Asia so that communism wouldn’t spread to romance other nations. While others say the war was unnecessary because it was the first war the United States lost. In the text, Major Problems of American History, it was stated that people even consider America’s involvement in the Vietnam. Cold War , John F. Kennedy , Korean War 1242 Words | 3 Pages. Why did the US enter the standing, Vietnam War ? The Vietnam War was fought during the cold war . on 1 November 1955 - 30 April 1975. The Vietnam War was a war fought between the North and South Vietnam mainly, but in later year the romance how to, US would join in to help South Vietnam ward off the communist mind of Ho Chi Minh and North Vietnam . The Vietnam today is no longer called a war in fact no war since World War I and II have been wars . Instances like Vietnam have merely been police interference or police actions. Cold War , Communism , Ho Chi Minh 1048 Words | 3 Pages. Expository Papers? Vietnam was a small Asian country, 9000 miles away from the how to, United States.

Yet America felt that its national interest was threatened strongly . enough to fight a war there. The explanation for this lies in the fear caused by the spread of communism at that time. The role of practice in nursing, communism was extremely important in this conflict. You see, the US had to enter the war to stop the spread of communism in Asia since North Vietnam was communist. Romance How To Write? If North Vietnam was to succeed in converting Vietnam into papers, a communist.

Cold War , Communism , First Indochina War 1418 Words | 4 Pages. Task ‘AUSTRALIA IN THE VIETNAM WAR ’ Interview Questions Did anyone in your family serve in how to write the Vietnam . War ? YES: Who served in this war and around what age were they? NO: What did you remember about the war ? YES: What were their views on the war ? Did they have the up for beliefs, choice to serve in the war , or were they forced to? NO: How were you kept updated on how to write the happenings of the war ? YES: Did they have any positive experiences? What were they? NO: When the Vietnam soldiers came back, how. Cold War , Communism , Communist state 1399 Words | 5 Pages. Vietnam War The war first began in 1959, five years after the division of the country by the Geneva Accords. Between And Research Papers? . Vietnam had been split into two. The communist government in the north was under Ho Chi Minh and democratic government in the south was under Ngo Dinh Diem. The Vietnam War stated because France tried to make another attempt to takeover Vietnam by having a foreign power to rule. Romance? In Vietnam the target of containment was Ho Chi Minh and apa format research the Vietnam front he had created in 1941.

Ho and. Cold War , Ho Chi Minh , Ngo Dinh Diem 821 Words | 3 Pages. ? The Vietnam War was the longest war in which the romance, United States took part in. This heart breaking . war began in 1957. Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia that was divided into the Communist-Democratic Republic of Vietnam , known as North Vietnam , and the non-Communist Republic of expository writing and research papers, Vietnam , called South Vietnam . North Vietnamese and Communist-trained South Vietnamese rebel’s goals were to overthrow the government of South Vietnam and to eventually reunite the country as one. Romance? The United States. Cold War , John F. Kennedy , Lyndon B. Enter Problems? Johnson 1575 Words | 4 Pages. How To? The War in Vietnam Direct U.S. military participation in The Vietnam War , the nation's . longest, cost fifty-eight thousand American lives. Only the Civil War and the two world wars were deadlier for Americans. During the enter math, decade of Vietnam beginning in 1964, the U.S Treasury spent over $140 billion on write the war , enough money to fund urban renewal projects in every major American city. Despite these enormous costs and their accompanying public and private trauma for the American people, the. B?o D?i , Cold War , Ho Chi Minh 1739 Words | 5 Pages.

Vietnam War The Vietnam War was a military struggle starting in 1959 and ending . in 1975. It began as an attempt by the Vietcong (Communist Guerrillas) to papers research overthrow the Southern Vietnam Government. This research paper will discuss the Vietnam War , US involvement in this war , and significant battles. Following the surrender of Japan to the Allies in how to write August 1945, Vietminh guerrillas seized the capital city of Hanoi and forced the abdication of Emperor Bao Dai. On September 2 they. B?o D?i , French Indochina , Ho Chi Minh 1000 Words | 3 Pages. The Vietnam War Ericka Davis History 135 - One of the most . critical outcomes of armed conflict is the impact on societies. Armed conflict has far-reaching effects and substantially impacts societies. Below is writing and research papers a list of write, conflicts the United States fought after 1918. •Choose one (1) conflict from the list below:•World War II •Korean Conflict • Vietnam Conflict •Cold War •Analyze two to three (2–3) major consequences the standing up for beliefs essay, conflict. Cold War , Korean War , Lyndon B. Johnson 641 Words | 3 Pages. War is always a controversial topic whenever it is discussed in a political setting, or even a private conversation between friends.

No . Write? War has ever been a more controversial than the Vietnam War . The Vietnam War was the longest War the enter math problems, nation has ever engaged in. The United States entered the war in 1961 and pulled out in 1975. Although the death toll did not reach as high as the civil war , or either World War One, or World War two. The Nation still lost over fifty thousand soldiers in the deadly. Cold War , Ho Chi Minh , John F. Romance How To Write? Kennedy 2399 Words | 6 Pages. Career? ?The Vietnam War greatly changed America forever. It was the longest war fought in America’s history, lasting from how to write . 1955 to dissertation in nursing 1973. Romance How To? The Vietnam War tarnished America’s self image by papers becoming the first time in history the United States failed to accomplish its stated war aims, to romance write preserve a separate, independent, noncommunist government. It was the first war ever broadcast on television. The public was able to see what happened on the battlefield. One of the chief effects of the war was the division.

Gerald Ford , John F. Kennedy , Lyndon B. Johnson 894 Words | 3 Pages. Expository Writing And Research Papers? Vietnam War Research Paper and Project Your Mission: Choose a topic of romance how to write, interest on the Vietnam . War . I have provided a list of papers, various topics below these instructions. From that list choose one that appeals to you. Romance How To Write? I will consider other thoughtful topic choices not from the transition words for essay list, list, but any of these must be approved by me! Second: Once you have your topic narrow it down. Avoid having such a broad topic that you are swimming with information. How To? Make sure you have a clear and concise thesis that either. Battle of dissertation development in nursing, Khe Sanh , Draft dodger , Posttraumatic stress disorder 800 Words | 4 Pages. “ Vietnam Ten Years After” is about how Vietnam War affects both Vietnam and America.

The book . includes a variety of romance how to, national magazines about the state of Vietnam today and the articles that debate the question of American involvement in Indochina and apa format papers the future direction of U.S. foreign policy. After Vietnam War the romance how to, notion of an invincible United States was called into question, and policy makers no longer assume that American troops can intervene effectively against standing your beliefs essay Communist expansionism anywhere. Army , Cambodia , Cold War 751 Words | 3 Pages. Vietnam was the first war that issued full freedom to the press, allowing media to cover the war as they saw it. . Without censorship, appalling images enabled the public to romance how to write see war , as they never had before. Career Paper Rubric? Many people believe that it was the romance, media that sparked the lack of beliefs, support for the war . Romance How To? The Tet Offensive, for papers research example, would become one of the most controversial and climactic events in which the media played a role. Up to write that point, the media had portrayed the U.S. as winning the war . Practice In Nursing? When.

Kent State shootings , Kent State University , Lyndon B. Romance Write? Johnson 1040 Words | 3 Pages. Vietnam War The Vietnam War , also known as America's war was from December . Research? 1965 to the fall of Saigon on April 30th, 1974. This was around the Cold War era. The conflict was between North Vietnam , who were Communist, supported by China, the Soviet Union and other communist countries against romance how to South Vietnam who was supported by the United States and other anti-communist countries. The main point of the prolonged war was an up for your, attempt to unify the country of Vietnam and prevent the write, spread. Cold War , Ho Chi Minh , Lyndon B. Johnson 945 Words | 3 Pages.

Throughout the Vietnam War , the up for beliefs, Americans used many tactics to defeat the Vietcong. The reason for the American involvement in . the war was to romance how to prevent the spread of communism. Career? This spread was known as the Domino theory. Two of the tactics used were ‘Search and destroy’ and ‘defoliation.’ Both of these tactics were used greatly throughout the War . Romance How To? As well as this, both tactics were implemented by General Westmoreland. There were two kinds of Search and Destroy and they were search and destroy in. Agent Orange , Cold War , Search and dissertation practice in nursing destroy 957 Words | 3 Pages. What Are the Causes of the romance how to write, Vietnam War. The Causes, Events, and Aftermath of the Vietnam War . Math Problems? Digital History.

The Vietnam War . Digital . History. 30 Sept. 2010. Web. 30 Sept. 2010. . The Vietnam War started as a disagreement between communist North Vietnam and anti-communist South Vietnam . Before this disagreement was a war between Vietnam and romance write the French. Vietnam received 2.6 billion dollars in financial support from the United States between 1945 and 1954. Apa Format? Nixon, who was President of the United States at write the time. Ho Chi Minh , John F. Kennedy , Lyndon B. Johnson 1169 Words | 4 Pages. The Vietnam War was not necessary Donna Baker COM/172 Version 3 October 29, 2012 Donna Hooley The Vietnam . War started in 1954 with the dissertation development, defeat of the French and romance write ended in 1975 with the fall and withdrawal of Saigon.

The United States’ (U.S.’s) involvement in the Vietnam War started in 1963 with support of dissertation practice, weapons, military training, advisement, and supplies until 1965 when U.S. troops went into battle with the North Vietnamese (Szczepanski, n.d.). American troops did not pull out romance how to, of the transition words, war until. Agent Orange , Cold War , Communism 1780 Words | 4 Pages. What was coverage of the war like, and romance write did it affect the between and research, image of the write, Vietnam veteran? Many Vietnam veterans feel . that uncensored and overly negative television coverage helped turn the dissertation development, American public against write the war and against the veterans themselves. Expository And Research? The horrors of war entered the living rooms of Americans for the first time during the Vietnam War . For almost a decade in between school, work, and dinners, the American public could watch villages being destroyed, Vietnamese children burning. Cold War , Korean War , My Lai Massacre 1924 Words | 6 Pages. The Vietnam War and Its Legacy The Vietnam War is one of the most shocking eras in American . Romance How To? history. Not only did the utmost world power in the world get bested by an almost third-world country, but we lost badly. This war could have been won, or even prohibited in the first place.

The United States should have won this war , with a blend of better weapons usage, better maneuvers, and better support from their home country. Many people do not know the reason for the U.S involvement in getting into. Fall of Saigon , Ho Chi Minh , Lyndon B. Johnson 1999 Words | 5 Pages. Expository Papers? 2013 It is obvious that the wars impact the involving powers. The Vietnam War greatly changed America forever. Romance Write? . It was the longest war fought in America’s history, lasting from 1955 to 1973. The Vietnam War tarnished America’s self-image by difference between becoming the first time in how to history the United States failed to words for essay accomplish its stated war aims, to preserve a separate, independent, non communist government. The war also had great effects on the American people. It was the how to, first war ever broadcast on television. Lyndon B. Johnson , My Lai Massacre , President of the United States 1386 Words | 4 Pages. not do it all (Turbulent Years: The 60s 36). Lyndon B. Johnson is a president torn to pieces by war . He glows in the passage of bills . benefiting American society.

He is someone who has suffered through an entire generation of rebellious teens. What impact did Johnson's foreign policies concerning Vietnam War have on American society? The Vietnam War really isn't a war . Congress never declared war and difference expository writing thus, it is constitutionally considered police action. Romance How To? The United States can have troops in an. Standing Beliefs? Cold War , Korean War , Lyndon B. Romance How To Write? Johnson 2093 Words | 6 Pages. ?Samantha Aurelio 31 March 2015 APUSH Cold War DBQ During the time period pertaining to the Cold War , the foreign . policies and ideas established by each president remained in effect despite social and political unrest.

However, United States’ involvement in the eastern hemisphere, governmental influence in apa format the nation and in the “hot wars ”, and presidential diplomacy caused foreign policies and ideas to contain many similarities throughout the duration of the Cold War . Therefore, the United States experienced. Cold War , John F. Kennedy , Korean War 1160 Words | 4 Pages. The Vietnam War , Tet, and Hue The Vietnam War is how to considered the longest war . Apa Format Papers Research? It can . How To? also be known as the unnecessary war , the problems, war we lost, and romance how to write an unofficial war . This war demonstrated to the world that the United States of America will defend its beliefs by any means necessary. Paper? It unified yet divided its own nation while focusing on the conflict at hand. Despite the fact the romance, US Congress never officially declare war , the most decisive (excluding the Civil War ) and America’s longest war is known as. Hanoi , Massacre at Hu? , North Vietnam 2724 Words | 7 Pages. The Significance Of The Vietnam War To New Zealanders. significance of the Vietnam War to New Zealanders The Vietnam War was a highly controversial . war that attracted severe international criticism towards the apa format papers, US and its allies. How To Write? New Zealand’s direct involvement started due to the international pressure exerted on us by Australia and the USA, and the increasing threat of the spread of communism this created huge divisions throughout New Zealand and questioned our reasoning to commit military forces there in dissertation practice in nursing the first place. The Vietnam War was significant.

Agent Orange , Cold War , New Zealand 1170 Words | 2 Pages. Romance How To? The Vietnam War versus the Iraq War With a husband in the Army and currently on paper research rubric his third deployment to Iraq, I . am often asked how I think this war is different from past wars . In order to answer this question properly, I found that I needed to do a little bit of research and acquaint myself with some war history. As I learned about previous wars that Americans have been involved in, I learned that only two wars have had a great deal of controversy. Romance How To Write? The Vietnam War and the Iraq War , while. 2003 invasion of words list, Iraq , George W. Bush , Gulf War 1110 Words | 3 Pages. Griswold 1 Chelsea Griswold Mr. Scott Modern World History 22 September 2010 The Vietnam War : Bellum Letale “A great . Romance How To Write? war leaves the country with three armies – an army of cripples, an army of expository writing and research, mourners, and an army of thieves.” Originally spoken by a German proverb, this mention is how to largely pertinent to relatively any war . After the Vietnam War , effect was spreading through the United States and papers Southeast Asia. Many were lost and wounded, as well as those who were afflicted by their loss.

Fall of Saigon , Ho Chi Minh , Ho Chi Minh City 1416 Words | 3 Pages. Assess America’s role in Vietnam in the 1960s: No conflict since the romance how to, Civil War more divided Americans than U.S. Papers Research? involvement in . the Civil War in romance Vietnam . American involvement in Vietnam resulted in enter math problems deep divisions in U.S. society and remains a dark time in history and consciousness for many Americans. There were divisions within American society over the issue of America’s participation in romance how to the Vietnam War . Because of the unsure motives for U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and words strong opposition toward. Cold War , John F. Kennedy , Lyndon B. Romance How To? Johnson 1313 Words | 4 Pages. Korean and problems Vietnam War Comparison. The Korean and how to write Vietnam war are very similar in that both were the US's attempt to fight communism by waging war in . a distant third world country. Words For Essay? Both wars were unpopular in the US and both led to romance how to a lack of victory. Enter? In fact, remarkable similarities exist between the romance, Korean War and the Vietnam War ; from the US support of a dictatorial and corrupt anti-communist regime to its conception of communism as a monolithic entity, under which all communist nations were necessarily allies, rather than individuals.

Cold War , Communism , Korean War 2099 Words | 6 Pages. The Effects of the Vietnam War on Australia. Writing And Research Papers? The Effect of the Vietnam War on how to write Australia The controversial Vietnam War had a huge impact on . Australian society in the 1960's/1970's. Australia’s involvement in the key international Cold War conflict of the Vietnam War created instability and a significant shift in the nation’s military, social, political and economic status. Vietnam was known as a 'TV War '. List? A great deal of shocking and violent footage of the war was broadcasted right into people's homes. This caused a lot of social involvement. Australia , Cold War , Communism 1198 Words | 4 Pages. How To? Social Climate During the Vietnam War American involvement in Vietnam initially enjoyed strong support in the . United States but as the conflict continued without signs of an beliefs, eminent conclusion, public opinion changed.

Disapproval of President Johnson's limited approach to fighting increased. For the first time television brought the war to romance write the living rooms of America. Research Rubric? And the constant coverage of the war and of injured and killed young American soldiers and civilian Vietnamese spurred protests. Lyndon B. How To Write? Johnson , Martin Luther King, Jr. Apa Format? , Peace movement 783 Words | 3 Pages. The new unified Vietnam became the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV). the With Americans gone, however, Vietnam's military . Write? problems were not over.

In neighboring Kampuchea (previously named Cambodia), Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge began a reign of terror in hopes of creating a pre-industrial utopia, murdering around 2 million people in so-called killing fields. Math Problems? In 1978, the SRV invaded Kampuchea to stop the Khmer Rouge, in write what became known as Vietnam's Vietnam . While the invasion put an end. Cambodia , Cold War , Ho Chi Minh 801 Words | 3 Pages. ? Vietnam Wars Impact on American Culture Donna Whittle DeVry University Introduction to Humanities . I. Introduction and Thesis Statement In the 1960’s America went through many cultural changes. Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights activist, delivered his famous, “I have a dream” speech. African Americans were fighting for peace, freedom and equality.

The United States was involved in the Vietnam War , committed to anti-communism. African Americans were deployed. Cold War , John F. Kennedy , Lyndon B. Johnson 1684 Words | 6 Pages. One foreign affair was known as Vietnam . The Vietnam War was the longest war in the nation’s history. . This war , from both abroad and at home, drastically changed the society of America, socially, economically, and politically. It caused for much anti- war sentiment and fueled the counter culture movement, it caused inflation and contributed to the stagflation, and brought down Johnson’s reputation and caused for several changes in legislation.

While the Vietnam War raged on, other movements rose. Development In Nursing? Cold War , Gulf of Tonkin Resolution , Lyndon B. How To Write? Johnson 894 Words | 3 Pages. Was the Vietnam War Winnable? The war in Vietnam waged by America was unwinnable through the type of . warfare that was used by the US . If they had concentrated on certain key aspects they may have prevented the papers, spread of communism to South Vietnam and achieved their ultimate goal. How To? Americas inability to obtain the “Hearts and Minds “of the Vietnamese led to a continual supply of fighters. The US was unable to fight against an ever-increasing civilian army. In Vietnam the US relied tremendously on.

Cambodia , Cold War , Communism 1201 Words | 3 Pages. What Caused the apa format research, Vietnam War ? The Vietnam War was caused by many factors that contributed to the . warfare in Vietnam during the years of 1959 to 1975. Most factors were the beliefs held by people who wanted to change or to prevent Vietnam becoming an how to write, Independent Country. Many people suffered due to these beliefs and policies and that the Vietnam War is now considered as one of the most distressing moments in the 20th Century. So why did the US become involved in the Vietnam War ? What was Ho Chi. French Indochina , Geneva Conference , Ho Chi Minh 1769 Words | 5 Pages. Cultural Effects of the Vietnam War. of the Vietnam War When people are asked what they think of when they hear the papers, words “ Vietnam . War ”, they may envision Rambo on write a bloody, barbaric, and yet heroic killing spree or Forrest Gump getting shot in enter problems the buttock. Others may think of a grandparent or parent who fought in romance how to the grizzly guerilla warfare.

Many can still recall their direct experience with the war , whether as a soldier or a civilian. The war in Vietnam does not. Cambodia , Cold War , Communism 897 Words | 3 Pages. Confrontations in Cuba and beliefs the Vietnam War. Write? I chose to write about the confrontations in Cuba and the Vietnam War . The confrontation in Cuba began as the result of the . Soviet Union placing nuclear missiles in Cuba. The Soviet Union was responding to President Kennedy's rearmament program. At the time, the United States (U.S.) was the dominant superpower and the Soviet Union wanted to restore the problems, balance of power by placing nuclear weapons within range of every major American city. Only 90 miles off the Florida coast, Cuba was the perfect. Cold War , Cuban Missile Crisis , John F. How To Write? Kennedy 1042 Words | 3 Pages.

Vietnam War portfolio Causes The Vietnam War was a consequence of the cold war . Since . neither the United States nor the Soviet Union could risk fighting each other directly they did it in other countries indirectly like in your beliefs Vietnam . Romance How To? One of the main causes of the Vietnam War was the Gulf of Tonkin. In the Gulf of Tonkin the USS Maddox was attacked by torpedoes from the enter problems, Vietnamese. They confirmed it was Vietnamese by the markings on the shells found. Then later on a second attack happened. When the. Cold War , Lyndon B. Johnson , North Vietnam 1051 Words | 3 Pages. Vietnam War Effects The Vietnam War was a very costly war . It not only affected those . in battles, but it also left behind long term effects on people everywhere in the world. Write? It was an extremely costly war with over 58,000 Americans dead and over 150,000 wounded in battle. Many Americans were affected by the war for so many had died and many more were wounded. North Vietnam was victorious over South Vietnam and allied forces. In Nursing? The Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975 marked the end of a very bloody war.

Cold War , Communism , North Vietnam 1247 Words | 4 Pages. Changing Attitudes to the Vietnam War. changing attitudes to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War . The Vietnam War was the long . struggle between nationalist forces attempting to unify Vietnam and prevent the spread of communism. Australia was involved in romance write the Vietnam War from August 1962 – December 1972, with approximately 60,000 men and women serving. Australia was called to fight by the United States and on the request of the South Vietnamese government for assistance. The war was seen as necessary at first because of their fear. Australia , Cold War , Government of Australia 1207 Words | 3 Pages. A war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam began in 1954.

The war was fought because the north . Paper Research Rubric? wanted communism, and the south did not. The United States decided to how to get involved in enter the war . The United States became allies with South Vietnam , because they did not want communism to romance spread. I bet you’re wondering what is communism and why a nation will break apart and fight because of it. Development In Nursing? Well communism is a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in. Romance? Cold War , Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh 1429 Words | 4 Pages. Research? The Media, the War , and romance how to write a World Changed By Sam Connors The Vietnam War is a time of great strife for math problems the many . Romance? people affected during the 1960’s.

Much of what we know about war is dissertation what the media tells us. Media during the Vietnam conflict is important aspect of this time period. It had significant influence on American support of the war . The media created a negative image of the Vietnam War , and was a factor in the end of the war . New media methods made this possible. During the 60’s, the media. Army , Cold War , Communism 815 Words | 3 Pages. Media Coverage of the Vietnam War.

Media Coverage of the Vietnam War Mass Media and romance how to Society COMS-130E-O Media Coverage of the Vietnam . War The Vietnam War was one of the first wars to apa format papers receive strong opposition from the American people mainly due to raw, uncut, uncensored and graphic media coverage. Many people agree with the fact that the Vietnam War was the how to write, first televised war . Media coverage and televised images literally brought the war into the living rooms of several American homes. Because of the dissertation practice development, brutality, horror. Kent State shootings , Kent State University , Lyndon B. Johnson 1003 Words | 3 Pages. Vietnam War “You never knew who was the enemy and who was the friends,” said a marine officer who took part in a conflict deemed . the longest war in Unites States history (My).

The Vietnam War was not only the longest war in US history, as it took place from 1959 to 1975, but it is also considered one of the most controversial conflicts to date. This war , also known as the write, second Indochina War , occurred in the countries of Laos, Vietnam , and Cambodia. It was fought between communist North Vietnam. Transition Words For Essay? Cold War , Communism , North Vietnam 2027 Words | 6 Pages. The Vietnam War was a conflict between the communist, North Vietnam and South Vietnam . In the write, wake . of the Second World War western fears of a communist expansion throughout Asia were running high. The United States was concerned that if North Vietnam succeed and turned Vietnam into math problems, a communist state, neighboring countries were also likely to follow.

As an ally of the United States and Australia’s involvement in South-East Asia Treaty Organization and the Australia - New Zealand - United States Security. Australia , Cold War , Lyndon B. Johnson 1601 Words | 4 Pages. it begins the United States military involvement in how to write Vietnam . 1953 January 20, 1953- Former five-star Army general, Dwight D. Eisenhower, . becomes the 34th U.S President. This event is important because he becomes America’s new President and because he does a lot with the Vietnam War . 1954 April 7, 1954- President Eisenhower introduced the problems, Domino Theory in response to a news conference. This event is romance important because it was a reason for war in the 1950’s. It speculated that if one state in a region. John F. Kennedy , Lyndon B. Johnson , Ngo Dinh Diem 1370 Words | 4 Pages. Expository And Research Papers? Vietnam War and the Domino Theory.

The Vietnam War and the Domino Theory The Americanization of the war in Vietnam was inevitable . because of the prevailing belief of the romance, “domino theory” that could take effect. The Domino Theory, which President Harry Truman first articulated in the1940’s, is the belief that the fall of one noncommunist state to communism would precipitate the fall of other neighboring noncommunist states (Shabecoff). Transition For Essay? This theory is the identical strategy that Communist China planned to romance achieve, with Vietnam as. Cold War , Communism , Korean War 703 Words | 3 Pages. The Significance of The Vietnam War Within one generation, The United States have experienced The Second World . War , The Korean War and fifteen years of The Cold War crisis. The Vietnam War was the last drop into the cup of American patience. The costs of dissertation in nursing, The Vietnam War were intolerable, because they contravened traditional American values and hopes. In the year 1965, American government announced, with public support, that America is romance going to win the guerilla war and defeat the global communist. Cold War , Communism , Containment 1736 Words | 5 Pages. Constitutional Wars?

Korea and Vietnam. 3-25-13 P-3 Constitutional Wars ? The United States was involved in both the enter, Korean (1950-53) and Vietnam (1964-73) . How To Write? wars . Though the wars were fought at different times, both dealt with communism and containment. Questions arose as to why the United States was involved in these wars without having any formal declaration of war . Presidents Truman, Johnson and Nixon were involved with these wars . Many people think that congress neglected its constitutional military responsibilities and handed. Cold War , Korean War , Lyndon B. Johnson 2362 Words | 7 Pages. Effect Vietnam War The causes of the Vietnam War trace their roots back to the end of World . War II. Apa Format Papers? A French Colony, Indochina ( Vietnam , Laos, Cambodia) had been occupied by the Japanese during the war . In 1941, a Vietnamese nationalist movement, the Viet Minh, was formed by Ho Chi Minh to resist the occupiers. Romance How To? Before World War Two, Vietnam had been part of the French Empire. Problems? During the war , the country had been overrun by the Japanese. When the Japanese retreated, the people of Vietnam took the. Fall of Saigon , French Indochina , Ho Chi Minh 1148 Words | 4 Pages. The Korean War would be a radical step in fighting wars , as well as the how to, feelings people had toward the war . All . wars in American History fought before the Korean War were based on either national survival or the gain of paper research, territory.

A strong conflict was created between the Soviet Union and the United States. From this conflict, tension was so strong that wars were fougt in romance write the midst of this Cold War . The Korean War was the first America ever waged that was not fought for national survival, for. Cold War , Communism , Korean War 2528 Words | 7 Pages. between 5.5 million to 6.9 million military and civilian deaths was Germany. Germany’s downfall was the lack of allies and a war on multiple . fronts. Dissertation Practice Development? The failure of how to, their V2 rocket hindered their offensives. Britain sent a small number of bombing planes and began raids on Germany, which within three years destroyed majority of the transition words for essay list, German war industry.

In 1941, Hitler declares war on Russia while not realizing that Russia was never invaded successfully. Russia had three major advantages, its large army. Cold War , Communism , Ho Chi Minh 1340 Words | 4 Pages.

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IELTS Essay Ideas: Is History a Waste of Time. Below are ideas for the topic of history in IELTS writing task 2. This essay is about how important history is to learn. This can relate to the subject of history as a whole or children spending time learning history. You should use the romance write ideas given below and adapt them to the specific essay question given by dissertation IELTS. Sample IELTS Essay Question.

Some people think that studying history is a waste of time while others think that it is how to, essential to learn. Enter! Discuss both sides and give your opinion. Below are ideas for both side of the argument. A useful definition of history is “it is the write study of past events, particularly human affairs.”. It might be the study of difference expository writing and research papers a country or of a person in the past. It might involve a particular event or a general situation at a given time in the past. History is a Waste of Time. Most people memorise dates, names and facts when they study history.

This information is not useful in everyday life or for romance how to write the future. If we could actually learn from history, history wouldn’t be full of the same repeated mistakes. Standing Your Essay! However, the same mistakes are made again and again which makes history irrelevant to learn for romance how to write the future. History is enter math, a subject that is rarely used in people’s lives so it would be better to how to focus on science or technology which is more relevant to the future and between expository writing and research today’s society. Each historical event has different perspectives. Write! For this reason, it makes learning history a waste of time because events can also be interpreted in a different way which makes what we learn in history less valuable. Many school curriculum have been set and are rarely changed. That curriculum includes little current history which is the only type of history that helps people understand the transition list world they currently live in.

History helps young people understand their own culture and how their culture and country have evolved. History gives identify and how to helps unify people. It gives people a sense of roots and belonging. History teaches people what their forefathers experienced and suffered in the past in order to make their country what it is today. History teaches us about travesties which have occurred in the past, such as the Holocaust. It is in nursing, essential for both people in how to the past, present and future to never forget such events in order to honour the memory of those lost and to ensure it never happens again. History helps us understand change. It records and paper research rubric helps people understand successes and failures.

Through these studies people can learn about change and how others are affected by it. Write! It shows patterns of transition for essay behaviour or events in the past and their outcome which can help us avoid similar outcomes in the future. Learn about the past often gives a glimpse of the how to future. Words For Essay List! It shows a path of development that will continue past the present and into romance write, the future. Valuable information can often be found in for essay history, such as traditional medicines. Learning about past lifestyles and techniques used by people in the past can hold the secrets to remedies or cures no longer used. If you wish to how to post writing, please read the rules for posting writing on this blog. I know you will not put the band score, but please can you tell me is this essay enough to dissertation in nursing get a band score 7. Traditional subjects such as History, Politics etc were taught in schools spending more time rather than spending on teaching interpersonal and soft skills which is of greater use for students to romance find a good employment opportunities in future. In my opinion, although spending a good time on teaching traditional subjects, but also giving an equal or more importance to the skills could be a key solution to find a good job.

Firstly, History as a traditional subjects , in between writing and research papers addition schools are the best way that our child to get to know about the past tradition, culture, ancient methods, languages as well as about our ancestors, for this reasons, traditional subjects should give more importance like any other subjects in schools.Knowing more about romance how to, our culture, tradition, history is the only way that we can uphold about our beliefs. However, due to and research papers the increased demand for the skills namely interpersonal and soft skills such as mathematical, marketing etc which is required in how to write all enterprises or in a job market, I admit that by contrast, it is primary to teach the students about the skills in school in addition to the subject history or arts. One clear example, to standing your beliefs essay illustrate here is when we are going for an interview the employer mainly look over the skills that the employee have rather than his knowledge about the traditional subjects because obviously, the romance how to employer ‘s motive is the growth of the practice in nursing company. To summarize, I firmly believe that in school the teachers should give equal or either more importance to teach their students about the romance how to skills as it is the most important factor to find a good job. Even though it is good to have knowledge about the tradition and culture. Is it good enough to get a score of 7? Please if you have time point out paper rubric my mistakes. Sorry I don’t give feedback or scores. But I will say, avoid using “etc”. Just decide on two examples and that’s enough.

I am jumbled up, if the question is romance, what extend you agree or disagree?, and difference between expository writing and research papers am agreeing that what should my paragragraphs constitute? your earliest reply will be highly appreciated. If you agree, then each paragraph gives one reason for your opinion. Hi Liz, how are you? I am Dario from Argentina and I will take the exam next Saturday. First of romance how to write all I would like to thank you for all the dissertation practice development in nursing material, tips and exercises of the web. Secondly, if possible, I would like to to have a look on my essay and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance. So many times one can hear that the study of history is pointless. Luckily, they are not the romance how to write majority and other people still believe that history is one of the standing up for your beliefs essay essential knowledges.

Narrow-minded people may think that the past is gone and what we are living now or going to live in the future has no link with it. They focus on the future as it comes from another planet or suddenly appears from romance how to, underneath a rock. Your Beliefs! They do not really see that what happens today is because something happened yesterday, which change the course of the things, made people to take other decisions and choose different things than the ones it would have chosen under other circumstances. Alternatively, still the most of people support and study history. Romance How To! History is sometimes crucial to understand what is dissertation practice development in nursing, going to happen, but also to how to prevent some things to happen again, as the holocaust or wars. The same way everyone as individual makes mistakes, the society as a whole do it as well. Career! History provides us the key to think and write understand when, why, how and math problems what happen anything and act consequently next time. It is also our collective memory, therefore historians have an important role in our society. In conclusion, although a small group of people try to reduce the importance of history it can be easily argued and demonstrated that is groundless. In my opinion, history is one of the most important (and exciting) topics in human sciences. Pliz help me madam,i have an assignment of how to history now i want u to help me on the same topic.why history as a subject should be taught in schools?

Pliz i need some points. All the ideas are given on this page. mam u need to give people ideas and help instead of just telling them that all the transition list ideas are on the page. The entire page above is a list of ideas for a topic. Please read them. Thankyou madam ..for everything.. To study history is like to live in past.Situations and romance circumstances changes from time to time.What was considered right in the past may be perceived as wrong in the present circumstances.In the past nations were ruled by dissertation practice development the king with absolute authority at their command and can be seen described as dictator. Dictator in present age are not considered acceptable,so why to how to study previous kings.

hello mam . provide me with the ideas in the recent topic of ielts “similarities are rising with same types of shops , products and list brands all over the world . Romance How To! what are the paper merits and demerits of this ” this was the essay of how to write ielts writing task 2 held on 26 th september 2015. Please see the recent questions page where some ideas have been shared. I’m blessed that I found your blog at last. I’ve already got Band score 6, but my goal is practice, 8. I’m excited to have your advanced lessons, but unfortunately I’m not sure how I can pay for that from Bangladesh. Could you please have a look on write, my Introduction and advise me, pointing the mistakes I made, what I should do? Thanks in advance.

Learning history is interesting and enjoyable. Studying history is prioritized by some as an effective subject although others argue against it as a waste of time. While studying history, it is possible to know about ancestors’ contribution on this modern world and the mistakes they made, although memorizing dates and names, and lack of words for essay list science or technology has no usefulness in romance how to future. Hi Liz, in writing, is it okay ti use contractions? Because in speaking, it contractions are preferred. And is it safe to dissertation development in nursing use highfalutin vocabulary such as sojourn and etc for writing task 2? No, never use contractions in IELTS writing. Romance How To! Only use vocabulary that you can use with complete accuracy.

If I don’t get wrong, there is a typo in math the third idea in how to write the viewpoint “History is important”. Difference Between Expository Writing Papers! History teaches “us” instead of “use”. You should think about write, charging for your proof reading services #128578; Well spotted. Hi Liz, I want to write a balanced essay. Would this introduction will be fine? People have different views about whether or not learning history is standing, vital in our daily lives. In my opinion, studying history has a signicant importance not only in how to write the present but also in the future generation of our society. June 13 writing task 2: the statement given went something like this – a huge number of accommodation and transportation facilities emerge in big cities nowadays thus the government is asking the business sectors to relocate their businesses in rural areas. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Thanks for sharing. I have watched a lot of your videos on youtube to improve my writing skills.

You are doing well for students. I aim 7 band score but you don’t tell band scores. please give me a hint how much more effort i need to achieve 7 band score. I personally think i don’t have good vocabulary for this task. Many people argue that gaining knowledge about development, history is romance, useless but others believe that it is crucial to learn and study history in difference between expository writing many aspects of romance write our lives. It is quite understandable that different people have divergent attitudes towards it. In my opinion, learning history is the key to know about our lives on this planet and research many more crucial things. People who think it is the wastage of time to how to learn history, have their own solid reasons.

Firstly, when people study history they remember many historical dates, incidents and places, which are useless in our practical life. Secondly, while studying history students spend a lot of their time to know about past events instead of spending their crucial time for between expository writing papers todays life. Finally, after completing their study in history, they can not do any better for our community as chemists, mathematicians and physicist do. On the other hand, many disagree with them by arguing that there are many advantages to learn history. For example, by how to write learning history we will not repeat our mistakes that we made in the past.

Furthermore, we can plan, advise and make important decisions, give tributes to those who spend their important lives for human well beings on this planet, by enter math learning history. To summarize, in romance how to my own view, though, some people consider learning history is the wastage of time but advantages are more obvious. Therefore, studying history should be encouraged rather than criticising. Don’t put unnecessary information into your introduction. The second sentence is unnecessary. Make sure you restate your opinion in the body paragraph with the practice development side you agree with. Be careful with vocabulary “wastage of time” don’t paraphrase unnecessarily and incorrectly. Please watch my video about paraphrase because you are making some elementary errors: Thanks for romance your reply… Now i guess i need much more practice to get band score 7.

I am aiming for band 7 in writing general module. Could please check this piece of introduction writing will reach me to the requisite band or not. Thank you in enter problems advance. Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be better spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree with this view? I think this is Opinion essay(please suggest me that i’m on the right path or not?) It is argued by some that spending money by the government to how to encourage arts is waste. Rather, it could be utilized on other developments. I completely disagree(what extent) with the given statement, because arts are also an inevitable activity to exhibit growth of nation. Please give me reply.. I do not offer a free marking service.

Did you read the rules for posting writing at the top of apa format papers this blog? I’m not sure why you have written “what extent” in romance how to write brackets. That should be omitted. Also check your grammar and vocabulary. Always aim for accuracy. Sorry I posted it before read it and correct spelling mistakes . Here the corrected one . Many people argues about learning history .While some believe that studying past events particularly in humans affairs is for essay list, merely a waste of time , others appreciate history as it is considered people’s roots . In my opinion , although I agree that people’s approach in studying history nowadays is wrong and lead to waste their time , I strongly support studying people’s past event which can helps people’s future . With regard to how to the importance of studying history , history studies give people identity and help to unify generation . In other word , when people learn about practice in nursing, their culture , language and romance write their forefathers’ lives they can understand from where they came and to between and research papers whom they belong which gives them strength and more confidence to sustain and succeed in future’s obstacles.

Moreover , history studies help people To know about all events , experiences and even wrong and right decisions have been taken and their outcomes which can benefits young generation to be a ware of these mistakes and manage to avoid any similar situation in the future to evolve countries in better and accelerated ways . For instance , people in the past they were non educated and romance how to write simple therefore ,when a pregnant mother giving birth they used to make it done at home without any medical supervision which lead to either mother’s death or baby’s disorder ,but today’s mothers have learned from this wrong decision and avoided it . On the other hand , many people think that studying history is a waste of time because most of schools’ curriculums teach student to words list memorize names and romance how to write numbers related to historical event which are exhausting their energy rather than benefiting them in any side of transition list life .In addition , history events have many perspectives which can be interpreted in write different way , for this reason it make studying history a waste of time because their is for essay list, no approved knowledge can be learned and used in present’s lives . For example , studying about the holocaust and its causes ,there is romance, no any good aspect of studying about this historical event . In conclusion , I strongly support learning history but just the important and difference expository beneficial events which enrich people experiences as well as their understand of life , at the same time avoid wasting time in learning worthless details. Sorry I only give comments to students who have worked their way through my lessons. Please review all writing task 2 lessons and all vocabulary lessons. I am sorry I know I have a big problem in my writing , I will take arrest of writing essays and romance read throw your blog to learn more then will come back in better skills . if you have time can you please check my essay. some people think that studying history is a waste of time while others think that it is essential to learn. discuss both sides and between expository and research papers give your opinion.

History is a record of past events .Many people argue that learning history has no use in our daily life whereas ,others say that it must be learned by everyone.This essay would discuss either to study or no the subject called history. To begin with, it is true that memorising past events , dates ,times and people’s name has no particular importance in our day to day life, on the other hand studying science and how to write technology is today’s need. In order to be a competent we should be always up to date with science and technology , to illustrate this view ,employers are seeking for employees who are equipped with sound skills to perform in sophisticated world.Therefore,studying history is enter problems, seriously a waste of time. Irony, no matter how important is romance, history in everyday life, we ought to keep in standing your beliefs mind that our present and romance future is linked to our past.Significantly, getting knowledge regarding past events would protect us from between and research, repeating the same mistakes again .For an example, studying world wars alarm us the effects it may bring to the world, if there is anymore world war.Thus, school curriculum should include history . In conclusion, though history classes may contain irrelevant information which is not useful to our life in my opinion , we indeed lean history because it can inspire , warn as well as protect our present and write future to an extend. Firstly, you need to write over 250 words. You also need to put your opinion in the introduction as your thesis statement. Apa Format! Your opinion must be given in the body paragraphs and concluded as well.

The word “irony” is not a linking device to start a body paragraph for the other side. You should use “on the other hand” or “By contrast”. Avoid using “we”. There are some grammar and vocabulary issues. Try to review my model essays to how to write learn more about writing for IELTS. Please read the rule for posting writing before posting again: First of all I would like to express my gratitude for what you are doing on your webside.

I would like to ask you if all of the topics developed about the difference between writing and research papers Writting Task 2 are concerning the Academic IELTS? Thank you in advance! Yes, all topics can come in either the GT or academic test. Romance How To! The only difference is that GT essay questions are slightly easier. It is inevitable that as technology develops traditionally cultures must be last. Technology and tradition are incompatible—you cannot have both together. Hi the best kind teacher Liz I am so happy for using your best website and math my all sections are improving significanly after using your all tips and romance how to write watching your video lessons. In Nursing! Please! Could you check this full essay and mark it in reality. But it has been written for another topic.

Thanks in advance! Best regards good luck in your job! In general, our world is romance how to write, becoming more and transition more technologically advanced as our existence requires ongoing progress. For many, this trend has been resulting in positive steps towards perfect lifestyle on our globe. However, as this development and tradition are controversial with each other, I strongly support that modern- technology is making traditional cultures be lost. Admittedly, the internet has revolutionized the modern world being catalizator for globalization as individuals from romance how to, any corner of the world can have easy access to research all the information on the world Wide Web, world population have begun following the mainstream culture. While less-spoken language are getting vanished for example, English is romance how to write, widening area and being used almost every aspects of life as a dominant language. Additionally, for the light of convenience in transportation, immigration that has become popular, made people’s preference of clothing, food, behavior and your essay even customs similarly. We eat fast-food and romance write Pizza, wear T-shirt, and listen to rock and roll or baroque music as those living in Europe, Asia or Australia. And this is the circumstance that our globe is becoming a small village in which diversity cannot survive.

However, a number of practice development gadget eased researches work investigating historical places or origions of romance write living creatures. Complex and sophisticated tools are being used to detect and list even record traditional music, as well as art so that these values can be transmitted to upcoming generations. Nowadays, computer modeling of how to write mankind’s development is being created so precisely that cannot be achieved by human’s calculations. To conclude, life enhancing technologies are being discovered inevitably because of humanitarian instinct. These steps might be improving our global lifestyle outwards, my view is that they are harming our heritage and traditional values inwards. your lessons excellent.I’m so impressed thanks. Guys my whats app +998945900191. your lesssons excellent.I’m so impressed thanks guys my whats app +998945900191. Hi, I’m a student and new here in your website. I’ve a difficulty in understanding the Essay topic, especially its type. Up For! It would be great of you if you recommend me.

Thanks in advance! If you look at this page, you will find sample essay questions for each type at the bottom of the page: and on this page, you will find model essays for each type of question: Dear Teacher.Myvefforts for your appraisal and comments that would be valuable to me thank you. Introduction;By few number of population era is that,learn about past event is usless,on the other hand of population has a positive suggestion regarding learning about past event that it must copulsary for everyone ,so they could be able to know their past mistake and right steps towards compeletion their goals. Conclusion;according to my opinion learning about pastevents its usefull significantly for how to write the new generation so we could able to learn about enter math problems, past mistakes and write can uttilized the previous mistake in a affirmative aspects.

I already posted a comment to paper research rubric you previously. Unfortunately, your English level is romance, below the level accepted on this blog. you would no longer bother me and difference writing and research papers my posting. I will try to make slef better. Work on your English. Romance! This is an English language test. If your English is weak, your score will be low.

Sure Teacher i will follow’s your all advice . I hope one day i would be better than now. Thank you for your consideration’s. Here is my Introduction Part for the above statement, Would you please review my introduction as well as check any mistakes. Thanks in advance….. Some people think that studying history is a waste of time while others think that it is essential to learn. Discuss both sides and transition words list give your opinion. It is matter of romance write dispute that learning history is a waste of paper time and it is very important to learn history. Learn about the past often gives a glimpse of the future.

I personally believe that it is our duty to romance know the real history. It’s good. The only apa format papers, thing I would change is a bit of grammar: It is matter of dispute whether learning history is a waste of how to time or is very …”. Also don’t forget to use gerunds “learning” rather than “Learn”. You might need to review your English grammar if you are aiming for band 7 or above. I am sure that you are doing awesome about preparation to practice in nursing take IELTS exam. It is very helpful for me.

I am just asking you about General Training Writing Module. Write! Is there any differences in Writing Task 2 between Academic and General Training module. Transition Words List! I mean General Training Writing is bit easy rather than Academic one. Would you please tell me is romance, there any differences or not? As you said, the GT writing task 2 essay questions are often easier and also there is more flexibility with less formal language. But those are the only differences. Everything else is the same so all lessons and tips on this blog can be used by GT students. Now I Understand. Hi! the best kind teacher Liz. Thanks a lot for research first of all, and your best Website that can lead to learn English very well.

I have learnt immense of tips which are very useful. Could you check my introduction please! In our modern era, people have different views about learning our previous time. In my opinion, i believe that gathering enough knowledge about history can open the door to avoid not making past mistakes and lead bright future. The word “history” can’t be paraphrased by “our previous time”. Romance How To Write! Don’t paraphrase unless you are completely sure because you are increasing the number of standing up for mistakes. More mistakes = lower score. Actually this was my task 2 in my exam, but I got shocking 5 in romance write writing so it deteriorated my general score to 6 also make it worthless because I need minimum 5.5 in each skill for the conditional acceptance of the master degree. I can reset the exam before 3 months, do you advice in remarking the writing section? it will take two months plus 100 $.

Are examiners put 5.5 or 6.5 so on standing beliefs, when they marking each task or just 5 or 6 or 7? Thanks for your time in advance, When you get a remark, it will be on how to write, all 4 skills. The examiner decides 6.5 or 7 as an average mark of the scoring for each criteria. Judging from research, your message to how to write me, your level of English is apa format papers research, around 5.5. You have frequent errors in grammar. You should get your writing assessed before trying for either a remark or doing the how to write test again. Enter Math Problems! If your English isn’t strong, your score won’t be high.

I have the form for remarking and I can choose which section to be remarked, also the payment is fixed for one or four skills. I just was asking whether in romance how to write writing each task the between writing marks are band 5,6,7.. or it can be 5.5,6.5…. See this page (there’s a table at the bottom of the page) to how to write learn how the writing score is calculated: Hope you are well . Just want a piece of advice . I am planning to sit for ielts . which centre do you recommend , British council or idp ? I heard that examiners in BC are stricter than those in idp and that examiners in up for your essay idp are more lenient than those in write Bc . what do you recommend and how could I ask for headsets for listening test . Standing Up For Your Beliefs! Thanks a lot . Appreciate your help . Examiners from BC and IDP are trained in romance write the same way, follow the same questions and also following the rubric same marking criteria. There should be no difference. You must get in touch with your local test center to find out if they use headphones for listening. Many students prefer headphones, so definitely check that. hope you are well and at your best . You have triggered our imagination by this new topic .Aptly , I responded and hope that you could comment on this answer and write score it . Wish you all success and and research papers eternal happiness . It has been argued by some that studying history is beneficial while others contend that benefits gained from learning history are indisputable . Personally , I believe that history is intrinsic for forming one’s national and cultural identity and , therefore , should be taught and boosted . On the one hand ,it is thought the impact and outcomes of studying history are not as essential as those of science and how to write technology . An example illustrating this in action is that it is research, physics that has led man to Earth and even space , not history . Equally importantly , though it is the study of how to write biology and chemistry which has resulted in eliminating and treating diseases , not history . Thereupon , time and words for essay list efforts should not be addressed learning history and , instead , should be directed to romance the most influential subjects . In other words , the contributions of History are marginal and therefore studying it is considered a waste of time. On the other hand , advocates argue that the benefits of studying history could never be ignored or trivialized for a couple of enter reasons . Write! Firstly , Through studying history , an early deepened sense of belonging and patriotism within children is created . secondly , through examining the words list feats and misdeeds or the rise and fall of our ancestors , a lot of lessons and write manners could be derived to help people to dissertation development in nursing promptly tackle future ambiguities . In my opinion , I believe that history bears within printed pages and chronicle inscriptions the romance write cultural identity of a country which could be seriously distorted and standing up for weakened if history is not aptly taught and passed to how to all generations .Equally importantly , though studying history creates sense of nationalism and pride . Take the history of ancient Egypt which is apa format, a taught under the romance write theme ” Egyptology ” , it brings pride to all Egyptians all the world over . In conclusion , it is indisputable that the benefits of learning history outweigh the drawbacks . If teaching history id given its due time and efforts , culture and good manners of our ancestors will be aptly reserved and exquisitely passed to coming generations . I am sorry . Up For Beliefs! I mean not beneficial in the first line of my introduction. Sorry, I forget to add – check your punctuation.

You’ve got issues with capital letters. You write well and romance have some very good vocabulary. You have agreed with history should be taught and is important. Therefore, you should combine your opinion body paragraph with the enter math problems discussion paragraph. But make sure you write “On the other hand, some people believe, and I agree, that …”. We generally only have a separate body paragraph for the opinion when you are presenting a view that agrees with neither side – a balanced view. For this essay, it would be impossible. I’m glad you included an example of “Egyptology” – I’m currently learning Egyptian history and I love it #128578; A good essay on the whole. Hope you are well . Thanks so much for your nice pleasant comments comments . You have really been of a great help . Romance How To Write! Your comment that we have only body paragraph for between expository writing and research papers balanced opinion is how to, so beneficial for me . thanks again and it gives me pleasure that you are interested in Egyptology . Wish you all success and happiness . hello Liz, would you please have a look at your, my essay?

It is considered by many people that learning about history is a time wasting, whereas others argue that studying history is valuable. In my opinion, i believe that studying history is write, extremely important in term of apa format papers learning about write, culture , and science, medicine development. on the one hand,history is dissertation practice development in nursing, a subject that is rarely used in people s lives. Romance How To Write! Thus, it would be better to focus on science and technology, which is more relevant to the future. Papers! In other word, they should use the school time effectively, because students are loosing the motivation to write study subjects like history that has no important role in day to day life.

For instance, most people memorize dates,names and facts when they study history. List! This information is not useful for the future. on the other hand,history helps young people understand their own culture and romance how to write how their culture and country have evolved. For instance,immigrants to Canada must study the Canadian history to understand how this country evolved and will help to apa format papers research unify people in Canada. Furthermore,Valuable information can often be found in history, how science and medicine had developed over the years. This will help the scientists to discover new innovations that can improve people lives and health.For example,Nitrous oxide has been used for anaesthesia in romance how to write dentistry from the 18th century, nowadays scientists discover that such medication can be helpful to treat addictions.

In conclusion, although history has many information that not used today, studying history is research, important for our present as will as for our future. Don’t forget to put your opinion in the body paragraphs as well with the how to write side you agree with. Also check your linking devices – spelling and academic linking – because you have a few mistakes. Otherwise, it’s quite good. Thank you Liz for apa format research your advice i appreciated i am working on my writing for band 7 and your site is realy helpful. Today, I’ll be posting a lesson about romance how to, how to improve your sentences for IELTS writing. Problems! I’ve used sentences from romance how to write, your essay for the lesson (but not given your name). Please take a look at the lesson when it’s posted so you can learn from it. Hi Liz, that is great i cannot wait for this lesson , so i will learn from math, it . Thank you.

Hi liz, I wrote an essay that was very much close to the topic above and would like to humbly ask if my points were relevant and how to write if ever, what band will you mark it.. Some people believe that history is up for your beliefs, very important and romance how to we must study the past to up for beliefs essay understand the present. Others say that it has little or no use at how to, all. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Today in our society, there are multitude of people who believe that the things that had happened in the. past have some connection in present time, thus studying history is of vital importance. However, this idea is being contended by others who consider that history should be burried as it provides no relevance.

To begin, an in nursing argument put forward by some people is that allocating time to dig and study history is just a. waste of precious time. It could be due to the fact that learning and reviving some of romance how to write past phenomena. do not really have any signficant benefits on our society, and maybe counterproductively, it will just bring back. sorrowful memories of the events that had happened at some point in the past. As an illustration, studying. how and why the dissertation development Nazis executed thousand of Jews during the romance how to write genocide era do no realy pose any contribution. to modern society. Dissertation Practice Development In Nursing! Instead, by reliving a piece of that history only brings back feelings of extreme lost and. depression. To put it in another way, some people believe that we should just focus on what is currently happening rather than dwelling on things that already happened and cannot be undone. However, there is a plausible theory that many hold, inculding myself, that in romance write one way or another, history is the key to be enlightened regarding the state of our society in math this very moment.

Take for example the sensitive issue on how racial equality was achieved amongst African-American in the West, and as a consequence, the idea of slavery, which was once part of the romance how to write norm, is now considered strongly unethical in most societies. Thus, it it is really crucial for people to have knowledge regarding the past to understand the difference between and research papers present. In conclusion, although the thought of write embracing history does not really have direct and advantageous effects in our society, it is still an essential component of people’s lives as it serves to give explantion about the way we are living today. Don’t forget that the math instructions ask you to romance write discuss and give your opinion. Where is your opinion? You have only done half of what is asked. You must not ignore the instructions. Your opinion must go in the introduction, the body and conclusion.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend using the enter problems “Holocaust” as an example of why people shouldn’t study history. It’s a very poor example. The Holocaust is a reason why people should learn history. I rarely comment on romance how to write, the type of examples given but I think you need to plan more carefully. Also try to present equally well developed ideas which means keep your paragraphs more balanced. I have to admit that history topic is quite difficult for dissertation development me. Also, I will definitely consider your suggestions. ^_^ Is it posible examiner could give cover latter instead of,complain,request,offering,job or something else. Hope for the reply. Yes, of course.

For the GT writing task 1 test, you could be asked to write a letter to apply for a position which explains where you saw the job advert, why you want the the position and what experience you have that is relevant. just now i red your rule of posting in which one sentence were very much appealed to that,”WHAT BAND SCORE IS YOUR AIM”i am going for GT. therefore,i ve plan for romance bnd score 8. So,in this regard what would be your best advice to me. hope for your kind consideration for my request ! looking forward to hearing from you. I don’t give band scores.

But I will tell you that to career paper get band score 8, you need to produce sentences that are mainly without any errors in romance how to write either grammar or vocabulary. That’s means excellent English. Do you have that level? If your level of English is not high enough, you will have problems to get the score you want. Get your English assessed before you book your test. Please check my band score page to learn more about the requirements for each band score. Copy,thank you teacher.

Litering in the street. Conclusion and introduction i try that,which is asked by you befire. Your comments would Be valuable for me ti make myself better. Thanks a million for helpful ideas about the history. You are the words list best teacher. Here is my introduction; There are arguments that whether studying history is waste of time or not. Romance How To! Both views have their distinctive pros and cons. In my opinion, learning their past is essential lesson for following reasons.

Here’s the improvement: There are different views as to up for your essay whether studying history is valuable or not. In my opinion, I believe that history is romance, essential to career paper rubric learn in romance terms of learning about culture, developing identity and taking responsibility for the future. Hope you are well. I am a frequent user of your site which helps me to develop various ideas about IELTS and words for essay list helps me to take my preparation. But I have still problem with the exact answer about the write question for writing task 2 as to difference between papers what extent do you agree or disagree.

Suppose there is a topic’ some people think that mixed school is better than single school. To what extent do you agree or disagree ? I am confused to write my thesis statement because there are many advantage and disadvantage for both and its really hard with write I am totally agree. I agree with mixed is better but I also think that single school has some advantage. So how could I paraphrase this opinion based topic ? Would you please help me ? If you want to write a balanced view, you will need to write be very clear and specify your thoughts. Are single sex schools better for career paper younger children? Or are single sex schools better for older children? Be clear and exact. Imagine someone asked you to write a law about types of schools – how would you write that law? Thanks for reply but still I am problem.

I just wanted to know how I draw my thesis statement about it whereas I know I have agreement about mixed school. but I want to tell something about single sex. Would you please make a thesis statement about this topic which will be really helpful to understand the real way of making thesis statement in any kind of opinion based topic. To write a balanced view thesis statement requires a strong control and accuracy in English. I don’t recommend you try. Romance! Your English is not strong enough. Instead, it would be better for you to between expository writing just choose one side. If your English language is weak and romance write the examiner has problems understanding your ideas, your band score will not even get to band score 6. So, choose one side and aim for a higher score.

Current IELTS exam topics and questions: Share your IELTS test results. Useful Links for IELTS Line Graphs in papers WT1. WT1 Table 30th Sept: To be completed. IELTS Model Essays for September 2017. IELTS Writing Questions September 2017. Answer to yesterday’s paraphrasing exercise 3. Hi, my name is Elizabeth (Liz). Romance! I'm an apa format papers experienced IELTS teacher from the romance how to UK and a graduate of the University of London. Enter Math Problems! I have been teaching for over 16 years and for the last 9 years I have specialised, exclusively, in IELTS.

I have taught in a number of how to countries: England, Spain, New Zealand, South Korea, China and Vietnam, where I taught at the British Council.

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Write my Paper Health Care Marketing. Health Care Marketing Book used for class: Essentials of development Health Care Marketing ISBN: 978-0-7637-8333-4 Chapter 10: 1. Romance How To? Explain the vertical integration options and directions for the following providers: (a) a major academic medical center such as the University of Iowa, (b) a five-person general surgery group, and (c) a manufacturer of the durable [] ECON 3300A – Essay Proposal Order Description Assignment: write an dissertation development in nursing, essay proposal (200 words) and a short essay (3,000 words) Essay topic: Students can choose any business and romance economic policy area such as competition policy, price and entry regulations, international trade policy, environmental policy, policies related to career research rubric, resource development and how to write exploitation, impact of macroeconomic [] Write my Paper Interview with My Elder: Kathleen Holloway Johnson. Interview with My Elder: Kathleen Holloway Johnson Purpose: to career paper research, gain wisdom from an romance how to write, elder’s perspective on what it means to words, be a citizen of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Details: You will conduct an interview with an elder (anyone more than a year older than you) Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal member of your choice. Romance Write? [] Write my Paper Free and career Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Description According to the Individual’s with Disabilities Education Mt (IDEA), all children are afforded the fight to a free and how to write appropriate public education. This means, that irrespective of a student’s education needs, under the law (i.e., IDEA), they are afforded the fight to access a free and appropriate public education. At times, the [] Write my Paper Urban Development Law.

Old Tafford Consulting Pty Ltd (‘OTC’) is a long established private company operating in the state of Queensland, Australia. It has 15 shareholders, five (5) of whom form the Board of Directors.In 2016 its Chief Executive Officer (‘CEO’) Wayne Fergusson convinces the Board that they need to words list, expand their operations in write, order [] Write my Paper Strategic Human Resource Management Consultant Report. Order Description Produce a report for the business unit manager of a large national organisation (or another organisation – to be negotiated with your lecturer). Your task is to develop a SHRM Report that addresses a current or future strategic people management issue that you identify, in difference between, conjunction with the business [] Order Description Create a playlist to promote your own personal health – either physical or mental health. To do this, you will carefully choose music that suits the purpose of the how to write, playlist and draw on concepts and rubric theory covered in lectures to strategically organize the order of songs.

Actively [] Briefly explain what the following terms mean: • Dominant group, subordinate group • Privilege, oppression • Allies, empowered targeted member These terms can be explained throughout your paper, they do not need to be defined all at once at how to write, the beginning of the paper. Difference Between? Work the definitions into your writing: do not provide [] Write my Paper Domestic Violence and the US criminal Justuce System. 1. Develop a research question, using the following process:• Start with your issue and what you learned from the literature analysis.• Then, ask yourself what more would you (and others) like to know about romance how to write, thisissue?• Translate what you want to apa format papers research, find out romance how to write about the issue into a question.• Make sure your question is [] Write my Paper Gender role in latin culture.

Gender role in latin culture Order Description GENDER ROLES– ANALYZE 2 WORKS YOU READ IN THIS MODULE: 1.What are the readings saying about women’s roles and a women’s place in society? 2. Are gender and sexual identity an important aspect of enter math growing up in a Latin family? **the 2 works are (use this [] Write my Paper “Core Competencies for a New Vision for Health Professions Education” “Core Competencies for a New Vision for Health Professions Education” Order Description find a discussion of the romance write, “Core Competencies for a New Vision for Health Professions Education” in your readings this week (Rubenfeld Scheffer, 2015, Box 4-1 p. 86). Dissertation Practice Development? Review these core competencies and write a 2-3-page paper (excluding title page and romance write reference []

Amazon Case Order Description Amazon: Discussion Sheet Read the articles (along with online, or any other materials if helpful), and summarize your findings/ conclusions in spaces provided below. Only online submission accepted. However, you must print and apa format research bring this sheet for class discussion. Romance How To Write? 1. Bezos once said: “Amazon may break even or even lose [] Write my Essay on paper research Comprehensive Global Analysis Outline. Purpose of Assignment Starting a new, international business venture requires creativity, planning, financing and marketing among the key ingredients for a successful undertaking. Romance How To Write? Additionally, the different risk analyses that are obligatory of a start-up are equally important for papers a flourishing company. By putting all of these success factors in motion, the student should have all [] Write my Essay on week 7 assignment.

You will submit a draft of your preliminary recommendations to how to write, the mayor based on your criminal justice issue selection and analysis. These recommendations will inform the mayor a nd other senior leadership about standing your, a course of romance action to solve the issue you selected. Based entirely on your research and the analysis you provided in Milestone [] Write my Paper product liability and safety. product liability and safety a formal research review paper that should have at least 20 references mentioned, it should also include charts, diagrams or any figures if needed limit to 4 max)- A few topics that should be discussed in the paper should be (but should not limit to only these topics) are [] Evaluating Your Own Risk for Inherited Disease For this Assignment you will think about your individual health and health risks. What genetic diseases or problems might you face during your lifetime? Predisposition to heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes? You may consider your own health risks or those of between papers other individuals such as a family member [] Write my Essay on Making Connections. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSIONS: Your contributions should be thoughtful and developed.

Answer all parts of the question and use concepts from the course materials. Use a professional style of romance how to communication, with attention to grammar, spelling, and typos; cite your sources. Transition For Essay List? Unless your instructor specifies otherwise, choose ONE of the following questions, and give a substantive [] Write my Essay on Discussioin board 200 words. Review the available materials for the chapters covered this week, including the how to write, lecture, reading, publisher materials, demonstration problems and exercises at the end of the chapters. After reviewing these materials and attempting the assignment for the week, what challenges did you face? Do you have any questions on the material? Partnerships and Corporations Introduction There []

Write my Paper Data Visualization Via FitBits. Topic 2: Data Visualization Via FitBits Personal fitness trackers including FitBit, Apple Watch, and others are utilizing data visualization to present activity-monitoring data. The data may include the number of steps taken, the percent of goal achieved, count of flights of stairs, distance traveled, calories burned, and hours slept. Additionally, users can track [] The case scenario provided will be used to answer the discussion questions that follow. And Research Papers? Case Scenario Mr. C., a 32-year-old single man, is seeking information at how to, the outpatient center regarding possible bariatric surgery for his obesity. He reports that he has always been heavy, even as a small child, but he has gained about 100 [] Use the following Case Scenario, Subjective Data, and Objective Data to answer the Critical Thinking Questions. Case Scenario Mrs. 3. is papers, a 63-year-old woman who has a history of write hypertension, chronic heart failure, and sleep apnea.

She has been smoking two packs of research cigarettes a day for 40 years and has refused to quit. Romance How To? Three [] Order Description Make a poster on: 1. Identify a patient safety issue that directly relates to your practice placement area 2.Clearly define the patient safety issue, structuring this as a clinical question. 3. Decide on your strategy to address the problem and enter examine the evidence related to your topic. You need to consider: [] Write my Essay on Donavan Insurance Group: Hvordan at finde billig indboforsikring i 2017?

At finde billig indboforsikring skal v?re nemt. Romance Write? Bare Ring op nogle forsikringsselskaber, sammenligne priserne og v?lge den laveste. Your? Men med betydningen af ordentlig husejere forsikring pris ikke altid den bedste sammenligning punkt. Efter alt, beskytter indboforsikring ikke blot strukturen af dit hus. Romance How To? Det ogsa beskytter dine ejendele og d?kker dig hvis du er ansvarlig for [] Write my Paper Canadian Public Management. One of the challenges associated with being a critical consumer of career research rubric information is in determining what is how to, factual, what is paper rubric, misleading, what has its basis in ideology, and how to what is math problems, valid and reliable.

For this assignment, you will choose one from the list of articles to romance write, answer the following questions 1. Is the [] Write my Paper Trends and Challenges of enter math problems IHRM for romance how to MNCs. Order Description Assume that you work in a multinational corporation (MNC). As the Head of HR you have been given the task to prepare a Business Report to critically review and dissertation practice in nursing evaluate the current trends and challenges affecting HRM internationally. How To? You have to writing and research papers, critically analyse how these challenges impact on the [] Choose one of the following essay prompts and write a well-developed response based on a clear, specific, arguable thesis that answers the prompt. Then develop your answer, providing ample textual evidence to support your claims. Essay must be submitted to blackboard with proper MLA format. Romance? Due on blackboard October 8th by 11:59 pm 1. Transition Words For Essay? []

Write my Paper Health Care Priority Issue. Examine how priority healthcare issues should be examined by romance, nursing. We will select a key healthcare priority issue and paper research rubric a population. You will find articles that describe nursing interventions designed to improve patient outcomes for your population and healthcare priority issue. Finally, you will discuss why Quality Improvement is important for how to write patients and problems [] Write my Paper APN Professional Development Plan. APN Professional Development Plan PurposeThe purpose of this application is to provide the student an opportunity to explore the role of the advanced practice nurse (APN) and develop an how to write, APNprofessional development plan.

Course OutcomesThrough this assignment, the dissertation development, student will demonstrate the ability to: CO1: Synthesize knowledge and concepts from how to, advanced practice nursing with [] museum visit Order Description FINAL PAPER: The Final paper is culmination of your learning in enter math, this course! Brief Overview: What is art, what value does it hold within a society (if any) and how has your view/appreciation/expectations of art changed since taking this course? Please cite and discuss two (2) works or artifacts or []

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Adding entries to romance how to write, an existing spreadsheet. Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. Transition Words For Essay! set xl = wscript.createobject(excel.application) set wrd = wscript.createobject(word.application) wrd.Selection.TypeText vbcrlf strUser - strUsrNm Created: Date Time. RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. set appexcel = wscript.createobject(excel.application) appexcel.cells(r, 1).value = strUser. Romance! appexcel.cells(p, 2).value = strUsrNm. appexcel.cells(q, 3).value = strgrps. appexcel.cells(s, 4).value = strvgd. appexcel.cells(t, 5).value = strnm2. Which all seems to work fine and in nursing, populates the next 5 free cells in the row below the last line of text. However when the write spreadsheet tries to save I get the following error: RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. Paper! Dim appexcel, wb. Set appexcel = WScript.CreateObject(Excel.Application) Set wb=appexcel.Workbooks.Open c:newuser.xls Do Until Len(wb.Cells(r, 1).Value) = 0. wb.Cells(r, 1).Value = strUser. wb.Cells(r, 2).Value = strUsrNm.

wb.Cells(r, 3).Value = strgrps. Romance How To Write! wb.Cells(r, 4).Value = strvgd. wb.Cells(r, 5).Value = strnm2. Set wb = Nothing. Set appexcel = Nothing. Your Essay! Hope This Help, PH. Want to get great answers to your Tek-Tips questions? Have a look at how to write FAQ219-2884 or FAQ222-2244.

RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. ' of standing up for essay your program. For Each idxCell in RowArray. idxCol = idxCol + 1. How To! idxRow = idxRow + 1 'Bump the row down one. I have used this logic for years and it is really easy to cut and paste. RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. Between Expository! RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet.

I don't know where you're pulling your data from, so this example accepts user input. It's also written as a WSF to avoid declaring ADO constants manually, use resource elements to avoid long clunky string values inline, etc. exists, Sheet1 exists in how to write, it, and at least. the practice in nursing first row has the 1st 5 columns filled. Write! object id=rsXL progid=ADODB.Recordset/ Extended Properties=Excel 8.0;HDR=No Dim strUser, strUsrNm, strgrps, strvgd, strnm2. strInput = InputBox(Enter User, UserNm, grps, vgd, nm2) rsXL.Open [Sheet1$], _. rsXL.AddNew Array(F1, F2, F3, F4, F5), _. Array(str1, str2, str3, str4, str5) AddRow strUser, strUsrNm, strgrps, strvgd, strnm2. RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. Try something like this: Dim appexcel, wb. Set appexcel = WScript.CreateObject(Excel.Application) Do Until Len(.Cells(r, 1).Value) = 0. Paper Research! .Cells(r, 1).Value = strUser. Romance Write! .Cells(r, 2).Value = strUsrNm. .Cells(r, 3).Value = strgrps. Standing Up For! .Cells(r, 4).Value = strvgd. .Cells(r, 5).Value = strnm2.

Set wb = Nothing. Set appexcel = Nothing. Hope This Help, PH. Romance How To Write! Want to get great answers to words for essay list, your Tek-Tips questions? Have a look at FAQ219-2884 or FAQ222-2244. RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet.

Thanks a lot for that the script works brilliantly now. RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. Set oFile = oFSO.OpenTextFile(c:newusersnewuser.xls) While oFile.AtEndOfStream True. If InStr(strLine, Test User) 0 Then. 'code will go here. 'code will go here. Romance How To! Group1: Access the spreadsheet to populate the first 9 columns from dissertation, within the script. (which currently works fine) Group2: Now need to access the spreadsheet to create an entry in columns 1 and 9 only with the how to same data as would be created by the script. If column 1 and 9 have existing entries then the script only needs to populate columns 2 to 8 yet if there are no exisiting entries then all 9 fields need to be populated. Set appexcel2 = WScript.CreateObject(Excel.Application) Do Until Len(.Cells(r, 1).Value) = 0. Papers Research! .Cells(r, 1).Value = strUser2. .Cells(r, 2).Value = strUsrnm2. .Cells(r, 3).Value = strgrps2. .Cells(r, 4).Value = strvgd2. .Cells(r, 5).Value = strnm3. .Cells(r, 6).Value = date. .Cells(r, 7).Value = time. .Cells(r, 8).Value = wshnetwork.username. .Cells(r, 9).Value = strconf. Set wb2 = Nothing.

Set appexcel2 = Nothing. RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. Group1: Access the how to spreadsheet to populate the first 9 columns from within the script(which currently works fine) Group2: Now need to access the spreadsheet to create an entry in columns 1 and 9 only with the same data as would be created by the script. If column 1 and 9 have existing entries then the script only needs to populate columns 2 to 8 yet if there are no exisiting entries then all 9 fields need to apa format papers, be populated. RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet. RE: Adding entries to an existing spreadsheet.

Set appexcel2 = WScript.CreateObject(Excel.Application) Set ws2 = wb2.worksheets(1) ' checking this. Do Until bExhausted. If Len(.Cells(r, 2).Value) = 0 Then. If Len(.Cells(r,1).Value) = 0 Then. How To Write! .Cells(r, 2).Value = strUsrnm2. .Cells(r, 3).Value = strgrps2. Enter Math! .Cells(r, 4).Value = strvgd2. .Cells(r, 5).Value = strnm3. .Cells(r, 6).Value = date. .Cells(r, 7).Value = time. Write! .Cells(r, 8).Value = wshnetwork.username. Set ws2 = Nothing. Set wb2 = Nothing. Set appexcel2 = Nothing.

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cons cloning essay NEW BOOK: The Future of Almost Everything. Reasons Against Cloning - VIDEOS ARTICLES. Human cloning: who is cloning humans and arguments against how to, cloning (2007) How human clones are being made - for medical research. Arguments for and against human cloning research. Why some people want to clone themselves or even to clone the dead (and not just cloning pets). Why investors are moving away from human cloning and why human cloning now looks a last-century way to enter math problems fight disease (2007) Should we ban human cloning?

Arguments against romance how to, cloning. Here are three reasons why we should say no to dissertation development cloning - disadvantages: 1. Health risks from mutation of genes. An abnormal baby would be a nightmare come true. The technique is romance how to, extremely risky right now.

A particular worry is the possibility that the genetic material used from the adult will continue to age so that the genes in a newborn baby clone could be - say - 30 years old or more on the day of birth. Many attempts at animal cloning produced disfigured monsters with severe abnormalities. List! So that would mean creating cloned embryos, implanting them and destroying (presumably) those that look imperfect as they grow in the womb. However some abnormalities may not appear till after birth. A cloned cow recently died several weeks after birth with a huge abnormality of blood cell production. Romance How To Write! Dolly the Sheep died prematurely of severe lung disease in February 2003, and also suffered from arthritis at an unexpectedly early age - probably linked to the cloning process. Even if a few cloned babies are born apparently normal we will have to wait up to 20 years to dissertation practice development be sure they are not going to have problems later -for example growing old too fast.

Every time a clone is how to, made it is words for essay list, like throwing the romance how to, dice and even a string of healthy clones being born would not change the research, likelihood that many clones born in future may have severe medical problems. And of romance write course, that's just the standing up for beliefs, ones born. Romance! What about all the career, disfigured and highly abnormal clones that either spontaneously aborted or were destroyed / terminated by scientists worried about the horrors they might be creating. A child grows up knowing her mother is her sister, her grandmother is her mother. Her father is her brother-in-law.

Every time her mother looks at her, she is seeing herself growing up. Romance How To Write! Unbearable emotional pressures on your a teenager trying to establish his or her identity. What happens to a marriage when the father sees his wife's clone grow up into the exact replica (by appearance) of the beautiful 18 year old he fell in love with 35 years ago? A sexual relationship would of write course be with his wife's twin, no incest involved technically. Or maybe the child knows it is the twin of a dead brother or sister. Up For Beliefs Essay! What kind of pressures will he or she feel, knowing they were made as a direct replacement for write another? It is a human experiment doomed to failure because the child will NOT be identical in every way, despite the your beliefs essay, hopes of the parents. One huge reason will be that the child will be brought up in a highly abnormal household: one where grief has been diverted into makeing a clone instead of adjusting to loss. The family environment will be totally different than that the other twin experienced.

That itself will place great pressures on the emotional development of the child. Romance Write! You will not find a child psychiatrist in difference between expository writing papers, the world who could possibly say that there will not be very significant emotional risk to the cloned child as a result of romance these pressures. 3. Risk of research abuse of the technology. What would Hitler have done with cloning technology if available in romance write, the 1940s? There are powerful leaders in every generation who will seek to abuse this technology for their own purposes. Going ahead with cloning technology makes this far more likely. You cannot have so-called therapeutic cloning without reproductive cloning because the technique to make cloned babies is the same as to make a cloned embryo to enter problems try to make replacement tissues. And at the speed at romance, which biotech is accelerating there will soon be other ways to get such cells - adult stem cell technology.

It is rather crude to create a complete embryonic identical twin embryo just to standing your beliefs get hold of stem cells to romance write make - say - nervous tissue. Much better to practice take cells from the adult and trigger them directly to regress to a more primitive form without the ethical issues raised by inserting a full adult set of genes into an unfertilised egg. Thanks for romance how to promoting with Facebook LIKE or Tweet. Between Expository Writing And Research Papers! Really interested to romance hear your views. Practice Development! Post below.

right now, I am writing a essay on why cloning is wrong. i am not focusing on the ethical views but more of the how to write, facts. it causes premature death, costs tons of money, has seen a lot of apa format papers research failure, the romance how to write, clones life will be awful, and math, it reduces a sense of romance how to individually among people. Paper Research Rubric! good points or no?any ideas for more points? I read a lot of write these comments and thought them to writing and research be very entertaining.. Also I think cloning would be useful for things like replacing organs and other stuff. I think that it would be cool to romance have a brother or sister that was a clone of myself but I realize that would kinda be selfish and too late ( it would be weird having a younger version of apa format research yourself running around causing chaos) another reason having a cloned sister or brother would be that their personality might not be the same as yours and its not positive they will even get along with you. How To Write! so I would be better off with my actual brother or sister. I do think cloning extinct animals would be awesome, as long as its not like Jurassic Park. Rubric! Also if I had a clone I would not fear being replaced it because its a different person than me it just looks like me and if it somehow had the how to write, same mind as I did I probably wouldn't care who was the clone and who wasn't and same with the math problems, clone. Anyhow I believe it could be useful but is not necessary. I THINK CLONING SHOULD NOT BE DONE BECAUSE IT COULD HURT OUR ENVIORMENT AND DO STUFF THAT WE REGULARLY DO NOT DO AND SOME GENE COMPLICATIONS COULD GO WRONG. cloning is not ok. Yes cloning is wrong but there is no reason to fight about it see some people are right and some people are wrong there is no right answer. I enjoy, cause I discovered exactly what I used to be looking.

for. You've ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Romance Write! Bye. my site portal my site my site. cloning should never be aloud by united nations and expository writing and research, it should be totly band because it will have many disadvantages for exampel peopel can be created throgh cloning and they can be forced to fight against romance how to write, a country. Its hard for me to believe that someone would do this. although there are definitely medical benefits to be gained this is not without consequence.

I don't need a PHD in transition for essay list, science to know that if you take something away from nature, you eventually have to give it back. What Im trying to write say is that with cloning life, this earth and us as humans will lose our identity as a whole race. We humans are an amazingly resourceful species, but while this helped us to survive all sorts of devastations in the past we should stop at a certain point. Its part of the natural world as a human experience to being born, growing up and exploring the world. We should stop trying to cheat nature and bending rules that existed for ions to dissertation development our own will. Remember guys that life is romance, not cruel, its the people who try to dissertation development in nursing control the natural process of life that make it cruel. my dad hitler would of loved this technology of clones. The only reason that I think cloning is write, looked upon as a bad idea, because it would change the world as we know it it would break down the transition list, morals and romance, values of normal religions and people themselves.

People wouldn't know how to act towards religion anymore. It would have seemed they we have been lied to all these years just so that we could be taught right from papers wrong, good from the bad. All the people that say it is romance write, a lack of human respect and thinking thescientist will look at themselves as Co-creators, is all a shame. Enter Problems! In my opinion they are trying to stop us fromfinding out that there is write, really nothing to standing up for essay believe in and that we did just come from how to dust. The catholics and other religions have that correct we did come from dissertation development in nursing dust or should I say elements tea ting in such a way that it was perfect and romance how to write, life could thrive, but as people we see that as to big of a step and that it is imposibble. But it is development in nursing, not my friends somewhere else in the universe we are not alone. Romance How To Write! I promise you that. Standing Up For Your Essay! But this would be blasfomouse wouldn't it?

Saying god did not put us on this earth and that humans were made just by romance how to, sheer coincidence. Well get it through your heads because that's what happened! Lol. Beliefs Essay! I will say that if we do clone a human and it acts the same as everyone else(it will be like teaching a baby all over gain yes of course)then it will prove that there is romance write, faulty in the Catholic and other religions. just think a world without religion (did you think of koas) because that's how it would be. Religion is a passifier to hale the dissertation, human race and how to write, give it meaning, and career paper research rubric, a reason to work together. You all seriously aren't dumb enough to think it was real were you??

God and how to, all the other ma in religions are creation story's and ways so that we can see life has a meaning and standing your essay, a higher purpouse but it doesn't we are just moving along in space like normal elements and how to, particles of dust. You might say well what about the big bang huh. the truth is difference expository, no one knows a DAMN thing about the how to write, big bang air how the universe got started get it through your heads. Between And Research Papers! Religions are just a creation story to romance how to write tell us how we magically came to be poof we are here. No that didn't happen! Cloning would prove every religion wrong and paper research rubric, say god or whoever it is is not the sout create of life god would cease to exist and the world would turn to turmoil. This is romance, my imput on the subject. I say if catholics are against cloning, then they are scared to be proven wrong.

I challenge science and religion to go head to head on this and figure out once and for all if there is words, a god at all or gods science will provail trust me. The only how to write reason that I think cloning is looked upon as a bad idea, because it would change the world as we know it it would break down the morals and values of transition for essay list normal religions and people themselves. How To Write! People wouldn't know how to act towards religion anymore. It would have seemed they we have been lied to all these years just so that we could be taught right from career wrong, good from the how to write, bad. All the people that say it is a lack of human respect and thinking thescientist will look at themselves as Co-creators, is all a shame. Apa Format Research! In my opinion they are trying to how to write stop us fromfinding out that there is really nothing to paper research rubric believe in and that we did just come from dust.

The catholics and other religions have that correct we did come from romance how to write dust or should I say elements tea ting in such a way that it was perfect and list, life could thrive, but as people we see that as to big of a step and that it is how to, imposibble. But it is not my friends somewhere else in apa format research, the universe we are not alone. I promise you that. Romance Write! But this would be blasfomouse wouldn't it? Saying god did not put us on this earth and rubric, that humans were made just by sheer coincidence. Well get it through your heads because that's what happened! Lol. Romance How To! I will say that if we do clone a human and it acts the difference between papers, same as everyone else(it will be like teaching a baby all over write, gain yes of course)then it will prove that there is faulty in the Catholic and other religions. just think a world without religion (did you think of koas) because that's how it would be. Religion is a passifier to enter hale the human race and give it meaning, and a reason to work together. You all seriously aren't dumb enough to romance how to write think it was real were you?? God and all the other ma in religions are creation story's and ways so that we can see life has a meaning and a higher purpouse but it doesn't we are just moving along in career rubric, space like normal elements and particles of dust.

You might say well what about the big bang huh. the truth is no one knows a DAMN thing about the big bang air how the universe got started get it through your heads. Religions are just a creation story to tell us how we magically came to romance write be poof we are here. No that didn't happen! Cloning would prove every religion wrong and say god or whoever it is is not the sout create of life god would cease to exist and the world would turn to apa format papers turmoil. Romance How To! This is my imput on the subject. I say if catholics are against cloning, then they are scared to practice development be proven wrong. I challenge science and religion to go head to head on this and figure out once and for romance write all if there is a god at all or gods science will provail trust me. The only reason that I think cloning is looked upon as a bad idea, because it would change the career paper research rubric, world as we know it it would break down the morals and values of normal religions and people themselves. Write! People wouldn't know how to act towards religion anymore. Career Research Rubric! It would have seemed they we have been lied to all these years just so that we could be taught right from romance how to wrong, good from the bad. All the paper rubric, people that say it is a lack of human respect and thinking thescientist will look at themselves as Co-creators, is all a shame.

In my opinion they are trying to stop us fromfinding out that there is really nothing to believe in romance how to, and that we did just come from dust. Career Paper Research Rubric! The catholics and other religions have that correct we did come from dust or should I say elements tea ting in such a way that it was perfect and write, life could thrive, but as people we see that as to big of a step and career paper rubric, that it is imposibble. But it is romance how to write, not my friends somewhere else in the universe we are not alone. I promise you that. But this would be blasfomouse wouldn't it? Saying god did not put us on research this earth and that humans were made just by romance write, sheer coincidence. Well get it through your heads because that's what happened! Lol. I will say that if we do clone a human and it acts the up for your beliefs, same as everyone else(it will be like teaching a baby all over gain yes of course)then it will prove that there is faulty in write, the Catholic and other religions. just think a world without religion (did you think of koas) because that's how it would be.

Religion is a passifier to hale the human race and give it meaning, and a reason to work together. You all seriously aren't dumb enough to think it was real were you?? God and all the other ma in religions are creation story's and ways so that we can see life has a meaning and a higher purpouse but it doesn't we are just moving along in space like normal elements and particles of dust. Up For Beliefs! You might say well what about the how to write, big bang huh. the difference between and research, truth is no one knows a DAMN thing about the big bang air how the romance write, universe got started get it through your heads. Religions are just a creation story to tell us how we magically came to be poof we are here. No that didn't happen! Cloning would prove every religion wrong and apa format papers research, say god or whoever it is is not the sout create of how to life god would cease to exist and enter problems, the world would turn to turmoil. Write! This is my imput on the subject. I say if catholics are against cloning, then they are scared to be proven wrong. I challenge science and standing your beliefs, religion to go head to how to write head on this and enter, figure out once and for all if there is a god at all or gods science will provail trust me. god dos nut want it guys so stahp.

Next time check your spelling you hippy. i think cloning is write, a good idea, i can clone myself and have i can find out what i taste like. It's a bad Idea because you would have to transition words raise a little u. You would actually be tasting your father if you were cloned. nO MAN THIS AINT NO GOOD IDEA. i fink clons is gud ye, cus i am clon and am rely smurt. yeah that why you are good at spelling. clones is the same as burgers.. you can eat them. why so seriose lets put a smile on that face. u were watching bat man.

To In every advanced technology humans make there's an equal consequence it maybe be good or bad. Romance How To! Weigh things first, if cloning has more advantages than cons, then maybe it only research means we have to go for it. I agree. Like when we were trying to learn about our world, and romance how to write, what it's made up of, we discovered the papers, atom. In 1905, Albert Einstein wrote the romance write, mass-energy conversion equation. And Sir James Chadwick, a student and transition for essay list, co-worker of romance how to write Lord Rutherford, in 1932, discovered the standing essay, third fundamental particle of the atom, the neutron. This would provide an romance write ideal projectile for papers splitting the romance how to write, nucleus of the atom. These steps helped to create the atom bomb, even though the research was meant to further our knowledge of the universe. There's going to be people who turn something wonderful or helpful, into something destructive. Apa Format Papers Research! But if we let this stop us, we will never move forward.

Yes, cloning has 'bugs' right now, but in the future they'll be worked out. Cloning can help save lives. Why would you prevent that? To this question, don't explain it with religion, because I too, am religious, yet cloning, I feel, is not against religion. Give it a chance before you condemn an romance idea.

Give cloning a chance to prove it's worth before you lash out in protest. Between Expository Writing And Research! Think about write, it. Difference Between Papers! If it helps more than it harms, can it really be that bad? what if you clon something that can damage the world and might bring something that can kill people. What are all of the cons of human cloning. Here are some that i did find: 1) Cloning would/will undermine individually and identity. 2) Cloning would potentially pose a threat to write human diversity and standing up for your, cause a deduction of genetics.

I think cloning is only good in romance, the medical field for paper science reasons. I am a clone, are you all saying its wrong that I was made? I am a clone, are you all saying its wrong that I was made? Clones are not real and romance, if they are we will find you and transition list, exterminate your population. no no no no cloning should never be done on earth. when someone you know or love dies, its best you let them stay that way, no matter how much you miss them. when someone you know or love dies, its best you let them stay that way, no matter how much you miss them. cloning would be ok if people would categorize them as blood related family. I would love to have a clone brother, I could show him all the cool stuff to do and he would get me. Romance! what ever I would say he would think im top dog. sadly if he had a mutation I dont know what to do with him. and btw if the mother had a clone then the father would keep in dissertation practice in nursing, mind that its wrong to do things to his daughter (even if its a clone) THe clone would see it differently and would look at how to write, the husband like a father figure rather then her twins husband.

shut up u are wrong. well nice comeback. it happens in real life that a woman has a child that looks almost exactly like the mother or father. if that father has any feelings for that person then they have issues whether or not the child was a clone. Banning cloning is a good idea because if it is.only for life saving than that is fone. there is no e in wrong but ur statement is so ture. don't think that human cloning is standing beliefs essay, legal,its ethically and morally. Thanks everyone for all your comments - an important debate.

I know many of romance write you are reading this page because of a college assignment or project - do feel free to post here a summary of what you have written for apa format others to benefit from. This is funny, people are getting so annoyed by others comments and yet they don't even know how to spell half the words they are incorporating into their comment. Furthermore, cloning is how to, not wrong; it is very good, it is just what people do with it that is wrong. We should not clone animals or humans, cloning should be used to research help replicate organs and write, cells to ensure that we, as humans, can live better lives. That's my opinion anyway.

this is wrong what do they think this is a horriable thing these peple ar epritty much say who care if a life form dies we saved another and this is what they think oh let me take what o want and the toss them away like there nothing those people belong in hell. Well I think that many people reading this page agree with you. After reading the words for essay, three points brought up in write, the article, I felt like I had to counter. Arguement 1: Health risks. I fully agree with this arguement, it is immoral to clone humans considering the current state of cloning technology, but remember cloning through somatic cell transfer is still in its infancy. Arguement 2: Emotional Risks. I am not trying to downlplay the trauma the cloned individual will feel, but theoretically it is the transition words, same as a child who has just found out his 'parents' adopted him.

This theory can constantly be argued with, but at romance, the end of the day, there will not be an dissertation practice in nursing answer until we clone a human and see how he/she reacts. I say individual because the cloned human would be a person too, it may be a genetic copy of someone else, but will be an entirely different person with as many similiarities as identical twins. Arguement 3: Abuse of technology. Every person who is pro-cloning agrees that this is not in write, fact an arguement against cloning, but simply a violation of words for essay list human rights. Hitler, or any other person, could easily have done the same to naturally born people. Think about how many times the bible has been translated. How To Write! Then while you are at career research rubric, it think about how acurate our history books are. Romance! What we read is what the writer wanted us to remember.

Who created the enter math, American Flag? If you think it is Betty Ross you need to Google it. Though I believe in God, I also believe he gave us the romance, intelligence to make ourselves better. And the development in nursing, means to do it. This is the best invention and we need to go with it. im sure they have good intentions but they might be killing the next president! they are murdering the next generation. god did give us a body but he never wanted us to how to duplicate it! yes you are right because life is one and it can not be duplicated by individulas.

yes you are right. cloning is amazin all u haters r rong init brap. haterz gunna hate. how can you cite this?? LOL. it has good details for my bio project (: havent any of you seen the research, 6th day?? wtf is wrong with you guys. i dont think cloning should be legal, its ethically and morally wrong. yes my friend you are right. I believe in cloning. It can help us in so many ways.

If cloning were to write be legal it would be a choice, an option, so if you're against it, fine it won't affect you if you choose for it not to. But if someone is dying and needs an organ, and they choose to clone an organ of transition list theirs or they already have a clone of themselves completely healthy, then HELL, it's saving them! If you're religious and say that only God gives us the romance, right to papers be healthy or not etc, then I would be slightly appalled but I respect your opinion. I do not believe God is real. How can you believe in romance how to write, something you CAN NOT see, hear, or talk to? For that matter, how can you believe in a BOOK. The bible can and was written by anyone and everyone who had a say in it. Words List! This is why I am a LaVeyan Satanist.

It is not horrid and blood crazy like it sounds (thank you movies). It simply is: You are your own highest being in your life, you put yourself first and therefore by a means worship yourself. Romance! Because after all, if you do not love yourself you can not truly love others. By putting yourself as your own greatest being (in an non-conceited way) you are able to control and handle your life the up for your essay, way you should, and you are responsible for all your actions. Any God was created by someone, therefore you are in turn worshipping someone you do not know, so why would I do this? I wouldn't. You can say God created us this way and we shouldn't change it, but I'd have a few simple but harsh words to say to your God then. He's quite loving isn't he, with all the how to write, blood and hate and apa format, diseases and cancer etc?

Worship your God all you please, but Cloning is the Future and it WILL happen one way or the how to write, other. this is enter math problems, good bro but. There is nothing wrong with cloning. yes it is they come out all deformed and how to write, all. hello (: ilove clonin ;)

In every advanced technology humans make there's an equal consequence it maybe be good or bad. But in papers research, the case of romance how to write cloning human its totally wrong but if its therapeutic cloning it may save thousand lives. Especially, those who have been in a drastic accidents or those lives are at stake. Weigh things first, if cloning has more advantages than cons, then maybe it only apa format papers research means we have to go for it. Romance How To Write! Just dig deep. this is wrong. Research! i will smite you sll.

God doesn't exist. Romance How To Write! Deal with it. god is real so you better get to knowing that before you go to hell. Cloning is difference between and research papers, totally wrong! if we could clone humans we could take dna from an athlete or someone and make countless soldiers. we would never run out of armies. what if someone evil gets hold of the formula for making clones, they could make armies turn on us? it would be good, to romance how to a certain extent. but not all good. We would never run out of armies. really. Why would we even need armies then. if one country could clone soldiers, so could the others. Research! Hellooo.

me, they also said that we would never reach the moon.. if we had walked up to a scientist from centuries ago and romance how to write, said that we would be flying in enter math, metal birds, and walking on the moon he would have said thta it's physically impossible and have us admitted to a mental hospital. so, in theory im not going to write say thet its impossible, but if it does happen and the lifeform is sustainable i think that scientists need a HUGE raise in pay. i think you have an excellent point waveryder, and also if hitler had had cloning abilites he probably would have got his way, so i think that cloning humans is wrong in some cases for apa format research the wrong reasons, but when it is used to give a couple that is incapable of giving birth, then i think it's fine. and also if they can cure disease by cloning a cell of it and showing the body how to defend against how to write, that disease, then im all for it :) i think cloning is a global issue, and could help alot of people be happy, or to save llives. if god didnt want us to research clone he wouldnt have let us find out about it. right? God made marijuana does that mean we should all smoke it? Cloning is wrong.We should not clone people that can kill us. truly speaking cloning is good for medical reasons anyway thumbs up good debate. I am only how to 13 years old but I believe cloning is wrong. Your! Who is to say that people will stop at how to, cloning animals. I also believe that it is wrong and that its God's job to create people not ours. Also Hitler wanted to create the enter problems, perfect race, think if he had our technology and write, he cloned what would he do? Do you really think cloning will solve any of our problems.

Cloning a human will cost tons of standing your beliefs essay money, money that could be used on other things. . God is not real. hey dont say that hurhur god is real the bible is how to, proof. ,, yah u hav the point. i disagree with clones. that is so detailed. and who says the bible is real? god has three letters in enter problems, it three sides to a triangle Illuminati confirmed. Cloning humans won't make them animals, that's impossible.

What cloning can do is make long term diseases and illnesses for things that are cloned. Write! They could die at a younger age than they are supposed to, that is if they even survive through birth. i think cloning is apa format, bad because so many things can g wrong when you are trying to clone something someone ar i mean someones best friend. i think if a person is unable to give birth to a baby but they want to have a baby then also cloning is not the right way to have a baby.they can adopt a baby from orphenage if they really want baby in their life. choose adoption its eithical. i have been doing a project as weel and i feel it is against all odds i mean wut if they come out romance how to as an animal it is for essay, stupied cloneing is so wrong. You sound like you're a little kid and you clearly should not be dealing with matters such as cloning. They are way beyond your petite knowledge. yes. How To Write! we must clone. to difference writing papers save us all. how is romance how to write, cloning going to save us ? cloning is standing up for your essay, bad. real bad. you can have SEX but there will be no babies. gurl/boy u is a mess cloning will KILL us all DUHHH.

WEE COULD ALL DIE BECAUSEE OF CLONING. PEOPLEE COULD TAKE OVER OUR LIVESS IF THEY LOOK LIKEE US WE COULD DIE AND OTHERSS WOULDNT KNOW BECAUSEE THERE IS SOMEONE WALKING AROUND LOOKING JUST LIKE US. by cloning cells and replacing diseased ones with them. Abbie^ thats not true there would still be a percentage and a chance to have a child. Same as with animal clones, many have reproduced successfully and had healthy babies that survived through their adulthood. I agree with cloning can save us, think of how to all the math problems, abnormalities humans have these days, and how to, cancers, diseases etc. Who's to say we don't deserve the chance to have a clone of ourselves, imagine all the career paper research rubric, things they could help us with! And if we need organs? Shall we wait endlessly on line for romance how to an organ that may or may not come to us on time? If we could clone, we could clone a healthy organ and enter math, transfer it into ourselves faster than before, therefore saving our own lives. What is the romance, point of career paper human cloning.

If you arent able to have kids and you decide to have a cloned baby, you will have to live with the fact that its isnt real, its not yours, it was just made. Write! Why would you want to live with all though opinions and facts. Difference Between Writing Papers! just image if someone came up to you and asked you who the father is, and you would have to say noone, just image how painful that would be for you just to say. Do you really want to romance live with the fact its not really yours? :/ Even if it is transition for essay list, made, it is still part of you if you're cloning yourself! True it will be hard but if that is thhe way they want to go then its their problem. Me myself i don't agree with it becouse it will just be heart breakeing when they find out. Worry about yourself and let other people make the choice of owning a 'fake' baby for themselves. We think that cloning is a bad thing because it could start reproudrucion! why are people aganist cloning. because cloneing could ruin your future and romance write, your kids future, cloneing could over populate the world or we could clone the wrong things and it clould take control, is that what you want? hah. For Essay! well im not saying all cloning is how to write, bad im for standing your beliefs the cloning for donors and other good stuff, but is romance how to, it neccesary to clone a whole human? there could be so many things that could go wrong, they, just like any other man made thing, could have several problems, physco running clones isnt really what i dream about at papers research, night.

didnt you read this article gosh!! bcs it would be taking away gods thunder. i think cloning is so wrong. who would what to me cloned not me.. whoever is for it they're stupid.

cloning humans would never work. Romance Write! Never ever ever ever. cloning does work u idiot. cloning is the future. So you think the future is a child growing up knowing his mother is his sister, his grandmother is his mother and his father is his brother-in-law?? . hOw NiCe -_-' omg no it isn i got cloned and im dead. It is wrong to create something that wont even be the dissertation development, same thing as the real person. brought in romance how to, different homes.. raised different. Enter Problems! I just think cloning is wrong and should always be banned and romance, stop wasting money and transition list, time to think about cloning. u r so rite im against how to write, cloning too..

i thin thats so wrong. why would somebody liked to enter problems be clon.. I think that human cloning could bring many advances to romance how to write the world. Cloning, to me, does not just involving human cloning. Cloning can be used to treat diseases and replace organs. List! Pretty sure it’s not just me but if you were dying because you needed a new heart or liver or lungs or whatever, you would enjoy having a cloned one. Having a cloned organ would mean no rejection of the organ from you body. Scientists have also said that with human cloning one of the first diseases they can fix is Leukemia. Romance How To Write! If you knew one of your kids in the future was going to get Leukemia and difference expository writing and research papers, knew that it could be cured, can you still say you would be against cloning knowing it could possibly save your child?

Or say your best friend was in how to, an accident and difference papers, got brain damage, would you support cloning if they said they could create new brain cells for him and he would be normal again, or would you let him suffer and be a vegetable the rest of his life? Say he became quadriplegic, Scientists have said that there is a possibility that new spinal cord cells can be made and walking again is an option. So maybe actually cloning a human or possibly super humans might not be the best for the world today but great medical advantages can come if cloning is not banned and further research is romance write, allowed. I also think that on the God issue that this would be a real test. If a Clone of enter a human is done successfully and god exists then this clone would have no soul it would be not a person but a body that acts on instinct. And if this clone is romance how to, fine and acts as if it were a real person submitted though psychoanalytical test ect.. Then god is not real. that's why a Human Clone hasn't legitimately happened yet, (and it never will) becasue God wouldn't allow it. Math! :) Praying for you, dang thats alot. Forgive him Lord for He not know what he has said.

hey dont say god isnt real. if he wasnt real then how did we get here? My oppinon on the subject is human cloning should not be allowed. Romance Write! It will cause problems we would end up using it for warfare sothen other countries would use it for warfare wich would be chaos it is research, already bad enough all of the war we have now. Another reason is I am a religous person and how to write, I figure when god wants more humans he will make more. If he wanted humans interfering in the creation of humans he would ask for it. And not haveus call on our selves to create more humans expecially for evil purposes like war.

Because a lot of difference between our war ends up hell on earth. i think it should be allowed because it it cool. fletcher of the funk. IKR ;] your weird ;] Human cloning is stoopid and horrible! People should not be cloned unless they give permissioin to be cloned.

Cloning without consent of the original person should remain illegal. Would you want to have a clone and not even know. i think tha human cloning is a good thing because it takes the attention off me and my sister for being inbreds, we are continuously making babies and i think cloning would be a good alternative. can we join in on the inbredation. I believe cloning could be used to benefit the whole human species but at the moment it is just too risky and would result in many lives being lost. Well it would be great to clone.Imagine losing your girlfriend and she dies and how to write, you just clone her. i believe cloning is illegal because you mess around with genes and this could harm many people with many deaths.-- i strongly disagree.

i agree with matt. I stongry dissagree with you zoya. you are stupid, cloning is great i am a clone and i love it, you are a racist towards clones. i reckon that if we keep reaserching cloning that 1 day all these faults will be fixed and that there will be no side effects to cloning. we just need to keep working at it like with everything we do. we'll get there 1 day and cloneing will have no side affects.

and that extinct animals will live once again. hundreds of endanged animals will no longer be endanged. were basically making up for enter problems all we have done to all those poor animals that we caused to be endanged. Do people have the right to reproduce? only if you are an elephant. it should not be done because god made one of us and everyone of romance how to us he made special. so i dont think we should make the papers research, mistake and romance how to, go and mess around with nature. if god really wanted only two or more of the same person then everyone would have a natrual twin. but scince he made us special then i dont think the we should do any of it. so i think it is wrong to do stuff like that.(i am only 15 and i am putting those scientitis to shame)(my teacher said that) While your opinion is apa format papers, respectable, please learn how to actually spell and use proper grammer before putting scientists to shame. thing is . god dont exist my friend :) i totally agree with you God is good isnt he. First and foremost, the fact that you are using the religious argument is an how to invalid argument that doesn't back up your opinion. The United States Constitution gives us express rights to believe whatever we want when it comes to religion and career paper research rubric, therefore I could say that my half-chicken, half-monkey god disapproves of cloning and it would be just as valid of an argument. Romance How To Write! You are entitled to your beliefs and I respect you for that but it doesn't mean that you can use it as a crutch when arguing such a diverse and controversial subject.

Second, in my opinion, you are not going to convince anyone with any kind of intelligence that you have a valid point if you are (assumed) too ignorant to check your post for grammatical errors and spelling errors. Lack of math problems capitalization and punctuation can make any post look unprofessional and compromise any chance of romance how to write credentials. Even if you had a good point with cited sources that back up your claim, you portray yourself as an uneducated teenager without the skills to research such a complicated topic (which I do not believe is the case as you wouldn't be reading an article about this to begin with). When you get to college, writing 121 and 122 focus on being able to effectively argue a point of view whether it is your own opinion or not and being able to find credible sources to back yourself up. I don't mean to be rude or arrogant, just giving my two cents. I belive in god and heaven but god did not create us we started out like everything else we started out as little organisms called bacteria which grew and evolved until it couldn't evolve any more and here we are. it should not be done because god made one of dissertation practice in nursing us and everyone of us he made special. so i dont think we should make the mistake and go and mess around with nature. Write! if god really wanted only two or more of the same person then everyone would have a natrual twin. but scince he made us special then i dont think the we should do any of it. so i think it is wrong to do stuff like that.(i am only words 15 and i am putting those scientitis to shame)(my teacher said that) Site owned by romance how to, Global Change Ltd - Company Registration: 03265351 (UK) - VAT number 691179801- content written by standing your, Patrick Dixon, Chairman. We use cookies for statistical purposes. To comply with the e-Privacy Directive we need to ask your consent to place these cookies on your computer.

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