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Character analysis of oedipus essay

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Character analysis of oedipus essay

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AQA GCSE Psychology Paper 2 Watch. span Follow 0 followers 8 badges. span Follow 0 followers 8 badges. Character Analysis Of Oedipus Essay? How do you guys revise for audioprothesiste france, psychology? And did you find the first paper hard? span Follow 0 followers 1 badge. Of Oedipus? span Follow 0 followers 0 badges. Essay Contest 2012? I'm struggling with the aggression unit, and character of oedipus essay, haven't found a past paper question on ceo resume, the psychodynamic or frustration aggression hypothesis explanation! Does anyone know how you'd answer something like 'briefly outline the analysis of oedipus, psychodynamic explanation of essay aggression' or 'briefly outline the character analysis of oedipus essay, frustration aggression hypothesis explanation of essay contest aggression'? Thanks. Character Of Oedipus? span Follow 0 followers 0 badges. span Follow 0 followers 1 badge.

So you start off stating that the crosslites essay, theory suggests that we have a drive to analysis of oedipus essay, self-destruct, called Thanatos, it causes our aggression to template, builded up and analysis essay, after a point, it releases. Pros And Cons Of Technology Today Essay? We use Ego Defence Mechanisms like displacement, being aggressive towards others, and sublimation, channeling our aggression towards into acceptable activities, to character of oedipus essay, protect ourselves. However, it was later suggested that we need a trigger to release the ceo resume template, anger and that trigger is character analysis essay, frustration. Frustration can be caused by ceo resume simple things like losing arguments and being late, these things will cause us to character of oedipus, act aggressively. Ceo Resume? span Follow 0 followers 8 badges. span Follow 2 followers 3 badges. span Follow 3 followers 3 badges. span Follow 2 followers 3 badges. span Follow 2 followers 0 badges.

I recon they'll be bit lower because of of oedipus essay how unusual the transportation, questions were compared to all the character of oedipus, other past papers. Ceo Resume Template? span Follow 0 followers 2 badges. Character Essay? We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on and cons, The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and of oedipus essay, useful place to hang out. Write A Good Sociology? 0 new posts TSR Med Students' Society Part VI Started by: ForestCat Forum: Current Medical Students and Doctors Replies: 2823 Last post: 2 minutes ago Should advertising of analysis of oedipus Pork on crosslites essay contest, TV be banned? Started by: Ambitious1999 Forum: Society Replies: 56 Last post: 2 minutes ago QMUL Deadline. Started by: Dragon5555 Forum: A-levels Replies: 1 Last post: 2 minutes ago How hard is the character analysis, new AS Maths?

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Idioms Denoting Parts of Body Essay. It is common knowledge that one of the most important functions of language is to name the world or express human thoughts through a system of character of oedipus essay, concepts. They exist in association in language and make up a giant network with many interconnection and association among the various subparts. Pros Today. A good example of this interconnection involves metaphor. Metaphor is used in the literary or poetic language. It is also widely used in every day conversational language. It is obvious that metaphor is utilized to express ideas sensibly and vividly as it has great expressive power. It is capable of conveying more of the human feeling, emotion or attitude toward what is said rather than the non-metaphorical or direct way of character analysis of oedipus, expression. The more developed the society is, the more necessary the need of communication becomes; especially in the process of how to write research paper, globalization, the communication has spread beyond the boundary of a country. Together with the development of the society in the era of integration, language has been clearly recognized as a very important tool in communication with many purposes.

Language can be used to show one’s feeling, attitude, and evaluation. And through communicating, reading newspapers etc., I realize that people often use words, phrases denoting human body to show their feeling, emotion… In our daily life, we can easily recognize words denoting our body parts used plentifully, not only analysis of oedipus essay individual words but also word combinations containing more than one human body part. Regarding to word groups denoting human body parts, their meanings are not the combination of each word’s meaning only, in some cases, their meanings are quite different from the original meaning. Learning of idioms is important, especially for the foreigner learners. Idioms correspond to a valuable vein in English language, so they need for explanation. Idioms are fixed expressions whose meaning cannot be deduced from the meaning of its components. Learners of English must be aware that the meaning cannot be taken as a combination of words which the pros and cons today idiom consist of. Character Analysis Of Oedipus. Also behaviour of idioms in sentences is different. One cannot understand literally the meaning of an idiom. Sometimes it seems that it has no sense or it is salaire audioprothesiste france, illogical.

Idioms cannot be changed; especially one cannot use related words when the idiom is concerned. Many of them cannot be used in passive form. The structure of idioms is character, extraordinary. That is essay, why learners of English must know that the most important thing is not learning idioms by rote, but learning how to character use them. If speaker of English knows a lot of idioms and he can use them in a right context, he will be able to communicate more easily.

Idiomatic expressions are phrases which use language in a non-literal way. This is why interpretation of france, idioms is very hard. Idioms are group of words, phrases that meaning cannot be concluded from the individual words. Every idiom has a deeper, metaphorical meaning. Idioms are very important in life because it is impossible to speak, read, write and listen to English without knowing idiomatic expressions. Native speakers of English feel more comfortable using idiomatic phrases; however, non-native speakers can be frustrated because the true meaning of an idiom is not always clear. Analysis Of Oedipus. One should remember that idioms can be used when every speaker master a language completely. How To Write. Nowadays, idioms are essential elements that enrich the language. However, one should remember that speech which is character essay, overloaded with idioms loses its originality. On the other hand, lack of idioms make that oral or written speech loses much in its expressiveness. A large number of phrases and sentences in the English language are related to ceo resume template body parts.

Some of them are descriptive while others, elusive. Their origins are dated from Biblical times to the recent days. Each generation adds new idiomatic expressions which are connected with their culture. The meaning of analysis essay, idiomatic expressions is indefinable. Crosslites Contest 2012. They show that metaphors are very important in our lives and that we do not look at things in the way they are in of oedipus reality, but rather we perceive them through our understanding and salaire audioprothesiste, our experience of the world.

The present thesis is an attempt at an analysis of English idioms with a body component. Its goal is to study and present the nature of idioms, their connection with culture and character analysis, context. It is common knowledge that one of the most important functions of language is to name the ceo resume world or express human thoughts through a system of concepts. They exist in association in language and make up a giant network with many interconnection and association among the various subparts. A good example of this interconnection involves metaphor.

Metaphor is used in the literary or poetic language. It is also widely used in character analysis essay every day conversational language. It is obvious that metaphor is utilized to a good sociology research paper express ideas sensibly and vividly as it has great expressive power. It is capable of conveying more of the human feeling, emotion or attitude toward what is said rather than the of oedipus non-metaphorical or direct way of expression. Achilles’ heel= the thinking only vulnerable spot in a person or thing that is otherwise strong; a serious or fatal weakness/ fault After one’s own heart = to like someone because of similar interests An eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth)= retaliation/ retribution in kind, a punishment that is as cruel as the crime An eye opener = a surprise; a startling or enlightening experience Armed to the teeth = heavily armed. Behind one’s back = when one is not present. Blue blood = having the character of oedipus qualities of salaire audioprothesiste, being of noble birth.

Can’t put one’s finger on = can’t locate immediately, can’t find the answer Can’t see beyond the end of one’s nose = limited vision concerning decisions of the future Crocodile tears = false tears, pretended grief. Face to face/ eyeball-to-eyeball = confronting each other. Foul mouth = a user of profanity. Hand in hand= in close association. Hands are tied = restrained from acting. Heart-to-heart = intimate speaking freely and seriously about a private subject I could have bitten my tongue off= sorry you said something. In one ear and out the other = does not heed or pay attention It’s in character analysis essay your hands = it is your responsibility. On the tip of one’s tongue= at the point of telling or recalling One foot in salaire france the grave = old and decrepit.

Over one’s dead body= against one’s strong opposition. Right-hand man= chief assistant. To (not) lift a finger= not to help in essay the slightest degree. To be all ears = to listen attentively. To be loose–tongued = to talk too much. To be up to one’s ears = immersed in, caught in. To break someone’s heart = cause great sorrow, disappoint someone To breathe down someone’s neck = to how to write sociology paper follow someone closely in pursuit, the action of a superior who is looking for something wrong or watching someone very closely To bury one’s head in the sand = to refuse to of oedipus accept facts To catch one’s breath = to rest to and cons of technology regain normal breathing To cry on character of oedipus someone’s shoulder = to go to someone to today essay talk to about a problem To foam/ froth at the mouth= to be very angry. To force one’s hand = make one reveal his plans. To get one’s hands on= obtain.

To get out of hand= become uncontrollable. To get through one’s head= to understand or believe. To give one’s right arm = make a big sacrifice; give something of essay, great value To give someone a hand= help, assistance. To go to one’s head= cause dizziness. To have a big mouth= to talk too much. To have a sharp tongue= harsh or sarcastic in speech. To have an eagle eye= to have an excellent eyesight. For the pros and cons essay first time the term ‘phraseology’ appeared in of oedipus essay 16th century and it meant ‘style’ or ‘vocabulary’. In 18th century it got terminological meaning such as ‘a group of word units’. At the essay contest same time in most of European languages ‘phraseology’ meant ‘empty words’. New linguistic branch ‘phraseology’ developed in 20th century, mostly in East Europe.

The forerunner of phraseology was Charles. Character Analysis Of Oedipus. Bally, Swiss linguist. He used the term phraseology when he wrote about different types of word-groups which differ in degree of stability from free word-groups to phraseological units. The study on phraseology was developed by Russian linguists A.A. Salaire France. Shakhmotov and A.D. Polivanov. M. Tarasevitch (1991:448) claims that “[…] linguists became aware of the existence in the language of special larger-than-words units: word-groups consisting of analysis essay, two or more words whose combination is integrated as a unit with a specialized meaning of the whole […]. Russian linguists made an attempt to study various word-groups on salaire a scientific basis. They pointed out the need to establish a new branch of linguistics that would study unusual feature of word-groups.

In linguistics, ‘phraseology’ is a term used for describing the context in which a word is analysis essay, used. The term also describes various structural and semantic types of phrases characterized by different degrees of idiomacity in given language. It includes typical sequences such as idioms, phrasal verbs, multi-word unit and collocations. “ Phraseology – the words and phrases used in particular profession or activity or a particular way of putting words together to express something” (Macmillan English Dictionary 2007:1119) Phraseology studies compound meaning of two or more words e.g. like a knife through butter. The meaning of the phrase is different from the write paper words used alone. Phraseology studies why such meanings come in everyday use, and what possibly are the laws governing these word combinations. Character Analysis. At present phraseology is a branch of linguistics studying phraseological units.

According to M. Tarasevitch phraseological units are stable word groups that are not based on the generative patterns of free word groups and they are characterized by an elaborate meaning. Tarasevitch claims that phraseological unit should have: * Stability of use; * Complexity of meaning and. * Word-groups are not built on how to paper the generative pattern of essay, free word-groups. Stability of essay, use means that phraseological units are language units which are members of a language community. Phraseology is character essay, connected with culture and speech community.

Structural separateness helps to distinguish praseological units from compound words. Complexity of meaning signifies the non-compositionality of pros and cons essay, phraseological units, which mean that the meaning of the whole phrase is different from the sum of literal meanings of the words. Each unit is constituted according to its own unique rule, which cannot be predicted. One of three groups of analysis of oedipus, phraseological units is idioms. Phraseological units are stable word groups and they have partially or fully transferred meanings (e.g. kick the essay transportation bucket). They are lexicalized word group in character common use. What is an idiom? “A group of words whose meaning is strategies, different from the meanings of the individual words” (Oxford Advanced. Learners Dictionary 2000:672) “An expression established in analysis essay the usage of a language that is peculiar to itself either in grammatical construction or in having a meaning that cannot be derived as a whole from the conjoined meanings of its elements” (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary 1993:1123) “[…] an idiom is a lexicalized, reproducible word group in common use, which has the syntactic stability, and may carry connotations, but whose meaning cannot be derived from the and cons of technology today meanings of its constituents” (Cowie 2001:125)

The word ‘idiom’ comes from the Greek root idio, meaning a unique signature. An idiom is an of oedipus essay expression, a phrase or a combination of words that has a meaning that is different from a meaning of the audioprothesiste individual words. Each language contains expressions which make no sense when they are translated literally into another language. Sometimes idiom can have literal meaning in some situation and different idiomatic meaning in another situation. It is an expression or a phrase which does not always follow the normal rules of meaning and grammar. If somebody (especially a foreigner or a person outside a given culture) does not know that some words convey a meaning that is unrelated to the individual meaning of those words, he may does not understand what someone is saying. For example: kill two birds with one stone can literally mean that somebody killed two birds with one stone. But the idiom has totally different meaning: one resolves two difficulties or matters with a one single action.

Many idioms are similar to expressions in other languages, can be easy to understand and character essay, its meaning is usually obvious. For instance, black ship of the family in Poland can be easily understood because there is an identical idiom and it can be easily translated. Other idioms come from older phrases which have changed their meaning over essay, time, for example, kick the bucket originally referred to suicide victims standing on inverted buckets, they kick them away and in this way hang themselves, but now it means simply to die. Shelley (1995) suggests that some idioms are slang. “Slang seems to mean everything that is character analysis of oedipus, below the standard of usage of present-day English” (Galperin 1971:96). Galperin cited a definition of slang of “Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language”: “1. Originally, the specialized vocabulary and idioms of criminals tramps, etc. The purpose of essay transportation, which was to character of oedipus essay disguise from outsiders the meaning of what was said; now usually called cant. 2. The specialized vocabulary and audioprothesiste france, idioms of those in the same work, way of life, etc.; now usually called shoptalk, argot, jargon. “ (Galperin 1971:96). According to Thomas (1995) idioms are known as cliches. Cliches are expressions that have been used over and over character analysis of oedipus essay, again. Strategies. They are overused and common expressions.

Idioms are perceived as a very interesting part of the language because they are different from simple words and phrases. They make language life and rich because they take existing words and combine them with a new sense and create totally new expressions. “[…] language is a living thing […]. Living things grow and change, so does language.” (Seidl and analysis of oedipus, McMordie 1988:11) English language being flexible enriches its vocabulary with the words invented by language speakers, which makes English more colourful with new idiomatic expressions. Since idioms have unpredictable meaning, structure and collocations, they are linguistic curiosities. Thinking Strategies. In many schools, dictionaries and books idioms are omitted because they are perceived as insignificant. They are rarely used in classrooms.

But in spoken language idioms are used quite often because of analysis essay, its metaphorical meaning. According to Seidl and 2012, McMordie (1988) the character essay attitude to language is still changing. Strategies. It is observed in some parts of analysis, grammar (case, number and tense), and in style. Some words which were deemed as slang in the past now are considered informal or colloquial. Idioms are not any longer colloquial expressions. They appear in formal style, in poetry and in the language of the Bible. Idioms and culture. “By culture we understand the crosslites essay 2012 ability of members of speech community to orientate themselves with respect to social, moral, political and so on values in their empirical and mental experience. Cultural categories […] are conceptualized in the subconscious knowledge of standards, stereotypes, mythologies, rituals, general habits and other cultural patterns”. (Cowie 2001:57) The term idiom refers to a group of words which are usually confusing to people who are not familiar with the language. Nevertheless, many phrases or expressions from natural language are in fact idioms or have idiomatic origin and they have been assimilated into the language.

Idioms are often colloquial metaphors. They often combine in their semantics more than one type of character essay, cultural information. It means that they require some foundational knowledge, information and experience which are used only within a culture where groups must have common reference. Crosslites Contest 2012. As cultures are localized around some area, idioms are not useful for communication outside of character analysis of oedipus, that local context. But there are some idioms that can be more universally used than others, they can be easily translated and their metaphorical meaning can be more easily deduced. Those common idioms have deep roots in many languages, they can be translated in other languages and tend to become international. Ceo Resume Template. Idioms are an character analysis of oedipus essential part of thinking, English style language study. One cannot say that he know English history, culture and society without understanding the meaning and the roots of English idioms. Each generation has added its new non-literal expressions which are defined by the values, beliefs, traditions, customs and character analysis of oedipus, events of the times.

If you master idioms you will be on your path to crosslites contest 2012 better understanding English culture, customs, society and lifestyle of English people. Analysis. The idiomatic phrases capture the true essence of society better than its equivalent prosaic description. When one uses idioms among English friends and even business associates, he can create emotional bands that bring him closer to their culture. Mastery of idioms can lead to better understanding of essay, people. Often background information on the origin or popular usage of idioms provides important insight into culture. Different aspects of an idiom. Seidl and McMordie (1988) said that idioms are not only colloquial expressions, but they also appear in formal style and in poetry. Idioms often occur in journalism, radio and magazines to make information, stories and articles more interesting. However, idioms are often connected with informal language. The construction of an idiom is strict and for one it can be odd (e.g. not by a long chalk).

Sometimes the character of oedipus essay construction seems to be illogical (e.g. for thinking strategies two pins). Of Oedipus Essay. This is why learning idioms is not only very difficult task but also very exciting and intriguing. People who do not know certain idioms cannot easily understand the others. Such a phrase would not make sense and how to write sociology, one cannot deduce what is actual meaning of the expression. These features causes that idioms have to be learnt as a whole expressions without any changes. Sometimes idioms have alternative forms without any change in their meaning (e.g. to drop a brick and analysis essay, put one’s foot in it mean to say something tactlessly or blue-eyed boy and golden boy – a favoured person). In some cases several verbs can be used in one idiom and the meaning is the same, but sometimes there are slight changes in meaning connected with the verb which it substitutes (e.g. Transportation. keep/bear someone in mind, come/get to/reach the point). An idiom is natural to native speakers of the language and character of oedipus essay, only people who are possess English very good can use idiomatic expressions in their speech. Idioms have different structures and combinations.

They can be short or long, they contain various parts of speech and of technology today essay, they are unpredictable, but sometimes one may guess meaning from the context, when the idiom is used in a particular situation. Foreigners know the meaning of the character analysis idiom when it is related to the mother tongue of the speaker (e.g. be in seven heaven in Polish its mean byc w siodmym niebie). Some idioms are so difficult that one cannot guess the crosslites essay meaning from the context correctly. It is difficult to learn them. Of Oedipus Essay. Idioms can change their meaning during period of time or simple phrase can transform into idiom and get deeper meaning as it was with kick the bucket.

Learners of foreign language have to learn idioms as a single item with their meaning. It is essential to master the rules of essay contest 2012, their use in sentences. They are strict in their structure and they do not allow the word order to change. Character Essay. A learner must know how to use an idiom in the correct way. Idioms are not separate part of language, but they are very important part of lexicon.

Languages contain a large number of essay contest 2012, idioms and sometimes native speakers use them in essay the unconscious way. There are many problems with idioms. The main problem is template, that it is not usually possible to translate them literally. Character. There are exceptions, for thinking instance, take the bull by the horns can be translated literally into Polish as wziac byka za rogi, which has the same meaning. Mostly, the use of analysis of oedipus, normal rules in thinking order to translate idioms will result in illogical phrases. Idioms have to be treated as single units in translation. Character Analysis Of Oedipus Essay. There are idioms which are ‘frozen’. It means that an idiom appears in the same form and in the same order (e.g. for ceo resume template good – ‘forever’).

But, there is problem with idioms which change the form of the verb, which varies according to tense, person and number. For example, kick the bucket (‘to die’) one gets she kicks/kicked/will kick the bucket. Some people have problem with recognising idioms because they behave like a simple sentence. One can think that the person really kicks the bucket and he does not imagine himself that the person died. The interpretation of idioms for one can be surprising. Analysis Of Oedipus Essay. It is better to recognise idioms which have ‘frozen forms’. Idioms pragmatics and write a good research, context. “Pragmatics – the study of the way in which language is used to express what somebody really means in particular situations, especially when the actual words used may appear to mean something different.” (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English 2000:1031). Pragmatics is character analysis of oedipus, involved with the comprehension process. Strategies. The ability to understand another speaker’s aim is called pragmatic competence.

It is a linguistic study of the way in of oedipus essay which people use language to achieve different goals. Suppose a person wanted to ask someone else to reveal a secret. These could be achieved in the different ways. The person could simply say ‘do not tell a secret, please’ which is direct and with clear meaning. Alternatively the person could say ‘do not spill the beans’, which implies a similar meaning but is indirect and therefore requires pragmatic competence.

Idioms play very important role in those studies. Because idioms have general meaning they are rather used to express attitude then give specific information. Salaire France. They are used to express approval or disapproval and character essay, admiration or criticism. According to Collins Coubild Dictionary of Idioms (1995) idioms sometimes have connotations and pragmatic meaning which are not always obvious to people who do not know the meaning and then the meaning of the transportation expression can be missed. It may happen that somebody can use an idiom and do not realize that it can be interpreted as critical or disapproving. It can cause wrong reaction of the character analysis of oedipus essay person they are talking to. Pragmatics is one of the most challenging aspects for language learners to ceo resume template comprehend, and can be learned by experience. The interpretation of what the speaker wanted to say using particular words is often influenced by factors such as listener’s assumption or the context. In pragmatics two contexts can be distinguished: linguistic context (is the set of words that surround the lexical item) and physical context (is the location of given words, the situation in which the word is used, as well as timing, all of them lead to proper understanding of the words). 1.2. Practical Value.

When we use idioms? According to Seild and McMordie (1988) one should know in analysis which situations it is correct to use idiom and france, weather an idiom can be used in a formal or an informal situation. English native speakers use idioms all the time, and of oedipus essay, they often do it in an unconscious way. This means that the contest 2012 communication with them can be very difficult. They use idioms to express something that other words do not express as clearly or as cleverly. Of course choice of words depends on the person who is speaking, on the situation and character of oedipus essay, the place.

If people are friends and they are talking in private there is no reason to essay avoid using idioms, slang or jargon. But, if in the same situation one of speakers is foreigner they should not use idioms until this person will master the language completely. Learning idioms cause a lot of troubles to English learners because they do not know the of oedipus essay culture and history behind the essay idioms. Character Analysis Of Oedipus. That is way they often use idioms inappropriately. Learners use idiomatic expressions carefully because they are afraid of using them incorrectly. In formal situations, it means when one is strategies, talking with a stranger or speaks publicly than one should shun idioms. Character Of Oedipus Essay. Using idioms one should know whether an idiom is appropriate in certain situation. When idioms are used judiciously, they can even improve the atmosphere of one’s formal writing and provide more interesting descriptions. Salaire France. But when one uses too many idioms, he will damage his work and it will create a wrong impression. Learners of foreign language should know that they cannot translate idioms exactly because they achieve ridiculous effect.

The results of foreigner’s translation may be bewildering to the English native speaker. Sometimes one may be lucky that the two languages have the same vocabulary. It is connected with close relation between language and essay, culture. Idioms can be learnt only by listening to native speakers or reading texts which contains idioms. “Mastery of idioms comes only slowly, through careful study and observation, through practice and experience.” (Seidl and McMordie 1978:8) Idioms with a body part component. Many English idioms are related to external and internal organs of the human body. Body parts idioms contain following aspects: ? body parts which are connected with senses. ? limbs and limbs’ elements. ? other body parts.

Body idioms connected with senses. Ear – is an organ of hearing. It is a part of human auditory system and it is used to listen to the sounds. Essay. Ear idioms have both positive and character analysis of oedipus essay, negative meaning. Half of essay, them are positively loaded; the other part is negatively loaded. Eye – is an organ of vision. Character. According to Macmillan dictionary (2007) eye is one of two body parts used for seeing. Most of the idioms are positively loaded.

Nose – it is a part of how to a good sociology, people’s face that is used for smelling and character, breathing. Half of nose idioms have a positive meaning the other half have a negative meaning. According to Mcmillan English dictionary (2007) skin is the external layer of human’s and how to write a good sociology research paper, animal’s body. Skin also enables feeling. Body idioms connected with limbs and limbs’ elements.

Arm – is an upper limb of human body with your hands at the end. Six arm idioms have a positive meaning, one is rather neutral and character analysis of oedipus, the others have a negative meaning. Shoulder – it is transportation, one of analysis of oedipus, two parts of the body between one’s neck and the top of one’s arms. In dictionaries there are many different uses of word ‘hand’. As a body part ‘hand’ is at the end of each arm that people use for picking up and holding things, but it is salaire france, also used for moving and touching things. Hand provides a good source for metonymic extensions and essay, hand-based idioms convey both positive and essay transportation, negative meanings. That said, a hand that takes does not give, your hand and not the charity of others, someone’s hand outruns his/her tongue (speech), someone’s hand and strike, someone with a long hand, someone’s hand on his/her heart, someone with an empty hand, someone with a loose hand, someone with a short hand, someone with a dry hand, someone dug his/her grave by hand, someone withdrew his/her hand from someone/ something, soften your hand (imperative), as left by your hand, no power in of oedipus essay hand, putting one’s hand in another’s throat and essay, nobody hit him/her on the hand are all instances of hand based idioms that express negative meanings. Fingers are the analysis essay long, thin parts at the end of a good, human’s hands. Character Analysis Of Oedipus Essay. Half of the finger idioms have a positive meaning and the other part is essay transportation, negative.

Leg – is analysis essay, a lower limb of human body with your foot at and cons of technology today the end. Bigger parts of essay, leg idioms have negative meaning (5), one is pros and cons today, neutral and the rest are positive. Foot – the part of analysis of oedipus essay, your body that is at crosslites essay contest the end of the leg on which a human or an animal stands. Six idiomatic expressions are negatively loaded and four of them have a positive meaning. Toe is the one of the character analysis of oedipus essay individual parts at a good research paper the end of human’s foot.

Only one idiom (be/keep on analysis one’s toes) have a positive meaning, one is neutral (from top to toes) and the rest are negatively loaded. Heart is the organ in human’s chest that makes blood flow around the body. The term refers to our feelings and emotions in reference to people’s character. Heart is considered as the most important and influential part of human body. It is the place where people’s deepest emotions come from. It is believed that heart controls emotions and it is used to talk about love and happiness. This is why, the most of idioms are positively loaded. 80% of heart idioms contain the word ‘heart’ in Polish and 20% of ceo resume, idioms are not related to heart or feelings. Bone is one of the hard parts that form a fame inside the human’s or animal’s body. Bone function is to move and protect the internal organs of the body. Bones create the skeleton.

This is why they used to represent death. Nowadays, bone idioms are more general and they are not connected with death any more. Most of analysis essay, them (six) have a negative meaning, three are positively loaded and one is how to a good sociology, neutral. Tongue is the organ in of oedipus your mouth. It is a long piece of flesh fixed to ceo resume the bottom of human’s or animal’s mouth. People use it for tasting and of oedipus, speaking.

Tongue, mostly is essay, use to talk but it also stands for a style of expression, a particular way of speaking and writing. Almost all tongue idioms have a negative meaning, which is surprising. It is the first body part which is so negatively loaded. None of idioms have a clear positive meaning. Only one is neutral: have something on the tip of one’s tongue. Other body parts idioms. Head is the top part of human’s or animal’s body that has brain, eyes, mouth and character analysis essay, nose.

Head can also stand for mind and how to write paper, thought. It is often connected with reason, thoughts or memories. There are many various uses of the term, which are listed in Macmillan Dictionary (2007). Six head idioms have a positive meaning and four of them are negatively loaded. Head provides an essential source domain for characterizing people human states and behavior. The implicit meanings of head-based idioms are predominantly negative. This being the case, someone’s head getting big – which is equivalent to the English swollen-headed – is used rhetorically as a metonymy to of oedipus essay stand for and cons of technology today someone who is arrogant, whereas someone with a big head refers metonymically to any knowledgeable person (scientist, engineer or professor) who is most appreciated by others, or to any person in power (minister, prime minister, or university president) who has mastery over character essay, issues others do not. Essay. Someone with a heavy head, which is equivalent to the English sleepy head, symbolizes a person who is less likely to wake up early and almost misses the clock alarm. Other idioms which also implicate negative meanings include someone’s got dry or solid head, which is a metonymy for the attribute of character essay, stubbornness and which is parallel to how to write sociology paper the English hard-headed, and someone’s head and pillow, which symbolizes loneliness (unmarried or friendless person) and metonymically stands for anybody who need not look after anyone except him/herself.

When someone constructed roads in my head – which is equivalent to the English drilling a hole in analysis of oedipus someone’s head – is said by someone, then the speaker is complaining that he/she is tormented by someone pertinacious, one who is persistently nagging and over-enquiring about something in a very unpleasant manner. The conventional pragmatic implications of the write a good idioms could also be either positive or negative. Instances of character analysis, metonymic face-based idioms of negative implications which are of frequent use include someone has been eating my face, someone should not be given face, someone with a bloodless face, someone slept on his/her face = someone slept on belly, and someone’s face stops the livelihood. Someone has been eating my face is a metonymic expression used to stand for someone who relentlessly asks about how to a good, something and insists on his request. This idiom is also used to character of oedipus stand for creditors who insist on their request and seek to recover debt from debtors. Someone should not be given face is also a metonymy for a meddling person and audioprothesiste, this idiom is analysis essay, used as advice not to establish a relationship with any such type of people. There are some people who are intrusive overbearing in a very intolerable way, and if someone shows them a good welcome and salaire audioprothesiste france, smile in their faces once, they are encouraged to come back and analysis, hope to get more and more, and ask someone at every opportunity to give them what they want. If someone forgives and and cons today, disregards an intrusive person’s mistakes, then the apologizer might go too far and keep insulting and hurting the apologize unless the character analysis of oedipus essay apologizer is stopped from doing so.

Further, there are some disturbing people who overstay their welcomes, in that if respected and ceo resume template, welcomed in someone’s home or workplace, they come to visit someone every day in order for the host to undertake the duty of hospitality. For all these possible reasons, some people might use the metonymical idiom of someone should not be given face. Someone with a bloodless face is a metonymic expression that symbolizes rude and shameless people who are likely to speak in analysis essay a way that may be hurtful and essay transportation, offensive to others; people who do not care whether they are right or not due to over brazenness and lack of analysis of oedipus, modesty and understanding. The metonymical idiom of someone slept on his/her face is essay contest 2012, normally used to describe someone who slept worried or slept because of the severity of fatigue. Finally, the expression someone’s face stops the livelihood is used to describe pessimistic people who are likely to get someone down. It is normally said when someone failed to fulfill something following running into a pessimistic person. Metonymical face-based idioms of positive implications are relatively few and character analysis essay, they include you can see your face in it and your face and not the strategies moonlight.

The former is used as a metonymy to analysis of oedipus essay signify anything tremendously clean such as car, door, floor, etc. It is sociology paper, so clean that one can see one’s face in essay it as if it were a mirror. The latter is said while addressing the beloved person and used to express the longing and welcome to the beloved person after a long absence. Also, someone with white face is today, a metonymy for character of oedipus essay a peaceful person who is innocent of some charges blamed on him/her accidently. Back is the body part that is opposite side to people’s chest, it is between the neck and essay, the top of legs. Half of back idioms are positive and the other half has a negative meaning. Idioms are one of the most difficult parts of the vocabulary of any language because they have unpredictable meanings or collocations and grammar. One of the main difficulties for learners is character analysis of oedipus essay, deciding in which situation it is correct to essay transportation use an character of oedipus idiom, i.e. the level of france, style (neutral, informal, slang, taboo, etc. Analysis Of Oedipus. idioms). Learners of English may also have difficulty deciding whether an idiom is natural or appropriate in a certain situation. It is extremely unwise to translate idioms into or from one’s native language. One may be lucky that the a good sociology two languages have the same form and vocabulary, but in most cases the result will be utterly bewildering to the English native speaker – and possibly highly amusing. (Seidl 1988)

Today’s English has a general tendency towards a more idiomatic usage. Even educated usage has become more tolerant, so the use of idiomatic expressions increased in of oedipus frequency. Idioms are, in a very broad sense, metaphorical rather than literal: they are effectively metaphors that have become ‘fixed’ in language. In some cases, it is fairly easy to see how the idiomatic meaning relates to the literal meaning, in other cases, the literal meaning may make no sense at all. The primary goal of this study was to investigate the positive and negative pragmatic implications of body-based idioms that are enhanced by metonymy. It was found that metonymical idioms that include lexis for head, face, eye, hand, tongue, and leg predominantly implicate negative meanings. Also, whereas metonymy-enhanced idioms that include body parts such as hair, nose, tongue, teeth, back, skin and blood were found to be expressing positive and negative meanings almost equally, metonymical idioms that are based on mouth and neck were found to essay transportation be conveying positive meaning only. It might be possible to argue that the of oedipus use of the majority of essay transportation, body-based idioms is enhanced by character analysis of oedipus essay the need to be polite. Having said that, we could say that the crosslites essay contest 2012 use to which these idioms are established and maintained is to protect the character analysis speaker’s and/or the addressee’s face. Idioms in general and those examined in this study in particular are all examples of indirect communication of sociology research, opinions, human states and behaviour.

Almost every body idiom is related to human being, to its behaviour, qualities and everyday life. Understanding of the metaphorical meaning of idiomatic phrases is related to analysis everyday experience and pros today, the world around us. It causes that metaphors are very important in people’s lives. This is whyone should know idioms especially when he is learning language. Metaphors are part of the language. If one understands idioms, he will understand culture of foreign people. 3. Some Examples. If you are all ears, you are very interested and ready to character analysis of oedipus essay listen to what another person wants to tell you. Tell me what happened – I’m all ears. All in your head.

If something is all in your head, you have imagined it and it is not real. Stop thinking that everybody hates you. It’s all in pros of technology today essay your head. Cost somebody an arm and a leg. If something costs an arm and a leg, it is very expensive. This television set cost me an arm and leg. It wasn’t cheap at all. Armed to analysis of oedipus the teeth. A person who is armed to the teeth is using or carrying a lot of weapons.

The enemy soldiers were armed to the teeth. It was impossible to defeat them. At each other’s throats. If two people are at how to write sociology each other’s throats, they are arguing in an angry way. It looks like they are at each other’s throatsagain. They just can’t agree on anything.

If you have the guts to analysis of oedipus do something, you are brave enough to do it. He has the guts to express his opinions in public. If you hit a nerve, you upset someone by how to write talking about an uncomfortable topic. I think you really hit a nerve when you mentioned her divorce. Pain in the neck. If someone or something is analysis of oedipus essay, a pain in the neck, he/she/it is very annoying. Angela is a real pain in how to a good paper the neck. She annoys just about character analysis of oedipus, everyone she meets. Pick someone’s brains. If you pick someone’s brains, you ask the person for advice, suggestions and information.

I need some ideas. Can I pick your brains? If you play something by pros and cons of technology ear, you deal with a situation as it develops rather than according to any plan. We don’t have a plan. We’ll just have to play it by character essay ear. Pull someone’s leg. If you pull someone’s leg, you make someone believe something that is not true, usually as a joke. Don’t take her seriously. She’s just pulling your leg. Put your foot down.

If you put your foot down, you stop something from happening by using your authority. She was out of control but her parents finally decided to put their foot down. 1. Courtney, R., Longman Dictionary of and cons, Phrasal Verbs, Essex England: Longman Group UK Ltd, 1994; 2. Analysis. Gibbs, Raymond W. Salaire Audioprothesiste. (1994): The Poetics of Mind: Figurative Thought, Language, and Under-standing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 3. Analysis Of Oedipus. Gibbs, Raymond W. Berg, E. (1999): Embodied metaphor and how to a good, perceptual symbols.

Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22, 4. Gibbs, Raymond W., Lima, Paula Francuzo, Edson (2004): Metaphor is grounded in embodied experience. Journal of Pragmatics 36, 5. Character Analysis Of Oedipus. Gibbs, Raymond W. Wilson, Nicole L. (2002): Bodily Action and Metaphorical Meaning. 6. Transportation. Goossens, Louis (1990): Metaphtonymy: The interaction of metaphor and metonymy in character of oedipus essay 7. expressions for linguistic action. Cognitive Linguistics1, 8. Halliday, Michael A.K. (1985): An Introduction to Functional Grammar. London: Edward Arnold.

9. Strategies. Hansen, Gyde (2005): Experience and Emotion in Empirical Translation Research with 10. Think-Aloud and Retrospection. Meta 50, 11. Character Of Oedipus. Flavell, L. and R., Dictionary of Idioms and their Origins, Kyle Cathie LTD, London, 2002; 12. Manser, M., Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins, London: Sphere Books Ltd., 1990; 13. Rogers, J., The Dictionary of Cliches, New Jersey: Wings Books, 1994; 14.

Seidl, J., English Idioms, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988; 15. Strategies. Warren, H., Oxford Learner’s. Dictionary of character analysis essay, English Idioms, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994; 16. ***, The COBUILD Dictionary of Idioms, London, Harper Collins Publishers, 1995 17. Write Sociology. ***, The Longman Dictionary of English Idioms, Longman Group UK Ltd., 1979; 18. ***, The Oxford Dictionary of Idioms, New York, Oxford University Press Inc., 1999; 19. ***, The Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms, Penguin Books Ltd., 1994; 20. ***, The Wordsworth Dictionary of Idioms, Ware: Wordsworth Editions Ltd., 1993; 21. ***, The Wordsworth Dictionary of Phrase Fable, Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Editions Ltd., 1993. University/College: University of California. Type of analysis of oedipus, paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 20 February 2017. Let us write you a custom essay sample on salaire france Idioms Denoting Parts of Body. for only $16.38 $13.9/page.

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If all else fails, you could always bring a stool sample as proof… “ Homework? I don’t remember getting any homework? ” – You probably DO remember getting your homework, but your teacher doesn’t know that, right? “ Ahh, I thought it was in template, my bag, but it looks like I’ve left it at home by accident! ” – Of course you left it at home by accident! This one is a great excuse, it’s worked a fair few times for me, anyway… “ I didn’t understand the homework, could you explain it to me so I can give it a second go? ” – This excuse works better more for maths or question based homework rather than essays. However, it’s a good way to hit two birds with one stone (you get help on your homework, and a deadline extension!), especially if you actually don’t understand the homework assignment! “ My computer crashed and I didn’t save my work/my printer stopped working! ” – With more and more people using computer based software to complete their homework, a whole new spectrum of excuses have been opened to analysis of oedipus essay the desperate, homework-lacking student. “ I had too much homework from my [insert subject name] class to complete the homework you assigned, ” – Poor you, clearly you’ve been given way too much homework by all your other teachers to template do this piece! A homework overload is never a good thing. “ Oh, I think I was absent when the homework was given out… ” – You were obviously ill when the homework was handed out in class, even though your teacher is looking at your ‘tick’ of analysis, attendance in how to write a good sociology, the register! “ I’ve been busy with extra-curricular activities and analysis of oedipus volunteering work outside of school ,” – If you’re doing any work or activities outside of work, hey, why not use them as an essay, excuse for not doing your homework!

It’s a pretty believable one (especially next to character excuse 1.). Salaire Audioprothesiste France? “ I’ve been so ill over the past few days, so I haven’t been able to do any of my homework ,” – Bed ridden, feverish and unable to distinguish your cat from character of oedipus, your sheet of homework, how on transportation earth can you be expected to work in of oedipus essay, this state?! Tell the truth – After using all these excuses, perhaps it’s time to write sociology pull out your triumph card – the character essay, truth. On the occasion, your teacher may appreciate your use of the strategies, truth rather than the usual bombardment of character analysis of oedipus, (unbelievable) excuses. Use this one when you’re feeling especially sincere (and desperate). I hope these excuses have been helpful, just remember that the pros and cons today, more you use them, the more unbelievable they’ll become to your teacher. In fact, it may just be better (and easier) for you to hand in you homework on time! 90 Responses to “10 Best Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework” The best one I heard at uni was “my desk set on fire.” Seriously. how in character, the world did your desk catch on salaire audioprothesiste france fire? Eugh I hate it when my desk spontaneously combusts :/ Especially when I’m trying to write!!

First World Problems. Well you never know knowing us students #128521; haha that’s funny but in analysis essay, chemistry that would be more realistic. Why don’t you just go to essay transportation the bathroom when she hands it out, and character the next day explain what happened? Its being honest, with a twist right?

I think i got a good exuse “my homewrk got stuk in my locker” I once told my teacher that I accidently took my little sister’s homework and crosslites essay contest 2012 so she must have mine. The teacher bought it and I got a extra 2 days! My friend has said that she left her jotter @ home also works with memory stick etc. Just to remember to use different teachers. The one i use is that i forgot it, then when you next have that lesson say ‘Oh I put it on your desk’, only works if the teacher has a particulary messy desk though or a desk in another room. My best one is: I gave it to you when the character analysis essay, teacher says huh? or no you act suprised and thinking say yes i did! and character of oedipus essay then the template, teacher says but i dont remember that you say i do then they usually let u off the hook. My excuses are: I did it, and then I put it in my bag, but I wanted to of oedipus essay check it and then i checked it and never put it back in!

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once said hamster ate my home work and teacher belived me. Must be a big hamster #128578; YOU ARE SO WEIRD! #128521; I told my German teacher my rabbit ate my homework once. The thing is, he actually did. I got another sheet and he got to it again. I brought it in character of oedipus, the next day and it had bite marks on the corner. LOL. “Wow, ooh. Crosslites Essay? I think i was absent when the homework was given out.

Classic excuse – until the teacher whips out the analysis of oedipus, register that is… I agree that’s a good excuses on only some teacher just keep that in how to write a good research paper, mind. That excuses are great ! But if u in Viet Nam that is not the best excuse because every teacher will be detention all week : to clean thee room every morning if you don’t want they will kick you out the skool because you big fault to lie your teacher . I would say, after I finished it, I left it on the Kitchen table last night and essay my little brother drew all over essay transportation it, it was too late to start it again, I was going to character analysis of oedipus do it in the morning but I just didn’t have enough time. That’l work at school, but not at how to write a good research something like university level. I recall someone using an character, excuse like that and the lecturer said ‘well, I want to see it…’ say that ur mother is coming to give u then escape lol this wis very funny i did it coulpe of pros of technology today, times never got caought.

The best one that I have had and hasn’t ever not worked is; in the morning before the of oedipus essay, homework is set I quickly make a Word file with nothing on then save it as so it only works on mac, and then email it to the teacher or put it on a memory stick (this takes about salaire france a couple minuets). So then as the teacher will as I say “I have it” and show them my memory stick on the teachers computer, and analysis of oedipus the file will not open because it’ll only ceo resume, work on mac (not on Windows that the school have) and I can say “oh there must be something wrong with the schools system” and it doesn’t look bad on me, or if I email it to character analysis of oedipus essay the teacher they’ll say they can’t open it and I will say its the schools systems fault. Template? After I say ok i’ve done it so i’ll print it of tonight, as the teacher has believed that you have done the homework they’ll allow you an extra day to ‘print it of at home’ so this gives me an extra day to character analysis of oedipus do homework. Sounds complicated but its really not, oh and how to research paper a tip don’t try with with an ICT teacher though. All of my teachers have macs so that wouldn’t work haha lol. best homework exuses ever! my teacher is so strict. I find the excuses very nerve racking for me because I’m kinda a goody goody and character analysis of oedipus I’ve only lied to pros and cons today essay my teacher like once or twice. homework due date: ill bring it tomorrow. tomorrow: i handed it in yesterday.

The best excuse is I left my bag on a bench and it got stolen I’m going to character of oedipus the police station after school to get it, my homework was inside. Crosslites Essay Contest? I’m really sorry. Charlie Ellis comment is brillant. None of them will work with my teachers trust me i just say my dad threw it in bin on accident or get my mum for write a note for me. The best / most pathetic excuse I’ve ever heard that one of character, my classmates used a few years ago was….” You said do questions 1-10. You didn’t say bring them though ” It was really funny since my teacher wasn’t capable of replying. Say how you have a tutor coming over to essay your house and character analysis of oedipus essay you are going to audioprothesiste do your homework with him and you will bring it the analysis essay, next day. My excuse is france I stayed up until 10:00 and (someone) told me to go to bed and of oedipus essay look tired. I actually forgot my bag once and only realised at strategies the train station, my teacher didn’t believe me and analysis essay was really angry. Transportation? They always seem to character of oedipus be more angry when you actually did forget to bring it!

The way I do it (this only write a good sociology research, works if you are on a computer and if your school/college uses an emailing system) is I either send a document with a load of gibberish in it to the WRONG EMAIL ADRESS or I “accidentally” send them the wrong homework- (i tried this with physics homework, sending in geography homework in instead) We were camping once and my dog did chew my work, three folders worth! I brought it in and was excused. Funny that teachers don’t believe this excuse, when it can and has happened. Get the whole class to pretend that the of oedipus essay, homework is contest 2012 due in on a later date. Character Of Oedipus? It’s worked a couple of ceo resume template, times but it really does depend on how organised the teacher is. i go to character analysis morehall im in year 4 my best one is my cat ate it but that’s not funny so if you join that school just say my cat ate it. You ASKED me to do it you didn’t TELL me to so I thought it was optional.

Best just go im sure i put it in my bag maybe someone took it out. hahaha these are great. The best one I’ve every heard was: My baby brother ate it. Teacher have anyone told you that your hair look nice today. My homework was eaten by the cat! The best one I’ve heard is you told us to essay transportation do our homework but you did not tell us to bring it in. I always go for “I forgot it at my house” or “I forgot it at school yesterday”!!

never try aliens ate my homework. 1) Say that I forgot it in the car because we went to a restaurant with my family and I had to character analysis of oedipus do it in pros today essay, the car. 2) Ask the whole class to fake the due date. Character Analysis Of Oedipus? Works wonders =P. 3) Fake cry and tell your teacher that you are VERY sorry and audioprothesiste france that your parents will kill you if you get a zero and character that you will do the best work of all if you can get it in salaire audioprothesiste, tomorrow (you better do a good job in this case but it almost always works for me.)

4) My brother stole my lap top and started playing games and then the of oedipus essay, computer crashed! 5) My brother dropped my lap top (works great if your laptop is partially broken but that’s a one time thing) The fabulous excuse- (an old student of how to research, my teacher apparently used this excuse and essay he was excused for how fabulous it was) I was doing my homework in my Llama’s shed and salaire france I turned around to give it some hay. When I turned around the homework was in the Llama’s mouth! (what’s ironic is analysis that he doesn’t own a Llama XD.

I think that the best one is, ” I spilt tea on how to write a good paper it this Moring” or just cry say your tummy hurts get sent to the nurse and miss the lesson. umm the of oedipus, one i use a lot is that i just say that either: 1: i sent it to her on email but it musn’t have gone through. 2:’um i must have been at the bathroom when you handed it out’ MAYBE if your teacher is really old and forgetful just say that you handed it in a few days before of you left it on his/her desk before school? My friend always comes up with the most ridiculous, and mean excuses. They normally involve his family and ceo resume tragedies.

Which of course, is character analysis of oedipus essay a lie. But our teacher feels sorry for essay him anyway. I think one of the best excuses is to say you accidentally forgot it on the bus or something like that, other option is to always take acting class and make urself look super dissapointed in urself…. ( always worked for me) anyways good luck #128578; except for that last one! LOL. what always works is character analysis I had practice and strategies twisted my ankle so I was icing it and couldn’t do it. Once I didnt do my homework for dt. Of Oedipus? When it was due I said my brother nicked it and accidentally dropped it in the sink when my mum was washing up.

I even bought in a wet ball of paper to prove it but if you use that exuse make sure its really soaked so the teacher cant unscrew it and essay transportation see its blank. I once said that my bag fell over and everything fell out, I must have not picked it up and analysis essay it got blew away, i got another week to do it as it was supposed to be a big load of ceo resume, work :3. Best one I heard today in Math was. I was taking my goldfish for character analysis of oedipus essay a walk sir. one ive heard was ” I left it in audioprothesiste france, my school trousers and of oedipus essay my mum put them in the wash so heres whats left of my sheet. If you use exercise books to a good sociology research complete your homework and you have two books of the analysis of oedipus essay, same colour for different lessons (in our school our English and Science books are literally the ceo resume, same colour) just tell your teacher that you brought in character, the wrong book and show it to them as proof.

Either that or just hand in your book and if they tell you that they didn’t see any homework in there just tell them that you did it on lined paper and it must have fallen out (this actually worked for me). #128578; The best excuse I’ve heard is when I was taking my puppy out for crosslites contest 2012 a walk I had my school bag with me and analysis essay my homework flew out of my bag and when i wasn’t looking my puppy grabbed ahold of it and tore it to ceo resume pieces when I finally saw him with a piece of character analysis essay, paper in his mouth I took it off of him and only realised that it was my homework when I opened it up I was so devastated. the best homework excuse is to tell you teacher that you went to vacation forgot every pieces of homework that was assigned because you were having so much fun when you went to vacation and all you did was just party and play care about nothing related to school. I think the how to write a good research, best excuse is “There was a funeral yesterday and character analysis of oedipus i didn’t have time to essay do it” 1) Say that I forgot it in the car because we went to a restaurant with my family and I had to character of oedipus do it in the car. 2) Ask the whole class to fake the due date. Template? Works wonders =P.

3) Fake cry and tell your teacher that you are VERY sorry and that your parents will kill you if you get a zero and analysis that you will do the best work of all if you can get it in tomorrow (you better do a good job in and cons essay, this case but it almost always works for me.) 4) My brother stole my lap top and started playing games and analysis of oedipus essay then the computer crashed! 5) My brother dropped my lap top (works great if your laptop is partially broken but that’s a one time thing) The fabulous excuse- (an old student of my teacher apparently used this excuse and he was excused for how fabulous it was) I was doing my homework in crosslites essay, my Llama’s shed and I turned around to of oedipus give it some hay. When I turned around the homework was in transportation, the Llama’s mouth! (what’s ironic is that he doesn’t own a Llama XD. The best excuse is to draw lines over the page, soak it, then crunch it up and bring it in. Character Analysis Of Oedipus? Tell your teacher that you did it outside then it started raining/tell them that you left it in contest 2012, you trouser poket over the weekend/don’t crunch it up, leave it in character analysis essay, your bag and contest 2012 say you bottle leaked XD. Best excuse ever: The internet is Down! I come up with something like. -Really bad migraine.

-Tutor canceled last minute and character of oedipus you can have it in by tomorrow. -Water bottle spilled all over your bag. -Your mom had baby. -Visit someone in hospital. The made up file name always works.

Just send them it in an email and essay transportation attach a made up file ( for example essay.psfx) It sounds pretty real but when they go to open it the computer will not have the right program to open it! Works a charm. My best is: I left it in my pants so my mom wash them.

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2017 MBA Essay Questions: MIT Sloan. 2017 MIT Sloan Full-Time MBA Application Class of character of oedipus essay, 2020. As expected, MIT has retained their cover letter for the 2017 MBA application #8212; and they#8217;ve also added a video component! It has a prescribed question and thinking strategies they#8217;re calling it a #8220;video statement#8221; #8212; you have to analysis of oedipus record your video and upload it to of technology the app like another essay, as part of the submission. Analysis Of Oedipus? The question is deceivingly simple: Please introduce yourself to thinking strategies your future classmates via a brief video statement. This one is analysis of oedipus essay, going to require some introspection and self-examination in order to answer well! You#8217;ll want to treat this more like a second essay not to the extent that you#8217;ll literally write out ceo resume your answer, since that would seriously backfire on character analysis of oedipus, you if you were to sit there and read it while you were being filmed. Instead, you#8217;ll outline and thinking strategies prepare your content for both the video statement, and the cover letter, and the optional essay if you need it. Essay? Then, you#8217;ll write the cover letter (and write it again the revision process is critical) and review and adjust your ideas for the video statement. After the cover letter and resume (and optional essay) are all done, when you submit the app, then you#8217;ll also record your video statement too.

You need to know how you#8217;re going to handle it before you send it all in! This requires a concentrated approach. For the france cover letter, which is another assignment that Brave Supplicants have found challenging, they#8217;ve thankfully given you BSers a break this year by expanding the character max length of that cover letter by 50 words. You may not think that 50 words is very much but believe the #8216;Snark, 300 words is salaire audioprothesiste france, WAY more than 250. This is still going to be an exceedingly challenging essay to write (mostly because it#8217;s really not an essay) however you won#8217;t have quite as tough a time as last year#8217;s crop of applicants did. Analysis Of Oedipus? Here are the full instructions for salaire france the written components these also have been greatly expanded and character essay further explained so you know what you#8217;re getting int. They are helping you significantly here!

MIT Sloan seeks students whose personal characteristics demonstrate that they will make the pros and cons of technology today most of the incredible opportunities at MIT, both academic and non-academic. We are on character of oedipus, a quest to how to research find those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students. We seek thoughtful leaders with exceptional intellectual abilities and of oedipus the drive and determination to put their stamp on the world. We welcome people who are independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers. Thinking Strategies? We want people who can redefine solutions to conventional problems, and strive to preempt unconventional dilemmas with cutting-edge ideas. We demand integrity and respect passion. Taking the above into consideration, please submit a cover letter seeking a place in of oedipus essay, the MIT Sloan MBA Program.

Your letter should conform to a standard business correspondence, include one or more examples that illustrate why you meet the desired criteria above, and be addressed to Mr. Rod Garcia, Senior Director of pros and cons today essay, Admissions (300 words or fewer, excluding address and salutation). Character Analysis Essay? Please submit a resume that includes your employment history and salaire audioprothesiste academic record in reverse chronological order. Other information appropriate to a business resume is of oedipus, welcomed and encouraged. Pros And Cons Essay? (no more than 1 page in length) The cover letter at MIT is analysis of oedipus essay, actually a long-standing tradition that they resuscitated last year, after previously having it as recently as 2012 (when it was but one of a suite of essays). Well offer you this from Twitter#8217;s Professor Snarky (no relation): Dear student: A job cover letter needs to say what they#39;ll get out of hiring you, not what you#39;ll get out of being hired. Because of the 2012 video question, which is pretty open-ended, then the Additional Information submission for MIT has moved back to text only; it can now be up to 200 words, which means you should use it as you would any other school#8217;s optional essay (meaning, only if specifically needed to explain something that you can#8217;t otherwise explain elsewhere in the application, like low GPA, gaps in employment, etc.).

Please note: For several years, it was highly recommended to do the Additional Info submission for essay Sloan!! That has now changed. You will need to essay evaluate your circumstances very carefully and see what you#8217;re conveying with the cover letter + resume + video statement! Do NOT include the Additional Info only because you think you should or you read somewhere that everyone should do it for character essay Sloan! That advice is now outdated. Thinking Strategies? If you#8217;re researching posts here on the blahg about your app strategy for analysis essay MIT, please pay careful attention to the date; anything that does not say 2017 is not likely to be accurate with this year#8217;s application instructions. But wait! There#8217;s more! #128578; MIT has a unique element to their process: If you get invited to interview then you#8217;ll need to how to write sociology submit a separate essay as part of essay, that process. The essence of this question is thinking, that they#8217;re asking for a story where you#8217;ve being successful in of oedipus essay, some capacity in your career that demonstrates how you#8217;re in sync with their mission (note that as of 7/31/17 we#8217;ve been informed by a sharp-eyed BSer that it#8217;s a change to the actual prompt from what they had before): The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice.

We believe that a commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and salaire well-being is a key component of both principled leadership and sound management practice. In 250 words or less, please describe how you, as a member of the MIT Sloan community, would work to of oedipus create a campus that is pros of technology today, welcoming, inclusive and increasingly diverse. This is now in line with many other schools that are not just focusing on their own culture but also on how each applicant will actually contribute to it in a civil way, to foster growth and change productively (in contrast with the polarized politics a lot of character of oedipus, people are fostering in the #8220;real world#8221; right now). This is not an easy question! There#8217;s a lot to how to a good sociology parse here and you could go in many different directions with it #8212; which is character, both a grand opportunity and audioprothesiste france also a very big challenge. Character Of Oedipus Essay? Most people don#8217;t do so well in articulating how they feel they#8217;re a fit through this (it is NOT asking you for the standard info of #8220;I want to salaire france take this course or be in this club#8221; stuff that so many applicants use in other essays). This one needs to be part of your full strategy. We actually suggest you write it when you write your cover letter. Our essay guide explains why, and character of oedipus how).

One advance tip: Often BSers start with Story A in the CL and Story B in essay transportation, the Mission essay, and after tearing their hair out for a week or so, finally realize that the two stories should be swapped. Which is character, yet another reason why it#8217;s so strategic to how to a good paper work on them together. Be open to totally juggling around your ideas as you go through this. Dang, lots of changes again this year, Sloan! The recommenders#8217; requirements also have been changed! And they shifted their Round 1 deadline out till later in September, which takes the pressure off when you#8217;re scrambling to get other top schools done earlier in the month. And yes there#8217;s more! they now have two rounds for LGO, instead of just one which was a tough process for many BSers. These are all awesome improvements; they#8217;re streamlining, clarifying, and otherwise changing for the better.

Yet Sloan is still Sloan! You will not be able to reuse anything you#8217;ve done for essay any other school (except for the parts that capture YOU; those parts won#8217;t need to be changed!). We have revised our MIT SnarkStrategies Guide to ceo resume reflect all of this and how it impacts your strategy as a Class of 2020 MBA applicant. Character Analysis? There#8217;s also been a number of salaire audioprothesiste, posts on analysis of oedipus essay, the EssaySnark blahg about the thinking strategies MIT Sloan cover letter and resume this year see the Snark Info on Sloan section below for character analysis of oedipus some highlights. We also definitely recommend getting up to Boston to experience Sloan for yourself, and if not, then be sure to get in front of the adcom in ceo resume template, one of their traveling sessions if at all possible. This really will help you quite a bit. For some additional insights into MIT Sloan, we live-tweeted an MIT admissions chat in late August 2015. From @MITSloanAdcom: Common mistake is character of oedipus, people who don#39;t follow instructions-seems like common sense but happens more often then you think. From @MITSloanAdcom: It can certainly be a challenge for intl student to work in the US but many of our intl grads work abroad for US cos.

Someone asked how recent is recent for essay: the choice is yours but we typically recommend that the experience be w/in the last 3 yrs. Here#39;s a good Q: Do you expect managerial experience from thinking, candidates or will demonstrated leadership experience in other roles suffice ? The @MITSloanAdcom#39;s answer: Leadership in other roles is analysis, perfectly fine. The average work experience is and cons today essay, typically 5 years. Character Of Oedipus? At least they#39;re still consistent on audioprothesiste, this! We would prefer a one page resume. All schools do BTW. From @MITSloanAdcom: The only character, advice I have for interview is to print your application and think of salaire, new examples to talk about!

Confirming what we#39;ve been saying for years now: From @MITSloanAdcom: I always encourage people to apply in round 1 if possible. Character Analysis Essay? Pick up the 2017 MIT essay guide to learn how to transportation approach the app! It#8217;s been completely revised for this year#8217;s requirements. Your approach for MIT must be different they evaluate your application based on specific criteria that are unique to them. If you want to understand how this works, please pick up the SnarkStrategies Guide for MIT it will help you grasp what#8217;s so very unique about this school#8217;s admissions criteria, compared to other top MBA programs. MIT 2017 FULL-TIME MBA Dates and Deadlines. Analysis? Regular MBA and LGO Round 1: September 25, 2017 More applicant-friendliness from MIT this year! First, they moved their Rd 1 date out so that deadlines are going to be more staggered for many of you in September. Crosslites Contest? Big win! Second, they#8217;re now letting you apply to LGO in Round 1, too! Used to character analysis of oedipus be, LGO apps were due in 2012, December and there was only one deadline, and it was definitely not optimized if you were trying for other schools in Round 1. Analysis Of Oedipus? This is salaire, way better.

Remember that while Rd 1 is always recommended, it is REALLY recommended at analysis of oedipus MIT based on how they manage their process. Rd 1 interview invitations will start going out on salaire, October 5th and then come on every Thursday until November 2nd, when applicants they won#8217;t be moving forward with will be released. For those being interviewed, a final decision comes in mid December like other top schools. Analysis Essay? LGO Round 2: December 4, 2017 if you#8217;re interested in LGO then this can work too but for most of you, Round 1 will be better due to timing of transportation, decisions with other schools. (LGO is a joint degree with MIT Engineering, you can find out more here .) Regular MBA Round 2: January 17, 2018 yay thank you also MIT for keeping your Round 2 date later. OMG jumping up and down you make the #8216;Snark happy on behalf of all future BSers everywhere. We expect Round 2 interview invitations will go out in waves starting February 21, with Round 2 release to happen on March 3. Interviews will be conducted by character analysis, the adcom in pros and cons today essay, international locations from February 27 to March 27. Of Oedipus Essay? Please note that MIT had only thinking, two rounds for admission up through the 2015-2016 application cycle, so it#8217;s very possible that you could read posts from the #8216;Snarchives that are outdated in how they talk about timing of an application strategy for this school.

Always check to see that the information you#8217;re consuming here and elsewhere is current and applicable to the current year! There are a lot of character of oedipus essay, changes with the MIT admissions requirements! The 2017 MIT Application Guide is now available, with a full discussion of what to do and crosslites essay contest how to maximize your chances in light of the character analysis of oedipus essay new application. For Reference: MIT#8217;s Past-Season Questions. Included in case anyone wants to see what Sloan asked before. Click to view last year's questions. 2016 MIT Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis.

They are officially going retro! MIT has restored their classic #8220;cover letter#8221; question, which was the very first form of an #8220;introduce yourself#8221; type essay that any school ever instituted. Good news: We#8217;ve got lots of experience in helping successful applicants work through this important deliverable! Cover Letter: Please submit a cover letter seeking a place in the MIT Sloan MBA Program. How To Write A Good? Your letter should conform to essay a standard business correspondence and be addressed to Mr. Rod Garcia, Senior Director of Admissions. (250 words or fewer for the body of the letter) Resume: Please submit a resume that includes your employment history and academic record in reverse chronological order. Other information appropriate to a business resume is welcomed and encouraged. (no more than 1 page in length) Thankfully they#8217;ve clarified now that the 250 words is the body of the cover letter only!

On each of these EssaySnark school essay question and info pages, we always retain our commentary from pros today, past seasons#8217; app requirements at character of oedipus the bottom and in the case of MIT Sloan, we#8217;re going to recommend you actually go through and read all of that. The info on salaire, last year#8217;s app can give some context into the changes that the adcom has been making. Also, to fill you in, the analysis cover letter requirement was a staple of the MIT app through 2012 when it was but one of salaire, a suite of analysis, essays. This 2016 MIT Sloan MBA application is a hybrid of tried-and-true requirements that have been updated to how to a good sociology research paper the modern era of character analysis, MBA applications. As an example of the modern era, they#8217;ve again kept their #8220;Additional Information#8221; optional submission, which we actually say is not optional this is one of the very few schools where you really do want to essay 2012 submit something for character analysis of oedipus essay this: Optional Question: The Admissions Committee invites you to share additional information about yourself, in any format. Essay? If you choose a multimedia format, please host the information on a website and provide us with the URL. Please keep all videos and analysis essay media limited to 2:00 minutes total in length. Please keep all written essays to 500 words or less.

If hosting your submission on a website, please ensure you provide an unprotected link (no password required). Instead of this being a traditional #8220;optional essay#8221; which we typically suggest you DON#8217;T submit unless you have to in order to transportation explain something, in this case, for MIT, we suggest you DO come up with something to include here particularly this year when there#8217;s only the single essay for of oedipus the app. Write Research Paper? Our MIT essay guide goes into analysis essay, all the strategy behind this suggestion. Essay Transportation? We have revised our comprehensive MIT SnarkStrategies Guide to reflect all of this and how it impacts your strategy as a Class of 2019 MBA applicant. Character Essay? We do NOT recommend buying any previous season version of this school#8217;s guide; it will NOT help you with the core application and the details involved with this year#8217;s strategy. They#8217;ve also kept their post-interview-invite essay where they want you to ceo resume template tell a story about being successful in of oedipus essay, the context of their mission a classic #8220;culture#8221; type question: The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the crosslites essay contest 2012 world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. Please share with us something about your past that aligns with this mission. (250 words or fewer).

Only those who are lucky enough to get invited to the interview stage will need to character of oedipus essay do this additional essay (we actually suggest you write it when you write your cover letter though! our essay guide explains why, and template how). How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant? How does the applicant stand out from others in a similar capacity? Please give an example of the applicant#8217;s impact on a person, group, or organization. Please give a representative example of how the applicant interacts with other people. Which of the applicant#8217;s personal or professional characteristics would you change? If you are an academic/technical recommender, please tell us how well the character analysis of oedipus applicant mastered the subject you taught or supervised and in what ways did the applicant demonstrate this mastery. (LGO only?) Please tell us anything else you think we should know about this applicant. Transportation? Our Recommender#8217;s Instruction Sets can be especially useful for this school! [end discussion of MIT#8217;s last-year questions] 2015 MIT Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis. Update 3/9/16: MIT says that 5% of the class will be admitted in analysis of oedipus essay, Round 3, but they’re discouraging international applicants due to potential visa timing issues. MIT WAS PICKY IN ROUND 1. They#8217;re clearly going for an improvement to their rankings based on template, a strengthening of the class profile. Of Oedipus? We expect average GMAT score to go up even further at MIT for essay the Class of 2018, based on the outcomes we#8217;re seeing from them so far this season. (We did predict that, back in analysis, May#8230;)

Thankfully (. ) MIT has modified its application this year. Their essay questions the and cons of technology today essay past two cycles were straight-up awful for analysis of oedipus essay BSers to deal with. Essay Transportation? This year they#8217;ve gone down to ONE main question which normally we#8217;d be rather unhappy about, except that they#8217;re also introducing a system sort of similar to HBS, where you submit a second essay if you#8217;re invited to interview. (Harvard#8217;s Post-Interview Reflection is not the same, but it#8217;s the same idea: get another submission from the character applicant at crosslites essay the interview stage.) AND while on first glance it appeared that MIT retained the worst of the worst of its essay prompts from last year (see below), actually they changed that too! All around positives. The other big change? They#8217;re EXPANDING their admissions cycle to three rounds. For a very long time, MIT has had just two rounds yet for several years running, we#8217;ve heard that they accepted #8220;late#8221; applications after their January Round 2 date was past.

So they sort of kind of let you apply after their final deadline anyway. They#8217;re now standardizing to do what every other top school does. Three Rounds. Analysis Of Oedipus? September, January, April. Cool. Contest? The main application essay question is what we#8217;re most pleased about. Here it is: Tell us about analysis of oedipus essay, a recent success you had: How did you accomplish this? Who else was involved? What hurdles did you encounter? What type of impact did this have? (500 words or fewer).

This is of technology today essay, such a classic #8220;significant achievement#8221; question that we#8217;re practically rejoicing here in character of oedipus essay, Snarkville. Such questions let applicants communicate in ways that are revealing at least, provided the applicant does a good job with the question! The question itself is pros of technology today essay, absolutely awesome: It has subparts that guide you on what to focus on, it#8217;s a reasonable length to character analysis of oedipus essay convey what#8217;s needed, and it#8217;s unambiguous. Write A Good Sociology? Thank you, Sloan! We have a category for posts here on character, the blahg called #8220;essay types #8216;achievement#8217; essays#8221; which you may want to investigate if you#8217;re researching how to approach this. Our wait for it Accomplishments Achievements App Accelerator may also be useful in hashing through your possible topics and and cons of technology essay figuring out which #8220;recent success#8221; is going to be most effective for you to present. What other goodness is coming from the MIT announcement?

Well, they’re retaining their “Additional Information” optional submission, which we have always liked. Here’s the wording for that: Optional Question: The Admissions Committee invites you to share anything else you would like us to know about you, in any format. Good stuff already coming @MITSloanAdcom chat: It is highly recommended you also submit optional essay (tho it#39;s schoolspecific advice!) They#8217;re also introducing a post-interview-invite essay requirement which looks remarkably similar to what they asked as a main essay prompt for of oedipus the past two years, except that they fixed the awkwardness of it and now they#8217;re just asking you to tell another story about being successful somehow: The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the transportation world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. Please share with us something about your past that aligns with this mission. (250 words or fewer). MIT had a near-identical question as its Essay 1 for two years and almost entirely because of of oedipus, that, had been recognized here in Snarkville as having the worst essay questions. This new version of the prompt is much better though 250 words is very short. Thinking Strategies? If you are in the lucky position of being invited to interview at MIT, you definitely will want to avail yourself of the benefits in our Sloan essay strategy guide #8212; though hopefully you will get the guide right away so that you can benefit from the entire strategy we lay forth! As of character analysis essay, that early May 2015 announcement of the new essay questions, their app requirements page had NOT been fully edited and updated (once again, MIT exhibits sloppiness as of this writing on 5/10/15, they have the thinking strategies new essay questions listed at character the top but then the ceo resume discussion of Letters of Recommendation talks about an #8220;essay #2#8221; which is of oedipus, a leftover comment from crosslites essay contest 2012, last year#8217;s app). We#8217;re not saying that we never have errors on our site but on a school#8217;s app requirements page? Proofread, Sloan Adcom, proofread.

7/16/15 Good news! MIT continues to introduce applicant-friendly changes. We#8217;ve now discovered that they ditched the ridiculous suggestion that applicants submit a resume in Sloan#8217;s own resume format, and character of oedipus essay that the resume could be only of technology today essay, #8220;50 lines.#8221; These restrictions were just silly, and character essay created undue stress for candidates. You still should only be submitting a one-page resume (that#8217;s true for essay transportation any school) but now you don#8217;t have to worry about a particular format for a particular school (especially when that format did not even demonstrate best practices for MBA applicants). Thank you, Sloan Adcom, for coming around!!

MIT 2015 Dates and character Deadlines. Audioprothesiste France? MIT now has three rounds! That means: Be careful about any posts you read here on the blahg about #8220;two rounds#8221; and MIT. We have discussed the implications of this change to analysis three rounds in the 2015 MIT Application Guide but we have not gone back over our historical posts here on essay transportation, this site to offer warnings or corrections what we may have said in character analysis of oedipus essay, the past about application strategy at MIT may not apply to sociology research this new world of a standardized admissions cycle. Round 1: September 17, 2015 almost a week earlier than Rd 1 was last year. Character Analysis Of Oedipus Essay? Traditionally this has been the most advantageous at essay 2012 MIT but we don#8217;t know if that will hold true quite in the same way this year (Rd 1 is always recommended but it used to analysis be REALLY recommended at MIT based on how they managed their two-round cycle; Rd 1 will still be an strategies, advantage, but it#8217;s a TBD on how big of an advantage it will be going forward at this school). Based on a 10/7/15 announcement on of oedipus essay, the MIT blog , interview invitations this year will work the same as they did last year in template, Round 1: They#8217;ll start going out in mid-October, through the #8220;week of November 9th#8221; (not sure why they can#8217;t name the character of oedipus essay actual day?). That#8217;s when the Round 1 #8220;release from consideration#8221; happens, which is a nice way to say #8220;no#8221; to essay transportation you if they#8217;re not interested.

For those being interviewed, a final decision comes in mid December like other top schools. Round 2: January 14, 2016 . This jives with what happened last season, which actually was not what was originally planned. They had set Round 2 to be January 8, 2015, but then at the last minute, it was EXTENDED TO JANUARY 13th. Character Analysis Of Oedipus? Round 2 is always viable at MIT. Round 2 interview invitations will going out the week of February 15th (same as last year), with Round 2 release to happen somewhere around March 1st. Round 3 THIS IS NEW: April 11, 2016. France? We don#8217;t generally post Round 3 deadlines here on the blahg because it#8217;s typically near-impossible to get in then. HOWEVER: Since Round 3 is essay, NEW at MIT, then we can only expect that they have modified their internal admissions processes to leave spots open for candidates at that stage.

We still believe it will be difficult to get in on a Round 3 app but in how to write a good research, this case, it may not be quite so difficult as it would be elsewhere. YMMV. Whew! That#8217;s a lot of change! If you want to of oedipus understand how this works, please pick up the essay 2012 SnarkStrategies Guide for MIT (2015 version) it will help you grasp what#8217;s so very unique about this school#8217;s admissions criteria, compared to essay other top MBA programs.

And of course, you get a full discussion of the impact of the changes with the addition of essay, Round 3 and everything else. The 2015 guide was totally overhauled from 2014; this is character analysis essay, not an edit or refresh, it#8217;s a completely new book! [end discussion of transportation, MIT#8217;s 2015 questions] Click to view 2014 questions. 2014 MIT Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis. Here#8217;s what we said when the 2014 questions came out#8230; remember this analysis is from a previous year. The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to character of oedipus essay generate ideas that advance management practice. Discuss how you will contribute toward advancing the mission based on ceo resume template, examples of past work and activities. (500 words or fewer) Write a professional letter of recommendation on analysis, behalf of yourself. Answer the following questions as if you were your most recent supervisor recommending yourself for admission to the MIT Sloan MBA Program: (750 words or fewer) How long and in what capacity have you known the ceo resume applicant? Really, MIT? REALLY. How does the applicant stand out from others in a similar capacity?

Please give an example of the applicant#8217;s impact on a person, group, or organization. Please give a representative example of character of oedipus, how the applicant interacts with other people. Which of the and cons essay applicant#8217;s personal or professional characteristics would you change? Please tell us anything else you think we should know about this applicant. At least they kept the essay Optional Information thing (see the 2013 Questions section below on that; we recommend everyone submit something). They also kept essentially the same deadlines as they had in 2013. [end discussion of MIT#8217;s 2014 questions] Click to view 2013 questions. 2013 Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis. Here#8217;s what we said when the crosslites 2012 2013 questions came out. Wow!

No cover letter. [They had this cover-letter thing as part of their app for YEARS. Decades, maybe. They ditched it in 2013.] They really switched things up! Bschool admissions peeps seem to be in a contest to do more things differently in 2013. Here#8217;s the Sloan 2013 essay questions: The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and of oedipus essay generate ideas that advance management practice. Discuss how you will contribute toward advancing the mission based on examples of past work and activities. (500 words/one page max) Describe a time [within the last three years] when you pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone. (500 words/one page max) Optional Question: The Admissions Committee invites you to share anything else you would like us to know about you, in any format. Thinking? First note: ESSAY 1 IS HARD. Of Oedipus Essay? Second note: While most every school allows an #8220;optional essay#8221;, in most cases, we advise to only write it when you have something important to how to a good explain that you can#8217;t cover elsewhere in the app (typically a gap in character of oedipus essay, employment, not getting a rec from a current supervisor, what happened during college and pros of technology that low GPA, etc.).

For MIT, we recommend that EVERYONE submit the #8220;Optional Question#8221; and in particular that you do so using a non-written format if possible e.g., video or something snappy. Note though: They don#8217;t allow uploads. It must be posted somewhere on the web, but not behind a password (no protected Dropbox links); and no Flash. We talk about character analysis, all this in how to write sociology research paper, the Sloan SnarkStrategies Guide which has been totally revamped to help you with these very unique essay challenges. [end discussion of 2013 questions] Click to essay view 2012 questions. A cover letter and two essays: Please prepare a cover letter (up to 500 words) seeking a place in the MIT Sloan MBA program. Your letter should describe your accomplishments, address any extenuating circumstances that may apply to your application, and conform to ceo resume template standard business correspondence. Your letter should be addressed to Mr. Rod Garcia, Senior Director of character, Admissions. Essay 1: Please describe a time when you had to convince a person or a group of your idea.

Essay 2: Please describe a time when you overcame a personal setback. [end discussion of 2012 questions] MIT Links, Important App Info, and france Some Snark. official school pages: EssaySnark#8217;s posts on MIT: We haven#8217;t reviewed too many MIT essays on the blahg, however there#8217;s plenty of other schools with similar-enough questions that we have covered: We go into great detail in the Sloan essay guide on how to handle the questions that this school asks. Start there. Then, if you want an MIT essay reviewed for character analysis of oedipus free! on the blahg, try sending it over! If you#8217;re looking for personalized and private help, then our standard Essay Decimator is salaire audioprothesiste, ideal (we strongly suggest writing BOTH ESSAYS together at of oedipus essay once; that way, you can get your entire pitch critiqued, and you#8217;ll be ahead of the pros today game when it#8217;s time for that interview invite to come along!). 2017 MBA Application Strategy Guides. The 2017 Darden MBA Application Guide - rewritten almost from character analysis, scratch to help you with the 2017 app! The 2017 Michigan Ross Essay Guide - totally new to help you with the nine short-answer options and thinking your career goals! The 2017 MIT Essay Guide with brand-new material on the cover letter and the 'introduce yourself' video. Analysis? The 2017 Duke Essay Guide - covers the template 25 Random Things essay and all the rest too! The 2017 Harvard MBA Application Guide - refreshed with new details and character strategies for your Class of 2020 app.

Brave Supplicants' latest reviews on The 'Snark. I think that the reviewer raised a lot of good points, but a) three pages of feedback on a 250 word . As a re-applicant, I knew I needed considerable improvement to my pitch in thinking, order to essay maximize my . What were we snarking about at this time in past years? 2016 : Round 2 Countdown has started 2016 : Being prepared for your MBA interview 2016 : ($) If you get fired, do you need to how to write a good research paper tell the of oedipus essay adcom? 2016 : Good luck for HBS applicants! 2015 : ($) The wanderer wants to use bschool to strategies find a new path. 2014 : Did you just discover EssaySnark? 2013 : Success Story!

A Journey to character of oedipus the Center of America: A Saga (Part 2: The First Year) 2013 : More on strategies, visiting schools 2012 : ($) What about a lower-ranked program? (No, lower than that) 2011 : essay critique: Columbia essay 2 life experience EssaySnark® is a registered trademark. All content copyright 2010-2017 Snarkolicious Press · Privacy Policy.

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CMMI Appraisals – Tester’s Journey as an Appraisal Team Member (ATM) Posted In | ISO standards, Quality assurance | Last Updated: September 30, 2017 Personal Note: It’s a great opportunity for any QA/Tester to be a CMMI Appraisal Team Member ( ATM). ATM gets an extensive exposure of a complete CMMI model. If your organization is analysis of oedipus essay, going for appraisal and if you get an opportunity to be an how to, ATM, grab it. It’s an achievement that you will like to add on to your resume. To Readers : Appraisal is a complex and time taking process. However, I have tried to describe it as simple as possible.

This article will give you a brief idea about character of oedipus essay CMMI Appraisal. It’s not about CMMI model but it will explain what happens during appraisal! There may be understanding problems initially (If you are not familiar with CMMI terminology) but, until you arrive at an example below, Please keep reading until then. What You Will Learn: An appraisal is an activity that helps us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of template, our organization’s processes and analysis of oedipus essay, verify how closely those processes relate to CMMI best practices. Flash Back: When any org decides to go for a maturity level appraisal (Commonly known as CMMI Appraisal) they contact an authorized organization from Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Partner network to do the appraisal. The Authorized agency will appoint a consultant to help/guide the a good sociology research paper org to understand CMMI, creating documents and organization policies etc. This is a very long process. Of Oedipus? It starts 1 year or 6-7 months (Depending upon the maturity level of the organizational process) before the final appraisal. After preparation, LA (Lead Appraiser) will be invited to do the appraisal.

Preparation at ceo resume template, organization level: Before CMMI implementation, the character of oedipus organization has to: Identify staff to attend Intro to CMMI course Create SEPT or SEPG (Software Engineering Process Team/Group) (Responsibility of SEPT/SEPG explained at the end of this article.) Create organization policies. Employ CMMI consultants. ATM Journey: After Intro to CMMI course you will have Appraisal Team Member (ATM) training. LA provides training of “SCAMPI Appraisal Method Training” to ATM. After training, an exam would be held, which you need to pass. Thinking Strategies? A reference document called Method Definition Document (MDD) will be provided to all the ATMs, this document describes the SCAMPI. (Topics of Intro to CMMI Training course is character of oedipus essay, covered at the end of this article) Now what is “SCAMPI”, who is “LA” and what ATM does. Lead Appraiser (LA): Software Engineering Institute ( SEI ) is an Authorized SCAMPI Lead Appraiser. (Commonly known as LA.

The LA announces the final findings report and essay, signs the Maturity Level certificate. The word certificate isn’t generally used; SEI discourages the character analysis word “ certification ” and instead it refers to a company as having “achieved CMMI Level 5”). ATMs support the essay transportation Lead Appraisers in collecting and validating evidence for character analysis Document Review, Interview of how to sociology, FAR (Functional Area Representative) members and preparation of other important artifacts. (More about character essay ATM responsibilities is mentioned at the end of this article.) Little more about CMMI : Capability Maturity Model Integration is pros of technology today, a process improvement model developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Carnegie Mellon University. CMMI is comprised of a set of “Process Areas.” Each Process Area is intended to be adapted to the culture and behaviors of your own company. There are 22 Process Areas in CMMI.

Within the Process Areas in the CMMI, there are multiple “Specific Goals ( SGs )” and Specific Practices ( SPs ).” These practices define the character of oedipus expected behaviors of projects and organizations. Image: Process Area components. SG : A specific goal describes the unique characteristics that must be present to satisfy the process area. GG : Generic goals are called “generic” because the same goal statement applies to multiple process areas. Every ATM will be responsible for a Process Area allocated by LA to him/her. Suppose there are 22 ATMs, every ATM will have 1 process area of salaire france, all the character projects selected for Appraisal. Generally LA forms small group of how to paper, ATMs. If suppose 20 ATMS are present, then the LA will create 10 groups (each group with two ATMs) and each group will be responsible for a few PA of all the projects.

Let me give an example to make you understand Specific Goal and Specific Practices and what is ATM’s role in appraisal process. Take an example of Process Area, Validation . Analysis Essay? (keeping in mind most of the readers here are Testers/QA’s) Validation (VAL) is an Engineering process area at Maturity Level 3. Purpose of this Process Area: The purpose of Validation is to demonstrate that a product or the product component fulfills, its intended use when placed in its intended environment. There are two SG (Specific Goals) in this Process Area. Let’s see Specific Practices by Goal. Specific Practices in SG1 mentioned below. SG 1 Prepare for Validation. SP 1.1 Select products and the product components to thinking strategies, be validated and the validation methods to analysis of oedipus essay, be used.

SP 1.2 Establish and maintain the environment needed to support the validation. SP 1.3 Establish and maintain procedures and criteria for validation. It is essay contest, not possible to elaborate all Specific Practices here; I will consider SP1.1 to give you an idea of the appraisal process. SP 1.1 “Select products and product components to analysis, be validated and validation methods to be used”: STP (Software Test Plan) is the essay most suitable artifact for this SP. Character Essay? All Features/Component/Capability needs to salaire audioprothesiste, be tested and the method is analysis of oedipus essay, captured in this document. First ATM will verify if the STP is approved. Audioprothesiste? Approval mail or any supporting artifact for of oedipus essay approval is checked for. E.g. affirmation from approver in MoM. If it’s in MoM, approver presence in that meeting will be checked in how to write a good research paper attendance sheet on that particular date for this meeting. Review plan present in the PMP Annexure? Was the review done?

Who reviews? Review date! Whether the review points are captured and character analysis, closed in the review log? Closure date? If the review is conducted, there should be a review-checklist. Is STP baseline included? All review points were closed before the baseline! What is baseline date?

Whether validation method is mentioned in the STP or not? What is the reference document for audioprothesiste preparing STP ? Requirement capture document ( RCD ) or Software Requirement Specification ( SRS ) or any other reference doc; if suppose RCD is the reference document, ATM checks Bi-Directional Traceability Matrix ( BTM ) for proper mapping of RCD to essay, STP . And Cons Today? All requirements should be covered properly in the STP for validation. Guideline for character analysis preparing STP present? Does the organization have a standard template for and cons of technology essay STP? What is the version number of STP ? (Guideline and template creation comes under different PA; I have included this point just for reference.)

Verifying Date plays an important role! Any document will be a baseline after review, so baseline date will come after review date. Similarly the date in checklist, review date, review point closure date will be compared; date on the respective documents should appear in a correct sequence. I hope, now you must be having some clarity on ATM responsibility. Cross checking all documents prepared during Software Development Life Cycle, dependency on analysis essay, each other followed by cross verification, covers the thinking core responsibility of an ATM.

Other than this, the essay ATM participates in the interview of pros today, FAR members. I shall cover this topic in the future articles. These are the generic examples to give more insight on appraisal process. Let’s see a scenario: – While going through a weekly status meeting MoM (Minutes of meeting) of a particular date ATM ensures on verifying two points. Risk discussed in the team meeting. One new member in the team and PM ensuring on the subsequent training. 1) Risk : Risks are covered in the PA called Risk Management (RSKM). ATM will check if this risk is mentioned in the Risk Log? If present in the Risk Log, there will be Risk Mitigation Plan or Contingency Plan?

If Mitigation/ Contingency Plan are present, there may be some action item against the Plan. Essay? Now if Action item is present, would Monitoring be required? Monitoring comes under Project Monitoring and Control ( PMC ). ATM must have an idea about and cons what to check and where to check. This example shows how process areas are connected to each other and analysis essay, how many artifacts ATM will go through to make sure all practices are followed properly. All training related activity come under a Process Area called Organizational Training (OT).

Project Manager sends a request to HR department regarding training. HR will find an france, Internal/External trainer for the resource and conduct training. This is the general scenario, what else happens in OT? Let’s see how OT works , suppose this financial year organization has allocated XX amount of money for training. Now HR will identify training needs, will collect the data from managers, resources and will prioritize it, along with this, HR will also identify organization’s future needs. For instance, if organization decides to start working on communication projects along with software, either HR will hire new Resource/Managers/TL or will identify within organization to work on this new domain. Identification of Training needs by HR Identification of Trainee Identification of Trainer Intimation to the manager and character analysis, the trainee to block their calendar and subsequent affirmation in advance. Date of request to the Admin and IT team for Infrastructure (Training room, Laptop, Software, food, vehicle etc.) Is the salaire audioprothesiste france Attendance sheet maintained?

Was the after training feedback taken from trainee? HR updated Org Skill matrix after training? If some training is pending from previous year, a plan is to be made to execute the same in current year and analysis of oedipus, the reason why HR did not conduct the a good sociology paper training last year. Character Essay? Etc. For sure this is not the complete list of activity for Organizational Training; other activities are also there, these are just quotes from my memory. Responsibility of SEPT/SEPG (Software Engineering Process Team/Group) Study organization processes Write process standards Develop SDLC stages and essay transportation, details Create meeting procedures Create estimation procedures Create planning procedures Create Quality Assurance procedures Create Configuration Management Procedures Intro to CMMI Training course covers following topics:- Introduction to the Model Model-based process improvement Overview of CMMI components Institutionalization of Processes across the Organization Process areas of essay, CMMI Model Structure for essay transportation the continuous and staged representations ATM responsibility Each ATM is responsible for understanding the analysis of oedipus essay CMMI model, understanding the organization context, and essay, understanding and applying the SCAMPI methodology to evaluate implementation.

Each ATM is responsible for participating in data review, participating in interviews (e.g. identifying interview questions, taking notes, asking questions, tagging the of oedipus essay answers to the model practices), participating in all group discussions and consensus and participating in how to write paper creating the final findings report. Character Of Oedipus Essay? Each Appraisal Team Member will review and evaluate objective evidence of crosslites essay 2012, practice implementation and participate with the other Appraisal Team Members (including the Lead) in coming to consensus on how adequately practices are implemented at the organizational level and analysis of oedipus essay, whether or not goals, practices, and maturity levels are satisfied. Appraisal Validity : The findings and results from a SCAMPI A Appraisal are valid for a period of not more than three years from delivery of the appraisal findings. That means after every three years, organization have to go for appraisal. Now see the difference in a Tester’s activity from audioprothesiste france Pre CMMI to Post CMMI.

Pre CMMI: Dev team sends a mail “All defects closed, Defect sheet attached” and analysis of oedipus essay, requests for salaire testing. Post CMMI: Tester checks for code baseline followed by upload in repository. CR raised for code change and of oedipus essay, accepted by SEPT/SEPG? Availability of Updated peer test report? Correct Version number offered for testing? The above are the prerequisites for testing. About the salaire france author: This is character essay, a guest post by Kumar Amit Anand.

Author is having more than 8 years of software testing experience in Finance and Defense domain. Having SCAMPI appraisal method training certificate, he has also participated in SEI L4 and L5 final appraisals. Author also helps his team members to understand CMMI and documentation. I hope this was an interesting read and how to write a good sociology research paper, I appreciate if you could spare few minutes and post your valuable comments. This would help me come up with more interesting topics in the future.

This is an amazing abstract description of CMMI,I been following this site from last few months and of oedipus essay, I consider this post as a milestone achievement. Thanks a Ton for posting . Very Important for professionals working in CMMI level 5 MNCs. as an ATM I can understand the importance of salaire audioprothesiste, this post. Character Of Oedipus? it’s perfectly put. kudos to all! Very good Information and Inputs. Thank you very much for the effort taken.

How you were able to simplify CMMI ! its nice article, i have experience of appraisal.. How To Write A Good Sociology Research? The way you presented is awesome… there is analysis of oedipus essay, no article like this available on net… Congrats to SWtesting help and author ! An article that is salaire, direct and analysis of oedipus, apt without much deviations.The content is transportation, simple and easy to understand for character essay any beginner. Waiting for more articles by ceo resume, the author in character analysis essay future. do company need to repeat the whole process again after 3 years? Great article.

Despite being in brief, this article touches all the important aspect of the CMMI. Also article gets the concept understood through examples. I would not hesitate in saying that this article has all the quality of salaire, being starting reference for newbies involved in CMMI related processes. Kudos to analysis, author for bringing such a short and nice article about CMMI. Thanks for valuable information on CMMI Process area. The content written over here is essay, systematic and easy to understand. It is analysis of oedipus, helpful to understand CMMI practice for beginner working with CMMI level 5 companies.Waiting for more information…..

Its a valuable and well organized article on CMMi appraisal activities for essay 2012 software testing and related areas like training. It enables a testing team to understand the sequence of activities performed and analysis, ensure adequate evidences are gathered before the start of the appraisal. Thanks for good information about CMMI Process area. The content written over here is easy to understand. It is strategies, helpful to character, understand CMMI practice for beginner working with CMMI companies.Waiting for essay more information…..// Shuza. Simple effective post. @Harshal – “You’ve made my day.” Getting opening comment like this is blessing. @Saritha – Nothing better than getting approval from an ATM.

Thanks a lot. @Suvarna- Thanks a lot Suvarna. @Rajeev Bhowiya- Making it simple was not easy :), Thanks for your time and comment. @Sangeeth- Thank you Sangeeth. @Ankur- Well if you don’t act on final finding and don’t apply any improvement suggestion, Yes you have to repeat all this, other wise NO. @Gentle Arsonist- Glad you liked it. Thank you. @SUNITA KATRE and @Shuza Haider – Happy to know its good for beginner and easy to understand for all. Thank you for your time. Nice article which captures all the important aspects of ATM/CMMI in shortest possible word count.

Examples given are indeed helpful in better understanding the concept/process so as to work effectively as an character analysis of oedipus essay, ATP. The article brought out the talent of the author of excellent and effective technical writing skills. Expecting more articles/case studies based on ur experience/study on Testing… especially Protocol Testing, Firmware Testing and different Tools used by ceo resume, SW testers. Great Article.. Must Read.. The Article very well explain every flow of CMMi Appraisal, which really motivates every tester to analysis of oedipus essay, be a part of salaire audioprothesiste, this process and definitely be a inspiration to essay, the testers who is part of the audioprothesiste CMMi L5 Company. Thanks K Amit Anand for character analysis essay sharing such a useful experience. Good details of CMMI in simple language.

Good explaination of CMMI, Where evryone can easily understood from scratch deployed. thanks to strategies, author. Very useful explanation about the CMMI… Simple, easy to understand, clear in explaining the concepts. Good article. #6 Ankur — yes after 3 years company need to go for assessment and need to repeat the whole process. Very Good article. I being new in this domain understand model (CMMI) as it is explained in of oedipus a very simple way.Hats off to Mr Kumar amit Anand and hope to have something new in future. I never read such a nice clear my all the questions.

I am being nominated for ATM..and this article is definitely a kick start for me..A very detailed yet simple article covering all aspects of essay, CMMI for a new entrant like me to character, know.. Thanks for this post :) Very Good Article. Well written covering all CMMI process areas and how to write research paper, with good examples that anyone can easily understand. Thanks for character of oedipus the author. Well superbly presented and covered all most topics from CMMI. I was part of CMMI from my Org it was very good to pros today, gain quality level knowledge.

Hope will get more such post from you to increase level of thinking in all quality work based environment. Thanks a lot for character of oedipus essay such info. Thanks for valuable information on CMMI.Good article. It is helpful to understand CMMI practice for beginner working with CMMI level 5 companies.I was part of CMMI from my Org it was very good to gain quality level knowledge. People who are in beginner stage, this article would help to essay, understand the CMMi in easier way. Nice Very Simple, Good article. I am So Proud to be as your colleague. I got more clarity on what is character analysis, ATM role SCAMPI,how he verifies the artifacts.I request you to give some idea how the interview will be developers and testers,what question they asks. Interview is nothing different, your statement should support the artifacts you have submitted. If you are a tester, you should explain STLC, which includes, creation of STP,STC,STCR, Review logs etc.

Actually the verify that the documents produced are not fake which means every person who is appearing for transportation interview should be aware of their process areas. If you are unable to explain due to any reason ( i.e. u forgot, or you are nervous or due to any other reason) they will ask same from your TL if he also unable to answer they will ask same to character analysis of oedipus, PM. Nothing much to worry, just keep your thoghts clear about the process. All the pros and cons of technology essay best. I am willing to character analysis of oedipus essay, become (Appraisal Team member), does your organization provide any training for CMMI models, if yes i have this query regarding (Appraisal Team Member), If my organization is going for appraisal and if i get an opportunity to be an ATM i will surly grab it. But what if my organization is not going for how to write research appraisal but still i want to become ATM (Appraisal Team Member) is it possible ? As i am willing to character analysis essay, become (Appraisal Team Member). Template? Please guide me in achieving the same. Good to hear you are eager to learn something new. Keep it up. I will try to answer your queries.

1.) No, our organisation doesn’t provide any training for CMMI Model. Only authorized agency can provide CMMI training. There are few in india like “QAI Global” and others. 2.) You cant be an analysis, ATM as individual. You have to be part of organization which is going for CMMI appraisal or.

A.) Join any organisation which is essay contest, CMMI L-4 or 5 as. SQA ( Software Quality Assurance) team member. There you will learn about process and will come to. know how CMMI is implemented @ organisation. level. After every three years CMMI appraisal cycle. will be there at that time you will witness the. appraisal done by LA.

B.)Or you can try to get hired by any “authorized. organization from essay Software Engineering Institute. (SEI) Partner network which does the appraisal”. Then they will provide you all the training and you. can work as consultant.

Consultants help. organisation to achieve CMMI. 3.) I see few people are interested to understand CMMi for career prospects or to apply the learning in their organisation. @ Vijay :- If possible can we start CMMI training here though your site ? Here they can learn. 1.) CMMI Basic Concepts.

2.) Key concepts about the model structure. 3.) Training will include complete SDLC for better. understanding of concepts and implementation. 4.) No qualification needed, freshers and. working professional both can join.

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Characteristics of a Good Music Teacher – Essay. Becoming a teacher is very hard. It takes a lot of analysis of oedipus essay, education and knowledge before an aspiring person is able to instruct others. Becoming a good teacher is even harder as it requires even more education and knowledge as well as experience and crosslites 2012, properly developed teaching habits. While teaching one subject may be easier than teaching another subject, the truth is character, that some teachers have it harder than others do. A good example of ceo resume template, this would be private music teachers. Private music teachers face a few difficulties that some other teachers don’t. Becoming a successful music instructor is difficult as it demands a lot more than just education and knowledge. First of all, music teachers need to be good musicians.

This takes a lot of work, probably much more than the character of oedipus, average school teacher has to go through. However, it doesn’t matter how good musicians are or how much they know, it will never guarantee that they will be able to successfully instruct developing students. Teaching music requires more than just advanced knowledge and skill. Write A Good Research Paper. [Thesis] A successful music teacher needs the ability to analysis of oedipus interpersonally connect with his/her students and to quickly adapt to how to write a good sociology research paper a different teaching method that specifically targets every individual person. Before talking about the qualifying traits of character analysis essay, a successful music teacher, we should examine the field of music education. Template. Three years ago I began teaching piano to character analysis several students and I quickly found out that music teachers face a lot of hardships.

One of the first difficulties I faced was the wide variety of ages that I found myself instructing. Professors in a college or university or teachers at and cons today essay, a local high school usually have a general age group that they instruct: a group of high school graduates or a group of freshmen…etc. According to Robert Crosnoe, a professor of human sociology, having a general age group allows a teacher to orientate himself or herself around the class and eventually speak very effectively with them over a given period of time. However, music teachers can have students that range from 5 years to 60 years old. A local piano teacher that I am well acquainted with, Boris Karpuk, says that he teaches several students whose ages range from of oedipus 6 years old to almost 60 and he has to essay contest teach them all in the same day. This almost forced him to develop a unique skill in teaching different ages. He must be able to quickly transition from teaching one age group to teaching another. Transitioning from teaching an character of oedipus essay elementary school student to template teaching a high school student and then quickly transitioning yet again to teach someone else is not an easy thing to do. One of the problems is character analysis essay, that the material instructed is the salaire audioprothesiste, same, yet music teachers must instruct each student in character of oedipus essay, a different way according to the student’s age.

Being able to quickly change from essay contest teaching an older student to a younger student, who may both be playing at the same level, is an essential skill required of most private music instructors (Karpuk). The next problem that confronts private music teachers is character analysis of oedipus essay, character and personalities. No one student is the same and there are few exceptions anywhere, whether in high schools, colleges, and universities. Despite the differentiation of students, in a class environment a teacher will not have to deal directly with all these differences in personalities. Most of the time the issue is dealt with indirectly as the students themselves learn to work with their instructor and adapt a way of being successful in the class (Crosnoe).

Music teachers, as I have personally found out, have to ceo resume deal with these issues directly head on. It seems that tutoring someone one on one leads to a very direct confrontation of personalities. Most of the character, time music teachers are the ones that need to adapt to template their student’s character and their specific learning style. The ability of a teacher to get a basic understanding of the student’s personality and to adapt to character essay it is an essential element in all subjects of teaching and and cons today essay, not only music. One thing about private music teachers in general is that more pressure is applied to them, than to the average teacher in a classroom environment. If a music teacher is not proving himself/herself proficient in educating the student, parents may grow unsatisfied and may decide to find another teacher or perhaps the student might just decide to character of oedipus leave on his or her own. Music teachers can lose students very quickly which means that they lose their jobs quickly also. In high school this sort of arrangement doesn’t work often as both parents and students frequently don’t even have a choice in what teacher is available. They need to go to a certain class with a certain teacher whether they like it or not and there is audioprothesiste france, almost nothing that they can do about it. Music teachers, on character analysis of oedipus essay the other hand, can be easily replaced and dropped and there is definitely a good job competition out there for private music instruction.

Therefore, the pressure a private music teacher faces is in a small way different from the how to write sociology, pressures classroom teachers are subject to. There is also another added pressure that many music teachers face in a larger degree than most other teachers do: parents. Very often parents are present during the music lessons of analysis of oedipus essay, their children. Some music teachers insist on their presence while others insist against, but more often than not, parents will not be far away. Considering that parents are the salaire france, ones who pay for most of the music lessons makes them in a small way my boss. Having a boss hang around during a music lesson does affect the way I instruct my students. For example, while I may sometimes sit back in an available chair and just orally guide the analysis of oedipus essay, student along as they struggle through my lesson, in the presence of a parent I might stand next to essay transportation the student and use and more hands on approach, showing them exactly what they need to character of oedipus essay do. I would feel uncomfortable sitting there while a parent is observing my lesson. How To A Good. It is not very common for of oedipus essay a high school teacher to have to lecture the ceo resume, class in the presence of the character of oedipus essay, principal.

Of course, every once in a while an evaluation committee does come to watch the instructor in action, and it does put a certain amount of stress on the teacher. However, many music teachers are subject to pros of technology essay indirect evaluation at of oedipus, every lesson by the watchful eyes of the parents. It is just another thing that unfortunate music educators have to deal with. Combining the expectations of parents and the expectations of the of technology today, student, private music instructors are forced to balance between producing a pleasing/fun environment and of oedipus essay, an educating/progressive one. How much homework should be given and how quickly progress should be made are all questions that private teachers must answer individually for every student that they instruct. If a teacher is too strict the student may grow very apprehensive toward music lessons and things will end up badly. If a teacher is too nice parents may grow dissatisfied that their child is making little or no progress. According to ceo resume template John Aschenbrenner, author of an online piano resource, finding the “comfort zone” where the student is both happy and receiving a proper education is a goal for all music teachers (Aschenbrenner). The correct way of balancing the learning environment is just another added pressure and hurdle that a private music instructor must overcome (Aschenbrenner). A common problem that private music teachers face is the difficulty of motivating their students.

They are already directly responsible in motivating their students to learn and play the desired instrument since they are the primary instructor. Most instructors hold the ability to either facilitate a positive or negative appreciation in analysis essay, their students. If a teacher fails to 2012 motivate his or her students, then things usually end up badly or the student teacher relationship is terminated. Most parents, in a way, almost expect that the music instructor would motivate their child to want to learn and play on their musical instrument. The only problem is that motivating someone is not very easy to do, especially when students are so radically different from analysis each other. One type of motivation may works well with one student but not work with another student and the music instructors are stuck trying to figure out a way in which they could inspire their students. Sometimes it is even impossible to motivate a student at all since past experiences have already formulated the child’s reaction to their instrument and music lesson. For example, what can a music teacher do with any student who doesn’t want to learn?

I once had a student whose former teacher was very strict to a point where lessons were dreaded and crosslites essay 2012, tears were shed. When I began working with them, what could I possible to do help them regain their like for music when they were just dead set against it. I am sure there is analysis of oedipus essay, a way to do it, but for someone like me, who is essay, only a beginning teacher, it is something I will have to struggle to find out. I have a few students who had teachers before they switched to me. Character. There are several problems that come with that sort of switch. How To A Good Sociology Paper. First of all, some of the students have already begun to hate music lessons. It seems that their former teachers had accidentally instilled in them a rebellious attitude against learning and of oedipus essay, they just don’t want to thinking play anymore. Analysis Essay. Yet parents still force them to attend lessons. France. It is very difficult to work with such children as I find myself having to also force them to do anything at all. Essay. I am obligated to struggle to find a way to of technology today essay instruct them while at the same time trying to motivate them when they are completely against character analysis, learning.

One student in particular, a young girl that I am teaching violin, has developed a way to template get out of music lessons in character analysis, an indirect way. She will talk to me about her day at school and the things that happened that day or that week in an effort to postpone the lesson as long as possible. Salaire Audioprothesiste France. When I finally get her to play something for me, it takes her a whole minute just to put the violin to character essay her shoulder. Normally it should take only about one second. Another problem that I incur when receiving new students from other teachers is the different modes of instruction. A student gets used to his or her former teacher and how to write a good sociology paper, has expectations that I will teach them the same way. When they find out that I use a completely different method in my instruction, they also become a little apprehensive and rebellious, and I am forced to try and solve that problem before I am also dropped. Analysis. Every teacher has his/her own approach and methods of instruction. How To Write Sociology Research Paper. That is why I need to be very careful with new students because they may dislike me only because I am different from their former teachers. One student that I had, a piano student, had a former teacher that wrote down the letter names for all the notes.

The student had gotten used to this. When he switched over to essay me and pros essay, found out that I did not write down the letter names but instead forced him to do it instead, he started to complain. In both my research and my personal experience I have found that there are two traits that a good music teacher has. According to Eve Harwood, an essay associate professor of music education, the first trait of a successful music teacher is sensitivity and the second one is adaptability. Teaching a student one on one is ceo resume, different from teaching an entire classroom full of students. As a private instructor a person has to be very sensitive to the child or student that he/she is teaching. Teachers need to listen very carefully. Analysis. They need to read the salaire france, body language and facial expressions.

According to D. W. John Andrews, a published author on educational books, teachers need to of oedipus understand the troubles and of technology today, difficulties that their students has and work hard to see which methods work and which ones don’t work. I will use an example of my own music teacher, Sergey Leschuk, a private voice and piano instructor. He went as far as to use reverse psychology on me since he was able to identify a good way to motivate and inspire me. I was the type of student that was always up for a good challenge. I always went for analysis of oedipus the hardest pieces to play, even if he didn’t really want me to play them. Well, he decided to use that against salaire audioprothesiste, me and would often discourage me and bring in easy pieces.

I would always complain to him. It ended with me learning both the easy pieces and the hard ones that I wanted to tackle, learning more than he asked of me. At that time I had no idea what he was doing, but now I will admit that it was successful, if that really was his original intent. Communication between a student and a teacher is different when it is character analysis of oedipus essay, one on one tutoring. Whitney McGowan, an author from the strategies, scholarly journal Innovative Higher Education writes that often times, if a music teacher is unaware of the situation, students won’t really understand what it is that they are doing, but still be able to fool the teacher. For example, I once had a student that had very good memory. They would watch me play a musical phrase just one time and they would be able to play it back. It is a wonderful ability, but the problem is that I was teaching them to read music. What they were doing was not reading but replaying what they heard.

I would sometimes think that they were actually reading the music, when in fact they were only mimicking what they heard. I found out that the poor student has been learning violin for three years and has never learned to read. Talk about of oedipus essay not understanding notes. Some students are tricky enough that they will learn to play a piece without even being able to read from some sheet music. 2012. This is comparable to a student being unable to character of oedipus essay read words in a book, but still fool the teacher because they memorized what was written there just by listening.

The sad thing is that some instructors won’t even catch it until it hits them directly in template, the face. That is why proper communication is required. J. Emil Haller, an accomplished educational author, talks about this specifically. A teacher should continuously ask questions that his/her student needs to answer as a way of evaluating whether or not the student has understood the instruction and character essay, if they know exactly what they are doing. Also, when a student asks a question from the instructor, the instructor needs not only tell the transportation, answer, but should also find out where the question came from and why it was asked. They should look into answering questions beyond what the students ask of them. If the student keeps asking the letter names of a piece of music, then I should conclude that the student needs more practice learning letter names. Character Analysis Of Oedipus Essay. If a student keeps asking how much time until the lesson ends, then I should at least be able to make a small insight into that. What does my student want and essay contest, what does he mean to analysis of oedipus essay tell me with his question.

Is he/she asking how much time left until they are finally finished with the torturous music lesson, or “Why does the lesson go by so fast?” Sometimes a student can be very tricky and thinking, difficult to understand. Some students are shy and withdrawn and are not open to easy interpretation. Even some of the things they say may not have direct literal meaning. Susanne K. Langer, a former tutor from Harvard University writes, “When we are faced with a strange or difficult situation…our whole reaction depends on character analysis essay how we manage to conceive the situation” (56).

Teachers will always face difficult situations, yet they need to read between the lines. They need to try to understand their students at a deeper level. They need to try to ceo resume understand the complete situations, look at body language, facial expressions, look at everything and try not to miss important information that might allow them to character of oedipus see into thinking the mindset of character analysis of oedipus essay, their students. Which instruction works with them? What are they happy with and what are they against? These are questions that instructors need to template constantly ask themselves. Charles Kadushin, a former sociology professor from Columbia University explains that even body language can sometimes be misleading, and therefore it will take extra effort from the teacher to learn what the students feel and their inner characters. Failure as a teacher comes when the instructor is analysis of oedipus essay, unable to crosslites essay contest understand the basic behavioral pattern of their student.

Once teachers are able to character establish a good communication system with their student, things begin to thinking go well. By good communication I mean both sides are heavily involved in interaction with each other. The teacher understands the student and character of oedipus essay, the student connects with their instructor. Of course, it all begins with the instructors themselves. If an instructor is sensitive to their students and able to essay contest 2012 connect interpersonally with them and if the instructor is able to of oedipus essay change his/her way of instruction to essay transportation adapt to character different students, then starts the success of essay 2012, a music education. The instructor is character analysis, able to thinking strategies reach out and pull out the analysis essay, maximum potential of the student in the shortest amount of time and the student is able to pull out the maximum from the salaire, teacher. Andrews, D. W. John. “Growth of a Teacher.” The Journal of Higher Education , Vol. 49, No. 2 (Mar. – Apr., 1978), pp.

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